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You are seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus

1.2 Shepherd’s Rods

2013 Shepherd’s Rod

2013 Shepherds Rod

At the end of 2006, God spoke to me & said that if I would come aside with Him between Christmas & New years that He would show me what was going to happen the next year. I obeyed Him & He has continued to do this ea year. This is not something that I prophecy! I write down what I see & what I hear & then do my best to Post it exactly as I received it.

It is unusual for God to speak to me concerning the next years Shepherds Rod until Christmas. This year I have had a whole lot of distractions, to say the least. The week before Christmas I found myself sitting in a room with 9 other people in an educational seminar playing “Jeopardy”.

(1) While playing “Jeopardy” The other Team pulled out front pretty fast & our team quickly got behind. When I realized how quickly they had advanced & how far behind we were I suddenly had a really unusual feeling come over me. I sensed that God was about to do something very Supernatural & very profound. The next thing I know God starts giving our team strategy & then He began highlighting the correct answers to us. One of us would say the answer that God showed us & then another team member would suddenly confirm that it was right. In a highly unusual way we had a Miraculous comeback & tied up the game, 4200 to 4200. We went into “Final Jeopardy” & my team asked me how much of a risk did I think we should take. I felt strongly that we should risk a lot so I said “a lot” & then they decided how much. The other team was very confident & put everything that they had at risk – 4200 points. They had a pretty easy question but missed the answer & lost it all! It was our turn & we got a very, very hard question but God confirmed the answer to us & we answered it correctly! When the host asked how much we had risked, I found out that our team had risked everything that we had. It was scary knowing that they had risked everything but we ended up with, not 4200 points but 8400 points. After being so far behind we ended up with “Double” & the other team ended up with 0. God spoke the word “Double to me several times!

Later, as I thought about how unusual things had turned out. God showed me a quick Spiritual Picture of The Children of Israel (Christians) leaving slavery in Egypt with “Double”. The Children of Israel (modern day Christians) left with both the Egyptians stuff & their own stuff.  God also flashed a picture of Benjamin to me. Benjamin was sitting at Joseph’s table & his portion was five times as much. *After experiencing this miraculous comeback & seeing these Pictures I realized that God had orchestrated things so I would post the results in this year’s Shepherds Rod. The Body of Christ is set apart! They are not like The World! God is giving them “Double”. The next day I had a physical confirmation where God very supernaturally caused me to run across a T-shirt with Isaiah 4o written on it. I looked it up & found out Isaiah 40 talks about Israels (The Church) Warfare ending, about God forgiving our Sins & of giving us “Double” instead. The world is in “Jeopardy” but those who belong to Christ are not!!

(2 Wisdom is needed in this hour like in no other time. God will provide it but it has to be sought after. Partnering with God is going to become a very big deal!! You cannot but He can!!

(3) I saw Solomon & Joseph in the Bible coming together in this time as one. It will take both Wisdom & The Governmental Anointing to succeed as a Nation in the future.

(4) I heard the Words “Physical Cliff” & then felt a very stern feeling. I saw the Egyptians *like in The Old Testament with their Chariots & Horses fall over a Cliff. *In the Old Testament they drowned in The Red Sea but in the Picture God showed me they (The World) fell over a Cliff. It was definitely a Cliff! Right after seeing this I saw a very Professional looking, capable businessman smiling-big time! It was Jesus! Those, whom HE KNOWS are HIS, will prosper! I thought of real life cliff divers & then saw a picture of people jumping off & hooping/hollering. They had a parachute on their back. I felt a lot of bold, fun & fearless adventure!

(5) Caretakers are going to be everywhere. Taking care of the needy, the sick, the desperate, the down hearted & the disillusioned will be a mainstream part of life & will be noticed regularly.

(6) I saw confusion running rampantly in most walks of life. It will be necessary to find & have God in your life to have peace & be content. There is great grace for those that surrender to Him wholeheartedly.

(7) I saw Washington politicians speaking from a lectern & giving speeches. The people were leaving. I saw chaos outside & the politicians could not do much about it. They were still giving speeches when everyone left. Action & not talk – not sure of the outcome. God is in control though.

(8) I became aware of massive, tangible moves of God coming to The United States. I saw that it will be needed like in the days of Lincoln. We have failed as a Government because we were too greedy lining pockets.  I saw some of the last political leaders leaving politics; it was every man for themselves.

(9) I saw Robin Hoods coming to support the desperate & the needy. Some of them are Lawyers – the type that are not in it for the money. Not sure what they were doing or how they were helping?

(10) I saw a Merry Go Round & whoever was pushing it quit & it stopped. I’m pretty sure that it was God.  It is sitting still now – it has been abandoned. I believe it represents the Culture, Government & the Economy.

(11) Individuals that God is with, will have great support almost like Kings coming into different areas in Chariots – Ben Hur comes to mind.

(12) It was a massive mistake to abandon God as a Nation. Our Laws, Government & Schools all rely on & were founded by Him. Truth is going to become evident but it will be a hard wake up call.

(13) I saw lots of Yachts & boats driven by people who were relaxed. They were going off shore. The wealthy may just drive off & start up somewhere else. I saw them with maps looking for places to start new homes & businesses.

(14) I saw a giant man. I believe it is an Angel. One foot was white & one foot was black. He was standing across The United States. I believe the one being white & the other being black is that we are going to have 50% of our former economy. ½ being good & ½ being not good.

(15) I saw Cars with giant, puffed up tires (In Spiritual Dreams & Visions Cars represent Ministries). It is going to take a great deal of intimate prayer to keep things rolling. I got the word INFLATION. Owning Metals of any type could be a good thing!

(16) I saw a News Paper Headline with Soldiers in the picture. Later, I saw another News Paper Headline with the word – WAR – emblazoned in Red letters.  It reminded me of something you saw in the War War II era News Papers. Then In a mini-vision I saw Soldiers marching. They looked Asian & had long strides like Communist Soldiers.

(17) INCOME. I saw the word Income get bigger & bigger. People that take chances on God given projects or works are going to prosper. I do not know what projects or works they are?

(18) I saw boats going offshore again. They were all clustered up more like planes flying in tight air space going different places. There were lots of them. They had the ability to leave.

(19) I saw WISDOM highlighted again. I saw no frills, small, plain Farm Houses & old Tractors – like in the 40’s. They were out in the open with not a lot around them.

(20) Old fashioned preaching is coming back – the Fire is Hot & Heaven is the place to go.

