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The Power is on!!

September 4, 2010 – I had a major revelation today! Last night God showed me a Spiritual Vision of a friend of mine who had the anointing of God all over him while he was preaching. Today I saw  a mini-vision of a lady that I know who was giggling & grinning as God moved on her during a service that she was preaching in. God showed me that in the near future He is almost exclusively only going to be moving in Power among Teams of Ministers. Apostolic & Prophetic teams are going to be where the Power of God is. I am seeing it like we have crossed over into a time like the book of Acts where God will be known among a region of people rather than a particular Church or Individual Minister. Like the book of Acts it will be the Church at Jerusalem or The Church at xyz etc. I am seeing Mobile & Birmingham as well as Nashville, Kansas City & N.C. etc. This move will get very profound & begin to be sweeping as the leaders & the believers come together under Christ, Under Jesus instead of under the banner of a particular Church or Minister. Ministry teams ministering together as the Lord & the Holy Spirit lead them – all cooperating together preferring their brothers & Sisters over themselves! God also showed me that He is about to begin pooling Prophetic & Apostolic teams together in this short next season & that they will begin to swarm over the region & land in conjunction with other teams & teams of believers. BELIEVERS are about to become emboldened to step out & preach, teach & pray for others because of the Authority & Miracles coming about because of The Apostolic & Prophetic teams working together in unity in an area or region to help equip THEM to do the work of The Ministry in The Kingdom. The unity & cooperation between the brethren will bring about high level Miracles & The world will be pushed back in amazement at the level of Power, Authority, Love & Unity that they see. God’s Kingdom (not a local Church Body or Ministry) is right now forming & is about to step out of the Cocoon stage into that one Man called Christ! Is Christ divided? He has been but that is no longer going to be a road block in & for those operating in THE KINGDOM!! God confirmed this to me!

Last week God had me go to a restaurant the day before I went down to The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival breaking out in Mobile. On Thursday (Aug, 26) before I left to go to The Revival, God ran me into a group of Ministers at lunch in Clanton, Al. & I felt that I was to go up to them & that God was going to give me a Prophetic word for them. When I did I saw (2) Angels standing behind one of the men & I saw Pastor Kilpatricks face in this mans meeting. I saw people going down in the Spirit. I told him about this & He stated that He was a Pastor from Fairhope, Al. & that He was holding his first Evangelistic meeting in 15 yrs that night & had been praying for THE POWER & stated that He had talked to Pastor Kilpatrick the day before. While I was talking to this Pastor (who had turned Evangelist) God showed me a power switch on the wall in a House (representative of The Church). God was ready to turn the Power on! I left there knowing that this was not a normal God encounter & then amazingly pulled up to my next scheduled stop on Thursday (Aug, 26) at The MAIN POWER PLANT in Wilsonville, Alabama. When I pulled up to the SCALES I was met by the operator & was told that (amazingly) I was the first one there that day & that THE POWER WAS OFF!! She stated that The POWER COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES were on their way to turn THE POWER ON! When she said that, I got chill bumps as I realized that God was talking very, very loudly about the Power being off!! The POWER CO REPRESENTATIVES showed up right after she said this & TURNED THE POWER ON. I’m not sure why but I looked straight down at my watch at that exact moment & so help me it was exactly 12:12! (12 is the symbolic # for Apostles – Modern day Apostles are coming) The Power was turned on at exactly 12:12 PM on Thursday August, 26 – THE POWER COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES CAME & TURNED IT ON @ THE MAIN POWER PLANT!!! I just kept thinking about seeing the (2) ANGELS – (POWER REPRESENTATIVES)  & the people going down in the meetings & it shook me up knowing that God had made such a strong point in making this known – The Power is on Y’all!!!

It is in cooperating with one another in Unity & preferring one another over ourselves that we are going to see the greatest displays of God’s Power ever seen! God is moving in & among the *Collective body of believers & the Local City or Regional leadership in a given area almost exclusively now (aka The Church @ Jerusalem etc.). Spiritually speaking I have been seeing three sets of (3’s) working together over the past few yrs & now realize that if there are a minimum of three people on a team at a Church cooperating & ministering together through The gifts of The Holy Spirit that, that represents a level of Power now. If there are three Churches, Pastors or a make up of Ministers coming together & cooperating to minister together in a city or region that, that is another level of Power. If there are three Regional or National groups cooperating & working together that will represent the greatest level of Power. God wants to point to a collective body of believers that are keeping ea other safe, accountable & humble by ea other working for & towards the common good & goal of bringing in The Kingdom & not highlighting the individual’s but rather the body joined together cooperating as one body of believers. The leadership will always be Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers & Evangelist working together to EQUIP THE SAINTS for the Work of The Ministry. Its time to Equip Saints so that THEY can do THE STUFF !! That’s what God is wanting & bringing forth right now. Time to Equip The Saints… not be The Man!! Let Christ (Jesus ) be The Man! Let The Leadership in The Church all Crown Him… Lord of All!!!  This yrs Shepherds Rod had several references to The Power coming on & Power moves of God coming. I am seriously amazed at what God does!  Here is the link:

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