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Open Vision – Civil War & Nazi Death Furnaces

Civil War Battle field & Nazi Death Furnaces

April 16, 2008

On April 5, 2008, at The Call Alabama, I had an unsettling open Vision which was so strong that I feel I need to begin to address it. In High School, before I became a Christian I had a young lady tell me that she thought she was pregnant which as you might expect blew me away. Suddenly I had a million thoughts running through my mind of what to do including the thought of abortion. I thought about all the consequences & of telling our parents as well as everyone we knew that she was pregnant. I thought about this as well as abortion for what I remember to be about ten or fifteen minutes & came to the very real conclusion that I could never kill my own child & that we would need to bite the bullet & get married. To my great relief we found out that she was not pregnant. This had been my only real life experience with abortion other than holding up a sign in a life chain once & talking to a few women through the years who had suffered serious emotional distress from having had an abortion. I guess I have kind of been in the background on abortion, Not agreeing with it but not saying much & not praying much.

During The Call Alabama I had a very unnerving & unsettling experience through an open Vision. I saw a Civil War Battlefield with hundreds & thousands of dead babies in glass jars laying on the Battle field with smoke covering them. You could see that some of them were just pieces & others were whole. As I was seeing this I suddenly saw an interwoven vision of furnaces with fire roaring in them in the background. I am not sure how I knew but I knew that they were the furnaces in War War II Germany used to burn up millions of Jewish people. As I watched suddenly a babies Spirit in one of the Jars closest to me sat upright & looked at me. In a very unusual & weird way it said what are you doing?  (Not long after this vision during The Call I was Shocked as Lou Engle related a story about a speech that Abraham Lincoln had given concerning Gods Judgment coming during The Civil War that had related to the shedding of innocent Slaves blood.) I wrestled with this Vision for several days & tried to dismiss it because the baby was not loving & it was such a strange way that it had talked to me. As I began to focus on the babies voice Jesus showed me that the reason it had seemed so strange was that there were actually two voices that had spoke at the same time. The voice that was on top was trying to keep the baby from being seen & the baby’s voice from being heard. It had asked me very nervously & suspiciously what was I doing. Like why could I see it & why was I there. The other Voice was clearly the baby’s voice! It was being held under & was asking me in a kind of distraught way what was I doing; as in what was I doing about it? I clearly understood at this point that there was & is a parallel to the two events of Nazi Germany & the abortions of today. Jesus clearly showed me that it is the same Demon Spirit that so coldly & unfeelingly blinded the eyes of Nazi Germany that is so coldly & unfeelingly blinding America to the killing of babies today. I saw a parallel & rightly so of people being utterly outraged that 6 million Jewish people had been killed & burned in Nazi furnaces & that of 55 million babies (over 9 times as many) had been killed & that there is very little outrage. I know that this is a warning that America could experience Civil War again on her soil if we do not repent & do something about this. I have a bad feeling that I may find out that babies are cremated after they are killed & that this is the exact same scenario as we found Germany in & that we are the ones doing it now & are guilty of the same thing only 9 times as strong.

I have had a number of experiences in the past few years where Jesus revealed that a Demon Spirit was behind a certain Sin, behavior or event that was affecting a person, Church or area. I am now coming to recognize this as the gift of discerning of Spirits in operation & that this is a very serious warning. It is intended to unmask this Spirit so that the body of Christ can see it, repent, pray & take it out.

Brad Hocutt

*A few days after posting this I was driving on I-20 in Alabama at daybreak & saw something so eerie that it took my breath away. I saw the same grass field & the same rolling hills that I saw in this vision. There was fog lifting off of the field & it looked identical to the smoke that I saw in the vision. Everything was exactly the same in real life as I had seen in the vision only the babies were not laying on the field. I sat stunned driving down the road thinking about what I had just saw when I suddenly passed a large green Interstate sign that read Lincoln. The name of the real life town with the identical field I saw in this vision is Lincoln, Al. *This is a very serious confirmed warning.

1 Co 13:2 – and if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

Have you ever met a prophetic person that is mean, uncaring & unkind ? The Bible gives us guidelines to help Identify a Prophetic person that is properly balanced. The Bible states that without love a Prophetic person is nothing. The bible strictly says that Love is the first calling of any Minister or Ministry! When reading any prophetic word or teaching please keep this in mind: God is a good God! He is loving & kind! The Bible clearly states that Jesus came that you might have life & have it more abundantly. Think about it! God knows where you are! If He wanted to get you, you would be toast! The reality is; when we become stubborn, hard hearted & disobedient God begins to remove his blessings from us which allow hard times & trouble to come our way. God is love & wants us to repent of our Sins & turn back to him!

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