(21)  I continued seeing the word Wisdom. It is probably time to just take a break & spend some time praying in order to hear from God & get real Wisdom to know how to handle things in the future. What I saw & felt looked like the Ground Hog shadow thing where they say there will be 6 more weeks of Winter – it did not look good or feel good! Very serious National prayer is needed! The bedrock is being chipped away.

(22) I saw Harvesting Machines at the edge of the field. They are going to get both the good wheat & the bad – the bad may be tares. The Harvest Machines are cranked & ready to go! You sure better get in & not be left behind! I saw American Flags, Caskets & heard Taps. Don’t play with your future!

(23) I saw a National Curse. We have allowed a Curse to come on us as a Nation. I believe it is from the States legalizing Homosexual Marriage. There is a Curse – National repentance is the only way to break it.

(24) I saw the word Hijacked. Someone or something is going to swoop down & hijack our economy.

(25) I saw large Stadiums & graves in the air all around them. People are going to die to themselves & follow Christ!

(26) I saw a Vision of Abraham being taken up a mountain or hill away from Sodom. God is well able to take care of His own even in the midst of serious circumstances. You don’t have a choice except to trust Him.

Brad Hocutt – Seated Prophetic

2012 Shepherd’s Rod

January 5, 2012

At the end of 2006, God spoke to me & said that if I would come aside with Him between Christmas & New years that He would show me what was going to happen the next year. I obeyed Him & He has continued to give me at the end of ea year what I now know as a Shepherds Rod. This is not something that I prophecy! I write down what I see & what I hear & then do my best to Post it exactly as I got it. *I feel that this years Shepherds Rod is representative of not only the coming year but I believe it concerns the new decade that we have entered into as well.

These are the things that I saw going into 2012:

(1) In a visual picture God showed me a jar of CONCORD Grape Jelly! Right after this He showed me another confirming vision of a man holding what looked like a bundle of large 4” Grapes. There appeared to be 6 of them. People were looking at the man & thinking… they (the grapes) are not near as big as the ones in The promised land! The 4” Grapes in the bundle were absolutely huge in comparison to average Grapes! The message I received was about GREATFULLNESS! We are ungrateful for what God has given us in America. We take His hand for granted. Our ingratitude & ungratefulness has nearly cost us our birthright as a Nation- however The shepherd is watching over our Souls! The Grapes of Wrath will not take us down! We are not done as a Nation! His hand is watching over us… in spite of ourselves!! Being UNGRATEFUL for what you are receiving in this Season could very well dry you up on the Vine…
very strong warning about having an: Ungrateful Attitude!!

(2) I saw Planes, Trains & Buses all colliding together at once. The Economy as we know it is going to almost come to a halt in the future!

(3) We are entering a time of new beginnings – We are going back to a more simplified way of life! We have created a life to difficult & to hard to bear! I heard the words SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY! It came across like the Marine word Simper-Fi” – It’s like a mantra that needs to be repeated! Living a Simplified life is the best way to live now.

(4) I saw people walking & riding bikes. I saw a Water Taxi letting people out in pleasant places. We are returning to an old romantic time. I saw Italy, Flowers etc. & smelled food in the air… fresh bread. Etc.- We are NOT making the best use of the time God has given us! God seriously wants people to enjoy the time & the life that He has provided. He is making minced meat out of “The Rat Race” *I had a strong confirmation concerning this word!

(5) I saw a simply adorned bride standing in an early American Church with her husband. She is happy, content & satisfied. The windows are open, the birds are singing. I noticed: there was no plumbing or electricity. *In a second vision: I saw the same early American bride sitting by the fire knitting in a rocking chair. She is smiling & watching… looking over her family. In the floor near her there is a little boy playing with Lincoln logs from a very, very long time ago *The Lincoln logs stood out as being VERY REAL – we are physically entering into a much more simple Abraham LINCOLN type of time!!

(6) I saw a picture of formerly very well off but now desperate Mothers & Grand mothers looking for & through thrift stores & food pantries for stuff for their Children & Grand Children to have. I saw that we in America would not starve but that people would live challenging lives in the future!

(7) I saw that in the future their will be less & less formal/organized Government taking care of things. Government will not be able to afford to pay for everything in the future. I saw that the only people that will be stepping up to the plate (on a personal level) will be those who have a heart or calling to take care of peoples needs in their Neighborhoods & Communities. I saw Christian Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, leaders etc., taking care of peoples needs & not a formal Government. Governments will not be able to care for everyone – only those with callings from God will care enough to care for people. I saw this as a restarting of Government only it was coming from Sound, Civic minded people in local communities & not from a National, political or profit motivated place. I’m not saying the entire Federal Government will collapse…

(8) Early American History is in the air this year & ITS BIG!! God spoke very strongly of Concord. Concord is a place where the American Revolution began, I think there is great significance to that… there is something significant about the Early American place in History called… CONCORD!!

(9) I saw a beautiful Mom that is also a Teacher standing with her three Kids. The boy is the oldest. She is presenting them one after another to a Heavenly examining board. What you teach & train your children, YOU will be held accountable for. It is YOU that are responsible for your children. It is YOUR children that make up a Nation. The birthright is yours to loose concerning a Nation. The bottom line falls to you. You have a responsibility to train up a child in the way he should go. YOU are being held accountable, not the Government, not the school system… YOU. Its your birthright! *As an attention getting confirmation: The day after getting this word I was invited to see the Movie Courageous which is about a group of (Sherriff) Dad’s who acknowledge & accept responsibility for raising their Kids the right way!

(10) What is really important is coming to the surface…

(11) Recently someone gave us 10 very nice crystal glasses that we had decided to use as communion glasses. During Christmas, I picked up the box that they were in & dropped it. I was very upset as I realized that I had broken them all. A strange feeling come over me & I began to look inside. Five of the glasses were completely shattered & five were untouched. I had a strong feeling that there was a message in this but I was not sure what it was. I saved the 5 glasses that were intact & The next morning God spoke to me point blank about the 5 that were intact. He said that the glasses represented the 10 Virgins in the Bible. Because of their advanced Pre-planning, 5 of the Virgins were considered wise. The other 5 are now known as the foolish virgins – The message is…
be prepared for things coming in the future!

