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Dream about America & A Dead Man that gets up

Dead Man gets up & walks!

God spoke to me and told me that there is something very powerful that is about to happen in America! He said that I needed to post this dream and encounter that I had in 2001.

December 19, 2008

In 2001 I had one of the most vivid & disturbing dreams that I have ever had. In the dream I found myself at a funeral watching a man being buried. I did not have the pleasure of knowing the man in real life (who had been a Pastor) & I did not attend his funeral.

In the dream I was standing near his casket & watching the funeral. No one there could see me & no one knew I was there. In this dream there were 4 ropes on the four corners of the casket & the casket was slowly but surely being lowered into the grave. It was a very solemn moment. The Pastors wife was crying & it was a very hopeless situation. The casket was open & It was extremely clear that this man was dead! There was no question about it! There was a feeling of total hopelessness! This was the final goodbye! In the dream my attention was drawn to this mans hand which was placed next to the edge of the casket. As I stared at his very obviously dead hand his Pinky finger suddenly started twitching. This seriously startled me & took my breath away. As I stared; eyes wide open – I watched two of his other fingers begin to twitch. All three of them were trembling & shaking like an earthquake. This shocked me! I still remember how vividly real it was to see a dead mans hand start shaking. As I watched his fingers trembling the man very suddenly & forcefully jumped out of the casket and started hollering, I’m not ready to go! I’m not ready to go! This so startled me that I woke up out of a cold sleep, jumped out of bed & started hollering No, No, No! After I calmed down & started thinking about what this could be God spoke to me and said that this man represented America & the move of God that was coming.
About a month or so later I attended a repentance & reconciliation prayer event in Selma, Alabama at Browns Chapel. While there we had some astonishing things happen while we were praying over The Civil rights movement & The Spiritual high places in America (The name Selma means High Place). We saw a great deal of repentance & Spiritual breakthrough and were very encouraged that a change in the atmosphere had taken place over America. During this meeting God caught my attention & showed me the interior of the Chapel. It had an unusual look & feel to it. I suddenly realized that it was representative of the grave that I saw in the vision concerning America. On the way home from Selma God had me to stop by a Church in Alabaster, Alabama. He told me to go look for an old friend of mine who is a Pastor on staff there. Because It was a Saturday & there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot I felt foolish thinking in my mind that my friend would not be there! I turned a corner in the Church and ran into him in the hallway. I got excited because he was actually there and I told him about the dream of seeing the fingers move and about the dead man getting up! I also told him about what had happened at Selma earlier in the day! He got a really strange look on his face and told me that this was all very unusual! He stated, that at that exact moment; they were right in the middle of hosting a wake for a man that had just died. We both just kind of stood there looking at one another. He then told me about a dream that he just had. In the dream there were people lining the sidewalks! They were waiting to get in Churches all across America!

If you look at things right now; America is as a dead man! They have secretly said there is no hope! I believe that God is about to visit America in a very powerful way! An off the scale kind of way! There are many, many people that have prayed fasted & waited for God to turn things around in America. I believe that as a result of many prayers that an unprecedented move of God (a great awakening) is on the way!

Brad Hocutt

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