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A Serious Awareness of “The Fear of The Lord”

This is a very, very serious Post!!

Recently, I have felt & have become aware of a solemn weightiness of The Fear of The Lord & a realization of where we are at in The World, in America & in many peoples personal lives. This very serious weightiness of “The fear of The Lord” began surfacing over the past few weeks. I am now more aware of The Tangibleness of The Fear of The Lord in things going on in the world & around us than I have felt since 1980. God grabbed me by the ankle & took me to Hell in 1980- I have not sensed the warnings, awareness or The Fear of God like I am feeling now since then. We are bordering on some extremely serious things happening in The World & in a lot of Carnal Christians lives with God- The Almighty! I woke up hearing this Scripture this morning “The Fear of The Lord is The beginning of Wisdom…”. Right after breakfast God used someone else to confirm this Word to me. I also am hearing this Scripture very strongly: Gen 6:3 My Spirit will not Strive with man always…

I am completely aware of this Scriptures reality because I ran into it in 1980 when God grabbed me by the Ankle & took me to Hell!! Right after God let go of me He spoke to me in an audible Voice & threatened me by letting me know that He was going to take His hand off of my life if I did not repent!! Two weeks later, during a Violent, down-pouring Thunderstorm I surrendered my life to God!!

I am completely aware that people are in very serious trouble with God almighty now!! Its not time to think, its time to get your hearts right!

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