(12) God showed me a picture of Yellow spotted leaves ready to fall off of the Tree. The Seasons are changing… FALL is approaching… In another related vision I saw small Chipmunks with lots of nuts in their mouths. They were taking them & storing them in a hole in the Tree. I heard: Do not store up for yourselves TREASURES where moth & rust destroy & where thieves break in & steal… The Tree represents Jesus! Place your life IN HIM. There is a sense however of the need to be prepared for the future & things coming concerning – Food, Water, & normal supplies. Live your life & be a giver IN & THRU HIM. *I received this word concerning the chipmunks as a warning & an admonition – In this word, I do hear: Make preparations & do be prepared. winter is coming… season’s change, temperatures change, weather changes – regardless of your desire that things change or not change… they change anyway. Change is inevitable!! It would be extremely foolish to be standing on a dock over a frozen lake in a bikini, holding Sunscreen. You are not going to last long in that environment. Rejoice – Winters don’t last forever *Right after writing this word down we uncharacteristically went to a Holiday Matinée where we ended up watching Alvin & The Chipmunks?? I was so stunned from God confirming this word that I spoke out very loudly in the theater… Hey Chipmunks are running into that Tree! Hey, Hey…Chipmunks are going into that Tree!! This is a literal warning: Be prepared for the times – The Seasons are changing & you can’t stop them regardless of your desire to do so! Adjust!

(13) In a mini vision I saw the State of Alaska light up. It looked like & reminded me of the Glory of God? It lit up like a glowing light. Not sure where or what is going to happen but it felt like God was getting ready to do something there.

(14) For three mornings straight (way not normal) I woke up staring at a skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a museum. Ea morning it fell forwards onto the people that were below it. Its teeth & mouth were open. When it fell, its mouth devoured the people that it fell onto. The people were not expecting it to fall on them but it did. I noticed I could not see the people inside of the skeleton after it fell on them – they had disappeared. My gut feeling is that it happening three mornings represent three really bad years like in Pharaoh’s dream with the 7 Cows & 7 ears of Corn. I think that these three years are going to devour a lot of unbelieving people until they feel like they are no more.

(15) I saw a woman sitting in a small Volkswagen beetle (bug) – She was looking out over the Horizon. I saw a large something come out of the sky & hit the earth. She suddenly had an unusual look on her face & the (4) tires on her car started to take small steps away from the scene as if the car itself wanted to withdraw (In dream’s/visions car’s represent ministry). The Motherly, Womanly Ministry is going to be extremely needed in the near future. She can not become afraid & withdraw her presence from the desperate & the needy. The something I saw, looked like & made me think of an asteroid but my gut is to not take it literally. Regardless… something big is going to hit us – it is not life ending!

(16) Its back to the beginnings & back to the basics. God is saying its back to what made your Country great! I distinctly heard God saying “your Country”… He is not saying His Country, His people as a Nation now… that is disturbing!! There is a promise concerning America’s future that God is very aware of. The fact that He is distinctly calling it your Country leaves no room for doubt. We as a Country are hanging in the air before Him. He has made the choice to send us back to our beginnings. Its the wood shed. Its all over but the stinging of the pain. CHANGE: Change/Adjust is the word.

(17) I saw an old fashioned Train (like the ones that used to travel out west) coming into the station. This Train has been sent by a benevolent benefactor to different regions. Without the Love of God & the benevolence of many people cooperating together in this next move of God, my feeling is that many will be lost along the tracks trying to find a way to the station. The Station is very important! God is desiring to create many such places to give away resources. They will be community Hubs. Benevolent benefactors will make a huge difference!

(18) I see the same Early American woman sitting in a rocking chair very deliberately & with great concern sewing the clean, clear bright white stars back into place on The American flag. I believe she represents Betsy Ross. In her spirit she is very intent on highlighting the White, which is representative of Purity, Holiness & Righteousness. The current white Stars representing States are very tattered. Some are so torn that they are almost not there. She is very intent on rebuilding better than ever the Purity & Righteousness of what God originally formed. I am SURE that America is now playing hardball with God! America is eye to eye with her Creator & she (America) has no choice but to blink!! God is re-creating & reforming America – the word re-form is sticking out big – REFORM America! Thank God we are being allowed the chance to reform!!

(19) There is a presentation coming! America is about to be placed before the whole world & Israel for everyone to see. There is a huge examination coming. I saw the names of different Newspapers & Media companies across the Nation. They were ALL called The Examiner! The Newspapers & the Media have ferociously attacked Jesus’s Church Body in the past. God has been very patient & very kind but now He is beginning to examine America & all of her tidbit & tabloid ways. I got the wording: unbecoming – as if it were a Military term. There is a judgment almost like a military Tribunal about to take place in America. It feels like the Military term: UNBECOMING A SOLDIER. The Media is in dereliction of duty. There is a tribunal coming & God is its judge!! I saw a Watch face… time’s up!! God is very serious…

(20) The Examiner of The Universe is coming close – America’s deeds are what He is looking at. There will be True Justice. I saw The Hand of God slowly but surely being placed upon Court documents in front of Him. He IS NOT eager to take up this case against America but He is beginning to look at the case against it. Many, many voices of justice are standing before Him & crying out. They are all in the Courtroom! If God could find a reason for discontinuance, He would do so. Things are serious now!! God’s hand is touching the very fabric & nature of our society. Being ungrateful, adamant, disrespectful to the judge has the capacity to cost America 20 years. Great grace will give it 4. America is playing with fire dancing around & making a fool of itself in the courtroom in front of the judge… the consequences are very serious. Grace can be found but justice is sure.

(21) I saw Billy Graham. He was standing up fully clothed near a bed. I saw him take an old fashioned feather Ink Pen & began writing a letter like Paul. All the letters were written in the type & style that the founding fathers wrote the Constitution in. If I saw this right, he was leaving a statement like his last will & testament for the American people. He is in fact a founding father. His prayers, love & life have weighed heavily with God. Its time for America to get HER house in order. This picture looked strongly like an admonishment! The letter looks like a letter from Paul to a Church that He founded. Billy Graham is a National Father. I’m not sure what the letter is but it is heavily weighted… put your house in order America! I see tears in Billy Grahams eyes.

It does not escape me that this is very serious this year. There is serious stuff going on! I wanted to reiterate in light of the moment that God is about to pour out HIS SPIRIT all over America! He wants to Save & Help a lot of people. Those who have been faithful & have followed God closely are about to be used in God’s Kingdom & are going to see some amazing things happen. Outpouring & National Revival is coming in a big, big way! Being stubborn & rebellious at this moment in time is the worst possible thing that people can do. Mercy is there… serious stuff going on!!!

