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Vision of Shoe Dropping in The Spirit Realm

On Sunday (January 18, 2009) I saw and felt something profound on the way to Church! I saw and actually felt a shoe dropping in the Spirit. At first I did not know what this was about but I knew that it was not good. Later God began talking to me about America’s Choices! God spoke to me and said that America had rejected Gods Choice for them (President Bush). He spoke to me and said that America had not discerned that God had an actual calling on George Bush and that he was actually a sent one (one with a God given Mission – an emissary) and not one who merely goes. God spoke to me and said that it is highly likely that George Bush will operate in more Authority (Is conditional to walking out his full calling) after office than when he was in office. Gods Gifts and callings are without repentance! Just like George Washington, this man has the call of God on him. God sent this President with the mandate to protect and defend America from her Enemies – Specifically to keep America Safe during his tenure – This was accomplished!

Politicians are attacked Politically and are often attacked Personally. Because of the actual anointing that George Bush carries he was attacked not only Politically and Personally but was (and is still being) attacked very ferociously by Spiritual forces. He in fact did his job of protecting America during this time (What he was Called to do). I will not address any other area of His Presidency or life as I am not called upon to have an opinion but rather to address certain realities. He is and will continue to be a sent one!  Many people would call this The Missionary Calling! Gods gifts and callings are without repentance (he does not take them back or remove them). I had a direct sense that as a result of America’s rejection of Gods choice that there will be some serious consequences that are coming as a result. I saw and sensed the second shoe dropping and realized that it would take place at the exact moment of transference of Presidential Power. Literally the Corporate Covering (Gods Anointing) that has been guarding America through George Bush was going to leave America at The moment of Transference of power. Having said that: I am feeling a very powerful (Personal) Grace and favor that I believe President Obama will enjoy that is coming directly from God. God allowed this Man to Succeed as President and I believe that God is going to be with him on a personal basis (I say personally because I do not think people can tell the difference between a Corporate Anointing or Provisional Anointing for Multitudes and the personal blessing of God. I also want to note that I Sense the same for Hilliary Clinton And yes, Nancy Pelosi. God is not Political, He is in fact Relational! He is offering His Peace, Help, Blessing and Guidance during this time. I am very aware that  He can be and may be rejected by any and all concerned which would have consequences as well.

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