Shepherd’s Rod 2011

This is a list of the things that I saw as we were going into 2011

Received December 30th & 31st, 2010

(1) This year represents a huge change in God’s kingdom! Many old things & old ways are passing away & many new things are coming in & being developed. The decade of the past has been physically, mentally & emotionally very, very hard for many Christians but a change has come & the next 10 yrs is going to be an amazing time if you are a faithful Christian serving the Lord. This is the time of Outreach, Revival, Restoration & The Powerful Moves of God that many, many have prepared & waited for, for so long.

(2) A very hard time is approaching for many people who do not know The Lord. The door to God’s Kingdom & His Heart is wide open & is going to be a very welcome & heart warming place for those experiencing loss of hope as well as many feeling bewilderment of both mind & emotions because of the things that they are seeing, hearing about & experiencing that is going on around them.

(3) This is the year that Joseph is being released from prison! Joseph is not angry – He loves His brothers (Fellow Man). Joseph has yet to see & realize the true stature & position that God has placed Him in. Faithfulness to the call is being rewarded – The Joseph’s will Govern with God’s authority! I heard this: Good morning Joseph how are you? Are you well? I also heard the words: Your Father is here! The unfolding of The Joseph plan & provision of God comes in this year…

(4) There has been an African type Spiritual Climate Change: The Spiritual covering & type of blessing that has been over America in the past has changed. There is an Africa Type Spiritual environment that few have recognized or realized that is in operation now. The Spiritual & Physical way that things have worked in the past has changed in America. God spoke to me about The dry Season ending (A 10 yr period of Spiritual hardship ending)  It was an obvious reference to Countries & continents like Africa etc. I personally believe that God has been watching America’s giving to other very needy Countries like Africa (AKA Darfur etc. & James Robinson type Ministries) & has as a result of blessing her exceedingly abundantly with great wealth has now financially judged us for our Un-enthusiastic giving back from that wealth & has as of today aligned us with more of an African type of (Spiritual & Financial) Climate that will become the norm in the future. To whom much is given, much is required & we did not do very well as stewards in giving back. We are still very blessed in America but things are not falling off the trees like they were in the past. It is not all bad news though because I sense that there will or could be massive African type Spiritual Gatherings & Celebrations in America where multitudes get Touched by God. The results could be Millions upon millions getting Saved or being Born Again as well as their bodies being healed & their minds & Emotions being restored & made whole (ability to abide in Gods Peace & love throughout eternity). I sense a great time of The Miraculous (in all areas) approaching as well as  some seriously dark & troubling times for those unwilling or unprepared to change & go with God!

(5) This is the beginning of a Season of Justice that many are entering into! One of the things that God spoke to me about this year was the Issue of Justice! He started this by talking about The Auburn University Football Team which I found very unusual. A few months ago out of the blue God just suddenly said: Auburn is going to Win! He then said: It is a Justice Issue with HIM! He said it related to Him causing Alabama to Win last yr to bring attention to what He was doing in the State of Alabama. He is lifting The State of Alabama to new prominence in America. He said Auburn would Win to bring about Justice & balance to what He did last yr by causing The Alabama football team to win. He showed me that it would be hard to ignore both nationally recognized Schools being back to back National champions including 2 Heisman Trophy Winners as these things were being contrasted nationally. *These 2 Championships are tied to The State of Alabama’s Covenant blessing in Gods Kingdom as a result of the decision by Alabama’s Government to be the 1st Governing body to Recognize Israel as a new nation. He said He was lifting the State of Alabama to new prominence during this time period & it would remain there under HIS blessings. He specifically told me that Auburn winning would be a Spiritual Sign post that stated He was dealing with JUSTICE now & that JUSTICE was coming to many who had been denied Justice in the past.  *The kind of Justice that I’m speaking about is God bringing Justice to many people serving HIM who have felt (Spiritually speaking) unjustly attacked, tortured, robbed, raped & beaten down emotionally & spiritually because of the calling that was upon them that the enemy knew would come forth in this time frame. Justice is coming forth from God for many who fit this description!! *I know this is a bit graphic but it is what I saw concerning what has happened to so many people over the last decade for just being who they were & for carrying the calling that they have been carrying. The one’s I’m talking about are a severe threat to the enemy & his plans! God placed a calling on many people for this time frame in History & the enemy has tried to take them out! God is restoring & reviving them now – they will be the Victors in the future & not the Victims.

(6) I saw a Yellow Submarine that I recognized as being from the 60’s (Beatles Generation) coming ashore suddenly. It was in shoulder deep water & was coming ashore fast. In another picture I saw it beached, hatch open & it was rusting.  It had been abandoned.

(7) Simpler ways of life are coming! The Future looks more like it looked in the early 1930’s era in America as far as Geography goes – Future growth will not be focused on Large Metro areas & large City land masses. There will be more rural living in the future as a result of many mid-level management & middle class working opportunities disappearing in Large Cities. People will be producing crops – vegetables either through Hobby Gardening books or the latest Commercial Agricultural Sciences using Greenhouses etc. & raising farm type Animals etc. as well as working from home & doing odd jobs etc. . God is very Tired of The: “Keeping up with The Jones” debt based mentality & its flashy unrelenting way of life! It is not good! It is wrong thinking & a wrong lifestyle – He is correcting that in America!!

(8) People will not be using as much gas & traveling as far (on a consistent basis) as they do now! Family life looks different in the future – People will be staying closer to home & family. More families will be living closer together & utilizing home living spaces better. What I saw looked like old Italian ways of life or something – Everyone taking care of ea other in a close nit family (Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Grandparents, kids living close together & in the same type of Communal or Community structure (Large Multi family dwellings) instead of being scattered all across the country. I saw lots of happy, peaceful Families living closely together depending on ea other etc. Land usage is going to become more of a focal point in the future rather than the focus on posh, attractive, upscale neighborhoods.

(9) I saw many elderly people in the future living peacefully very close together in very affordable multi-unit dorm type or Community type dwellings! People will get by on a lot less in the future & share expenses & pool their resources to help one another. I thought about Mobile Home or Trailer park type dwellings but closer together & more individual rooms in a unit with the people working closely with one another to help ea other out – I saw families & Single people among large family type dwellings.

(10) I saw smaller Sailboats (Ministries) tying up to Very large Cargo Container Ships! The Cargo Ships represented The Apostolic Ministers & Ministries that are coming online & being released in this day & time to help equip the Saints for the work of the Ministry. I could tell there were physical Supplies like food & clothing etc. on-board the Apostolic Cargo Ships. I had a sense that Physical Supplies were going to be needed in the future. One of these Cargo Ships with Containers on-board was representative of Rick Joiner.

(11) I saw the word Wall Street as a long bright Cloud in the sky. It was surrounded by what looked like a bubble or something like what you would see surrounding the words that are overhead in a Comic book’s story lines. It was not raining down jobs from the cloud & I realized that those jobs had left & were in other Countries now. It was bright & lit up but not having an impact or benefiting the people below it. There was a lot of hoopla over it but it was shallow & empty. I realized it was paying taxes but nothing else much was coming from it or being contributed here. I saw a great divide in the middle (middle class jobs) & sensed that what we recognized that makes up Wall Street could move to other Countries just like the jobs or it could start floating around in Cyber Space or Something & not be here to benefit average Americans anymore. There did not seem to be a lot of loyalty there. Not sure if Wall Street will remain a viable choice as a safe place to invest in.

(12) Very Large, modern, Spiritual Revival Tents will sprout up in different cities all across the Country. I saw (3) tent poles representing a team of three (Five-fold) Ministers or Ministry Callings that were holding up Circus like tent structures. The tent poles represented Kingdom minded ministers or ministries that were Foundational to seeing God move in Powerful & Miraculous ways in the future. Minimum three person teams or Church Ministries will be cooperating together preferring one another over themselves to reach the lost & demonstrate God’s glory in the earth. This teaming up will allow the demonstration of God’s Spirit to become very strong as Christ is lifted up & not individual Ministers, Ministries, Churches or Denominations etc. I heard: Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth! I heard the scriptures: If I be lifted up I will DRAW ALL MEN unto me & Christ Crucified, The Hope of Glory! God wants to SHOW HIS LOVE to the masses through POWERFUL DEMONSTRATIONS OF HIS SPIRIT!! *As a confirmation of this word, very strangely one day after posting it the Ringling Brothers Circus started advertising that they were coming to town – fully charged!!

One of the strongest overall statements that God made to me concerning this year & this decade was: God is going to be sending His people out to rescue those without hope whose lives are turned completely upside down! I spent New Years on The Bay in Mobile, Al. this year – In Physical order: the very first thing that happened to us as we left the house that we had stayed in (for the first time after New years) was to gather together & spend time building ourselves up in God’s presence. Immediately after spending time in God’s presence, we went to eat & to fellowship together. We said our goodbyes & departed leaving our host & friends behind in Mobile. About 45 minutes up the road we decided to get off the Interstate & get some gas. As we were finishing filling up & getting our supplies the host who we had stayed with in Mobile suddenly pulled into the exact same gas station at the exact moment we were filling up & was very amazed & surprised to see us there. She had prearranged to meet someone at that exact same location without any of us knowing it. As we all thought about how strange that was, a car across from the gas station that was traveling very fast suddenly veered out of control, hit a ditch, went airborne & flipped upside down crushing & landing on its top directly in front of us. We ran across the street to find the occupants stuff strewn all over the place & about a 30 yr old lady trapped inside the vehicle. She was upside down with her legs smashed against the steering wheel & her neck was under her head rest & was nearly cutting off her air flow. Her entire arm was outside the broken window & the Vehicles roof was lying on her arm & Shoulder – upside down. Another man & I instinctively ripped the door off the Vehicle only to find that we could not move her. Immediately upon getting access to her our Host suddenly crawled inside the vehicle & started comforting the lady by telling her that God loved her, we loved her & we were not going to leave her. Almost on cue an EMT showed up on the scene who just happened to decide to get off the Interstate & get gas at that exact moment not knowing what had happened. The EMT who’s arm (No-joke) had the word FAITH Tattooed on it, helped take care of her until the Firemen showed up & cut the other door off. I dug a hole underneath the vehicle to put Air bags under it to lift it up off of her arm. Just as we were lifting the Vehicle & freeing her arm & shoulder from it we heard the life flight Helicopter that showed up to take her to the Hospital. It was a whirlwind of activity from beginning to end. We were all very excited about her being ok as well as being excited about us & the Christian EMT being in the right place at the right time to help her. As we were driving home we all realized that God had orchestrated the entire event to rescue the young lady from a near disaster. All of us being there including our host with gentle & loving compassion, me with some strength, our friends praying with peace & calm & the EMT with knowledge & know how. It was simply amazing to think about. Here’s the thing: God spoke to me as I was driving home from there & said to me: The very first thing that happened to you guys in the new year & the new decade was that you as a team: (1) Spent time in my presence, (2) Ate together & fellow shipped together & then (3) went out onto the streets & saved & Rescued someone from disaster. God showed us that He had orchestrated this whole thing knowing that the lady was not going to be able to help herself. *This is the very first thing that God showed us in the New Year & decade & the first thing that we actually experienced as we entered into it. **The main focus for Christians in the future is: Spend time in Gods presence, Break Bread & Fellowship together & go out & get involved in the work as God orchestrates the saving & rescuing of a whole lot of people who can’t help themselves. Let go of everything but the essentials & stay focused on the job that we are called to do – Win the lost & make disciples.

As I was calling our host to tell them what God had spoken to me about our experience in rescuing the lady *A Red Cross Rescue Vehicle passed directly in front of me! I know that there is a major message in all of these words this year! I believe that God is about to orchestrate event’s in America so that an awful lot of Ministers & Ministries who are willing to team up & work together will be used to rescue an awful lot of people who can not help themselves to get out from under their upside down, crashed in lives! There is a Life Flight that’s on the way & its right in time!

Shepherd’s Rod 2010

This is a list of the things that I saw going into 2010

I received this years shepherds Rod on Thursday December, 31, 2009, the last day of the year at noon. This yrs Shepherds Rod was numerically the most information that I have ever received & it had a lot of references to Alabama in it. There were also a number of references to trains, connecting & connections etc. (Powerful Moves of God).

I got this early on December 09 & felt that it was part of this yrs Shepherds Rod…

There is a Huge Battle raging for The Soul’s of America! We as U.S. Christians have been called to win it!! The problem is that we continue to look like, act like, think like, be like & spend our money just like the World. No-one can tell us apart! We value Stuff, Comfort & Security more than the Command to go after Souls, to make disciples & to establish Gods kingdom in the Earth… We have a serious conflict of interest… we have made gods (Things that are revered & Worshiped) out of stuff that we have lusted for & we have stored up Treasures on Earth. America itself is currently in very bad need of selfless sold out Missionaries!! We are so intense about the stuff that we have, that we are trying to hold onto & that we are still trying to obtain that we can’t do the one & only Job that we are called to do!! We look nothing like the Disciples or even the first century Church. They left everything to follow Jesus… Everything…. They were crucified & Tortured for taking a stand. We are freaking out just because things have gotten a little uncomfortable for us!! To get a proper perspective of The Christianity in the Bible: They gave their all for the Cause of Christ, Their Dreams, Hopes, Careers, Future Plans, Time, Resources, Finances, Property etc. The Christianity in The Bible (not America) gives us a picture of role Models that Considered: nothing as their own, brought what they had, gave it to any who were in need & had all things in common with ea other…   Jesus said: Where your Treasure is their will your Heart be also… We have a Heart problem in America that specifically deals with where our treasures are! Our treasures & pleasures are in the same place as those around us! We are no different, no distinguishing Characteristics in us from the World around us… We need a Heart Change & fast!!! We need to have our focus on things above & not on things below. There does not seem to be many leaders for the young people to follow. Too many have gone out after stuff & have not gone out after God… Where is the call to death to the flesh?? To live the life set apart, to be sold out for the cause of Christ & not our own causes! Where are the True Disciples…

Where are they (The Disciples) & There is a conflict of interest, seems to be coming to the forefront…

(1) (*I do not watch Football & have never been an Alabama Football Fan). I saw that The Alabama Football team would end up as #1 in the Nation & that this would be a Spiritual sign that has to do with Alabama being a First Fruits State as related to Israel. I saw a large Power Switch being pulled down that connected the Power to the lines. I thought of different phases of power – levels.

(2) I saw President Obama about 1/2 way through the yr with an unusual look on his face. There were almost underlying tears. He seemed Concerned, Shaken…

(3) I saw three Trains (Power-Moves of God) aware of ea other… all pulling & going somewhere. They were all connected together, not physically but through Spiritual connections. They were inside a Spiritual Triangle of sorts. Three different moves…

(4) I saw Cars on the Interstate in Alabama. Their tires were getting bigger. One was a V.W. – The automotive industry is going to become more prominent in Alabama – Economics, $ getting better.

(5) I saw the name Advance Auto Parts & know God is saying the Auto is advancing in Alabama. Economies are shifting in America – I saw this twice.

(6) I saw Trains (Power-Moves of God) coming to Alabama delivering people.

(7) Communication is on the rise in Alabama – lots of chatter going on.

(8) I saw the Alabama Football Symbol (A) on the front of a Train as a button that could be pushed. (Alabama) Its going to light up.

(9) Saving money is going to become popular again. I saw kids, young kids putting small treasure chest in the ground & looking for good places to hide them – Stocks, Bonds & Investments. There is a future for the very young… It will be there. God has not forgotten them, like the great depression… lessons learned – Saving up for a rainy day.  Saw smiles on young couples faces that learned the lesson – We are making life to complicated because of our desires – not our needs.

(10) I saw someone running & winning the Gold Medal & another finishing a Marathon. Personal achievement will be rewarded in the future & not so much Financial achievement.  Achievement – Keeping up with the Jones will be looked down upon. There is a shift towards being happy, serving others & finding what you excel in & not just pleasing others by fitting into a financially & socially required mold or rut.

(11) The word Bama meaning Red-Neck, backwards etc. won’t be thought of the same. It will be a go to State & a state of mind – Smiles etc. Feels like the Beach & Florida – an open place with the Sun shining.

(12) I saw ships (Leaderships) trying to unload in the center of Alabama; literally, with full cargoes, excited like a new Port of call – a bustling new gateway of Business etc. – feels like a new Atlanta or Bigger.

(13) 2010 represents a shift in Government. Big things happening in the Governmental realms – Daniel, Joseph, Missionaries, World leaders etc. I Saw Heidi Baker smiling & sensed her having full supplies.

(14) I saw former Clubs & Beer Joints as places where young couples were listening to their peers publicly speaking. They were all smiling & figuring out how to Save & Invest their money for their Future – its going to be a very different & much more responsible younger generation coming up – very practical.

(15) I saw Trucks & Truck Drivers traveling & going places in the future arriving smiling & not stressed out (this last season has been some kind of Major Financial Correction). I saw Personal debt loads leaving, more simple lifestyles, blood pressure levels coming down – God want’s people to be less stressed & live better longer lives.

(16) I saw Cleaner Water & a brighter future coming up from behind in this next generation. A taking back of what’s important – Stewards are coming forward – some will think this is a disaster.

(17) I saw political Structures coming & others changing. The environmentalist will team with what I would call the Moralists to get what they want in the future, big business will have to make a choice or go it alone. I saw dark Corridors & Pollution remaining & polluting the airwaves in America (Still strongholds) Hollywood etc. especially polluting Worldwide Seems like a lot of good coming but still some old bad roots remaining – filth etc.

(18) I saw that political moves will shift in some positive ways in the future as a result of the young people pushing over old bad ways. There will be a push in the manufacturing arena to create new & lasting jobs as a result of what has been learned in this present shift & financial shaking.

(19) I saw Blue Collars moving across America, A lot has been learned – the way we have been doing it will not work or last. Some things like Technology & Software etc. will stay the same but things will shift towards manufacturing again – top notch stuff.

(20) There is a blessing or anointing that has not been noticed very much… its the Reagan Revolution & it has God’s favor upon it. It, for what I will call it, it will protect & defend throughout this era. God’s hand & favor is upon a generation. There truly is a city that’s set on a hill. Can you see it? God can! I so seriously see & feel that the rewards of labor are coming!

(21)I saw that there is going to be a return to the ABC’s in Schools – Reading, writing & Arithmetic – Weird, Strange or unusual Ideas are not going to be exalted or pushed in the mainstream future. There is going to be a return to discipline & the rule of law. I saw an old Ruler in a Principles hand – Rule, Law & discipline – grades will increase & kids will be happier – Structured thinking etc.

(22) Everything in me has known for some time that we were coming out of a very serious Spiritual & Physical bad decade of War time! I had an experience while in this Park where I was crossing over some Water & felt something significant being said to me as I crossed over it (like a very note worthy moment in time). I am now recognizing that there is a bright new Powerful openness in the atmosphere around us & much less Spiritual struggle. People will begin to recognize this in the Natural realm. Something is very different as we go into this new decade – Spiritually, Something changed…

Brad Hocutt

Shepherd’s Rod 2009

This is a list of the things that I saw going into 2009   –  December 28, 2009

(1) I saw people coming to wash their hands in water (they were washing with Ivory Soap). People will come clean about their lives. Truth will be at the forefront!

(2) I saw things that were dead and buried coming to the surface. God is going to revisit things that were covered over and covered up! God will deal with them once and for all to cleanse people.

(3) In another picture I saw people being thoroughly cleansed and being made clean. I saw people drying with brand new fresh towels. Old things passed away, all things made new!

(4) I saw a large child pulling his Hot Wheels off the Track so that the other kids could not play. God is going to deal with jealousy issues! If you can’t play with the other Kids (Churches) you can’t play at all (Your Church will disintegrate if you can’t cooperate with other Churches).

(5) I saw a great humbling coming! Many pastors holding hands with one another and one another’s congregation’s. It is one body, one people –  no one more noteworthy than another.

(6) I saw a Pastor with Innocent Child like faith. Child like faith will rise to the surface. Programs will not work in this environment – only believe!

(7) I saw a Pastor leaning down and turning his Ears to the Train Tracks. He was carefully listening to the Noises & Sounds to see what is coming. I sensed that he (Pastors) would be able to distinguish between the different Sounds (Ability to hear from God, Direction).

(8 I saw that provisions will come from unlikely sources, almost like a wink from above.

(9) I saw a mans eyes bulging out! I saw a second time another set of eyes being stretched wide open. This is going to be a time in which we see a lot. Sight is being given. Eyes to see and Ears to hear! Signs and Wonders.

(10) I saw a small but very powerful Tug Boat with a smile on its face (almost like the little Choo Choo that could) riding very large waves going up and down until it got where it was going. It connected to and began tugging on entire continents to move them out of the place that they had been.

(11) I saw the General Motors logo and then saw a Machine press that makes parts. It had a mans hand coming down as the final contact that finished making the actual parts. I don’t think there is going to be enough even if you make them yourself. I thought of finances – not enough.

(12) I saw a nice Ski Boat with people in it moving across the water. It ran out of water in the lake and ran aground. In a second picture I saw all the people get out of it and walk to shore. They climbed a re-vine and the driver looked back at it. He was not happy about leaving it. They had to walk down the Interstate and go home. A lot of the peripheral stuff is going to be lost! *It is back to the basics: walking home, going home. A much more simple way of life is coming – much more basic for a lot of people!

(13) I saw a Pastor banging on Indian Drums! He was seeing how they worked and was getting used to them. I saw people coming into camp to get help. There is going to be A Pow Wow taking place! You are going to have to depend on God in this next Season much like the Pilgrims had to depend on the Indians when they first began in America. It is a time of much trouble – you will not make it on your own!

(14) I asked God 3 times if I was seeing right on this next one. I got a fourth confirmation that I was. I saw a Japanese Aircraft Carrier in World War II with Japanese soldiers waving flags on the front of it to help Aircraft take off for a surprise attack. In this same Image there were Russian soldiers in the forefront overshadowing them. There is a surprise attack coming somewhere involving Russia. I don’t know where but somewhere! I specifically heard God say that it would be thwarted!

(15) I saw Queen Elizabeth crowning Jesus. She thought that she is supposed to because it is the right thing to do. Jesus head was down because He knew that it was only religion. He wants a relationship *only a relationship will do! He loves the British people. Come out from among them I heard him saying – come out!

(16) God is beginning to dispossess Nations. It is a time for Nations to take him very seriously! This is a beginning of separating two – for or against God and His Christ.

(17) Alaska is budding! She will blossom and bring forth her beauty! She will produce great wealth and will be a resource to all of America. She will give baby bottles, blankets and Train loads of provisions to her own. She will take the Sickle out of the hand of the foreigner – you will not reap where you have not sown! Strength is there. I saw that the people of Alaska could help America during this time just by America watching their strength and endurance. There is much strength there!

*This is a word that I received the day before God gave me this years  Shepherds Rod. I feel that it is connected to the Shepherds Rod for 2009. I felt that I was to include it here.

(18 As I woke up I saw The band AC/DC on a stage and then I saw the Insignia for the Group Van Halen. God showed me that Satan is attempting to re-use these groups music from the 70’s to desensitize young people to the realities of Hell!  There is an attempt to try and persuade them that Hell is not so bad and that there are actually going to be parties there etc. This is very displeasing to God and He is going to deal with this!

Brad Hocutt

Shepherd’s Rod 2008

This is a list of the things that I saw going into 2008

December 30, 2007

(1) I Saw Hilliary Clinton standing at a podium with disappointment on her face looking down. Is self appointed and not God appointed. I Saw many Ice castles (Bldgs. in N.Y.) crashing to the ground and falling over – things are going to crumble – this is not God’s Building (Structure). I Saw Hilliary wearing black, Something died (possibly Desires).

(2) I saw (Black & White) Cows (chickens) coming home to roost. I saw Cows taking the microphone and saying things politically that were going to disturb peoples political goals. There are things coming home to roost, there are upsets in the air. Durability is a word that I hear. Can they endure? I Saw a man who was a politician coming to the podium smiling with surprise on his face that he had won, happy, grateful, humble, he will do the job. Change is coming; he was rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. (I thought of healthcare Etc).

(3) I Saw political upheaval in Central and South American Countries. Politically, there was much pushing and shoving going on. Saw longstanding Governments pushing back and taking a strong stand. Saw a man (the people) standing in the street taking up for established Governments and fighting back. They will not be overthrown or moved by enemies.

(4) Canada is going to take the high road on a number of matters and leave the stench behind. I took this to be good morally based decisions on their Governments part. I also saw someone singing “Oh Canada” to the tune of “Oh Tannenbaum” with their hand over their heart. There is still a strong belief system in Canada and strong Moral leaders. God sees it and is going to bless them.

(5) There is going to be social unrest where people’s political futures are uncertain. People are going to take things into their own hands and put Governments that they can trust either in or back in power. This is very important, it is certain. I saw this twice.

(6) Earlier this year I was talking on the phone to a musician friend of mine when God gave me a prophetic word about secret codes and secret keys that God was hiding in music. We were both shocked to see the exact same words printed on the front page of “The Birmingham News”the very next morning (see Divinci article on music). God has shown me this same thing is going to continue to happen in 2008. I saw myself with my ear to the train track listening intently. New keys and new codes (revelation) are coming through certain types of music streams and or musicians that are listening to Gods heartbeat (soaking). There will be Special times and opportunities for those with their ears open and tuned to the sounds from heaven. Revelation will come in through an open window that you did not see. Many will miss this and think it foolish because of the business of life.

(7) I Saw Jesus contrasted together as a type of Barry Manilow (I write the Songs) and Dino. He had music in his hand & was giving it to orchestra (type) musicians. Music is being formed, tweaked and adjusted. I saw an angel playing drums and then getting down and looking under them, he began tightening and adjusting them. Specific sounds, vibrations etc. are coming, Words being given and written quickly Akeana style.

(8) Dreams, Idea’s and opportunities will literally appear over people’s heads this year almost like invisible balloons floating overhead. Those who quickly write them out in detail will be able to pray over them and see the real come to pass. The ones that are not quickly written down and eventually acted upon will be lost.

(9) There is a new open place between heaven and earth that is easily entered and you are welcome there. It is not imaginary. You can touch, taste, see and smell it. It is heaven on earth and it is now. The now time is here. Taste (touch) and see that The Lord is good.

(10) There is a defining moment that is coming to all those that have been tested and tried. I saw a (wide gate) huge wall on a old world arena (Rome – Gladiator, lions etc.) be opened by a very large smiling heavenly someone. All the people who had been preparing, warring and occupying the arena (until he comes) saw it open. Everyone in this arena realized something was different. There is a huge opening to go through and an elevator on the other side. Many will be surprised to see what God has prepared. Dreams, Visions and Futures will be found by all that step through. It is a new day and a new way. It is open, Step through, reach up and hold on to heavens hands (I saw a lot of smiles and activity on the other side.

(11) People that are holding tightly to the Kingdom of heaven will become less and less concerned with the worlds darkness and will become more and more Joyous over heavens reality operating in their lives in the here and now. Opportunities abound for the faithful and trusting heart – only believe. Contrast of light & darkness will continue. Those focused on the Kingdom at hand will begin to hardly even notice. Be busy about The Fathers work and him who sent you.

(12) I saw a huge wave of God Capable of covering New York’s tallest Sky Scrapers coming and Joni Ames (A type Prophet and Teacher) standing at the base smiling and teaching a classroom with a writing easel nearby. Many are just now being prepared for what God is doing and he will not leave any behind. There is going to be an amazing race to the finish and many people’s destinies and futures are going to begin to move at warp speed to get them into position for the big one. Those who have faithfully trudged through the mud will stand with tears in their eyes and hug one another as they see it all unfold. I heard the words Tsunami, Tsunami and saw people running to their doors smiling and laughing overcome with Joy.

(13) It is going to be very important to be a giver and a lifeline to the poor and underprivileged in this next season. I saw a man standing on a makeshift raft in about 2″ of water staying afloat and on top of the water by his giving. The impression is that being high and dry in this next season could be very devastating (To whom much is given much is required). I feel that this is a very serious warning.

(14) This is and will be a year of new beginnings; it is unlike any year in the past!

(15) I saw a wooden stick that had cut places on it where someone had been marking dates in time. The marks kept being erased and when someone would try & put them back God would erase them by giving the stick brand new bark.

Brad Hocutt

Shepherd’s Rod 2007

This is a list of the things that I saw going into 2007

December 26, 2006


(1) I see a contrasting of Egypt (The World – all hell breaking loose) & the land of Goshen (The Church – peaceful & quiet).

God has shown me several times now a significant contrast of 2 different people reacting to the same tragic events. One is a man starring upward & is clearly stunned with a very terrified look of fear on his face. Standing on the right, behind the man is a woman looking downward, not sad, but totally aware of what has just happened. She is not happy about it, but has not been caught off guard because she somehow expected it. You can easily see she is a Christian because she is very calm & peaceful & not afraid of the future. God is providing for her. (She is the Church)

(2) I saw a man on a dark & stormy night, standing directly under a street lamp that’s light was somehow protecting him from a wind blown, driving rain. Mathew 5: 14 & 15. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill can not be hidden & Nor do they light a Lamp & put it under a basket, but on a Lamp stand, & it gives light to all who are in the house (world).


(1) (In 3 pictures) I Saw a rocket going into space. I Saw another smaller rocket under it, cross its path. I Saw debris falling. I felt impressed this was a missile defense system capable of working in space.

(2) I Saw ladies working & wearing pink in a medical environment. I took this to be a breakthrough in medical research helping couples to have children – (Pink being pregnant).

(3) I saw a Submarine top out & then begin to submerge. I felt this was economic & may have related to the Stock Market. If this is correct there would be a clear trend by the 3rd month (Not sure of long term).

(4) I Feel strongly that there will be some kind of a challenge about six months out & that it will be very important as to how we respond as a nation – our destiny as a nation will depend on our response.

(5) I saw a row of Battleships (Ministries) that had been moving away from the enemies fire begin to make a right turn (back towards the shoreline). I Saw the turrets on the Battleships turning & firing on the shoreline.  New ground will be taken – Forces are coming to confront the enemy.

(6) I Saw sharp forked like objects right under the really pretty water. I saw small rubber rafts swiftly moving towards the shoreline with people getting ready to land & go ashore. I saw the sharp objects (Peoples Togues) in the water withdraw into the sand beneath the water. There will be an easy landing, not like Normandy. Not a military Invasion, but a spiritual Invasion. I saw many women & children going ashore, smiling & stretching comfortably, laying down pic-nick blankets (Provisions, Resources).

The Church (U.S.):

The harvest is ready. I saw a very kind hearted motherly type sitting with a child at a table giving him (The Church) good nourishing food to strengthen him & he (The Church) was pushing it away mad, pouting, wanting more & not wanting to leave the table. This motherly type (I believe The Holy Spirit) smiled at him & was patiently waiting until he quit pouting so he would go outside & work. I then saw this same child (The Church) as a young man & this motherly type (The Holy Spirit) as that of a doting, caring wife waiting on him hand & foot hoping & expecting that he would go outside & take care of things but quietly wondering if he was going to support her or leave her without support. She was depending on him!

I saw a wooden door latch (from a time where bringing in the harvest was common) permanently open, but we have to push the door open to see what is outside. God has provided everything we need; now it is time to go to work! Spiritually it is Beautiful & Spring with Flowers outside, but getting cold inside.

America will not see True Revival until we leave our comfortable Churches & go to the Streets.
I am hearing this Scripture reference: Preach, saying the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand…

The biggest overall statement I hear is Go!

Brad Hocutt

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