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Very serious situation developing in Govmt.

Apr 2, 2011

About two months ago God spoke to me & said The Current Government (Everyone concerned, not just Democrats or Republicans but everyone involved) has a two year window to get things done in order to safeguard & protect the American people from very serious hardships that are coming down the road.  There is economic trouble right down the road! If the Current Government (all concerned) does not call a time out & get it together by doing things in unity they will end up having to Govern from specific Commissions (A group of Individuals assigned to carry out & accomplish a specific task in order to safeguard the American people in the future). I saw Housing Commissions, Food & Clothing Commissions, Water & Utilities Commissions, Energy & Gas Commissions including Natural Gas, Road & Transportation Commissions etc. Everything that I saw dealt with the Basics of life & its function in our society. It is getting serious now! It is time to start putting individual plans into action & start making preparations in order to help safeguard the American people in the coming years. I do not know how to explain this but I saw African American farmers being allowed to become what looked like (what I can only describe as being) Share Croppers partnering with the Government. Their is some type of Justice that has been dragging or lagging that is due some African American Farmers? I saw these Farmers smiling & grinning & working land that God was smiling over in a big way. It looked like they were working land that after ten years they would be given for helping to feed the American people. It was a just outcome that I saw from a period of time that they were denied justice. I do not know a better way of saying that – It’s just what I saw. Some kind of justice has been lagging or denied & God want’s to do this to feed & take care of a lot of people. I saw these Farmers Smiling very proudly & even with tears in their eyes for being allowed to be front runners in order to help take care of the American people during this coming hard time. God is a just God & wants these Farmers to prevail in this area. His Justice is watching over this & other area’s. Its time to empower some of these Farmers – it is going to be important in the near future! I see dark black clouds coming but landing around the edges of these Farmers fields like Black Crows. They are not approaching these Farmers land because they know God is on their land & what they are doing. The Crows turn into some type of small bird that eats small pebbles & become harmless. There is a sense of peace among them as they watch the African American Farmers. They rest in the branches of the Trees around them. I believe this Vision speaks of These dark Clouds as being a Judgment on America that is coming & can be partially averted by giving justice to these Farmers. There seems to be a very clear way to help greatly lessen the hard impact of what is coming in this next season. It is going to take some hard work & due diligence to pull this off & avert some of the hardest of times that I see coming! I am drawn to the word Due in due diligence & know this is something that God is serious about. Something is Due these Farmers. I am sorry that I do not know more about what has been denied or withheld concerning this but this is all I have? Our Pride, Arrogance & Stubbornness has caused God’s grace to lift off of us for a Season as a Nation & we are in great need of repentance & asking for God’s Forgiveness & Mercy again as a Nation & body of believers. Speaking to the Church in America we have bought into the worlds system of Greed & Apathy in dealing with our fellow man & are almost indistinguishable from the world in our behavior. Its time for God’s people to lead the way & not to follow. Its time for the Joseph Anointing’s to come forward & lead.

If you want to understand some of what is going on in America right now look up Pharaoh & Joseph in the Bible. God used Joseph to spare a Nation from certain destruction. Joseph represents God’s Governmental Authority in the earth. God is trying to give us ways out of this trouble that is coming but the American Government & The American people are not listening. This trouble is on our doorsteps just like in Egypt all those years ago. What we do with what God is showing us (whether we become accountable & act on it or not) is going to make all the difference in the world! This will either be for our good to save us like with Pharaoh I & Joseph or be bad for us like Pharaoh II & Moses & be destruction & misery – Everything is dependent on how stubborn we are. We will either bend to God’s will for us or be broken in two in the next two years!!  I feel that I am supposed to post this again. If you are not taking this warning by James Robinson seriously by now, then you should probably check your pulse!! It was written in the best of times (2006) with no signs of trouble on the horizon!!  Here is the main word:




Let me share first my personal understanding of prophecy in light of statements that often confuse or distort the definition of real prophecy. I believe that true prophets sometimes predict future acts and events or consequences. These messages can be alarming or refreshing, but they are always intended by God to give life or improve life. There are prophets who may, on occasion, foretell the future, but every believer can prophesy or speak words of life. Paul said in Corinthians, “Now I wish that you all spoke in tongues, but even more that you would prophesy.” In my opinion, this means that when we speak, we should prayerfully seek to speak words that edify and enhance life itself. When Paul encouraged people to prophesy, I do not believe he was encouraging us to predict future events, but rather to strengthen the lives of the hearers. We should pray that the heart of God will be expressed every time we open our mouths. We should never attempt to reduce the “end times” to a specific time frame or date. Jesus Christ will return quickly in the sense that He will come suddenly, unexpected by far too many. Believers are exhorted to live prepared for Christ’s return at any moment, always redeeming the time. All biblical predictions will come true. All prophecies will be fulfilled. The misunderstanding of the Bible’s truth is often man’s finite attempt to comprehend infinite wisdom. Paul said, “If you think you know, you don’t know as you ought.” Throughout history, from the Pharisees of Jesus’ times to the religious zealots and intellectuals of today, people have been proven wrong. Inappropriate predictions, unwholesome lifestyles and the course of world events continually expose the fallacy of human wisdom. We need prophets today — not fortune tellers and wild-eyed mystics, but exhorters and edifiers. We need prophecy today to encourage believers and to correct the family of God by speaking words of life.


What I share next concerns believers in the New Testament church family and all whom God loves but have not yet received His abounding grace and abundant, eternal life. I believe the following things will occur before Christ returns or “the end of the world as we know it.”

All that can shake will be shaken to the foundation. Those unfruitful things that do not pertain to true life will be revealed. The unshakable will remain, including the true and holy remnant. No one will be excluded from pain and suffering, apart from supernatural intervention. I am convinced there will be a healthy church found on earth when Christ returns — the true spotless bride, prepared, adorned in His glory, ready for the glorious appearing of Christ the Groom. He will come for that which is like Himself. This has nothing to do with how large or how many but a prepared body of believers determined by God. This prepared bride will anxiously watch for His return because of deep love, not fear or escapism. God knows the hour. It cannot be determined by time or space, but we do know He will come for a people in love with Him and one another — living in fullness, free from fear, abiding in peace amid storms and turmoil, shining as unfading light in the darkest of hours. Their eyes will be fixed on Jesus; their hearts will be focused on His kingdom purpose; and their hands will be doing His work as faithful servants.

Those outside the family of faith will tragically miss all that pertains to life and godliness. There is no reference here to religious traditions that lack true expressions of life and love. These people, along with unbelievers, will face separation, death and the eternal consequences of their choices in this present lifetime. Yet while we know this to be true, we must leave judgment, vengeance, wrath and justice in the hands of the supreme Judge. Because of our finite understanding, many things are unclear. But be assured that our God can be trusted with justice, mercy and judgment.



For several years I have sensed in my spirit some awesome and alarming things when I meditate on the Scriptures and pray. I have waited a long time, but I believe the time has come for me to finally share these impressions. I earnestly pray that the free world and especially America — my home and the land of the free, where many choose to live as slaves bound by appetites and actions, demanding their way rather than God’s way — may somehow be spared the horrendous results such decadent practices have produced throughout history. I don’t want us to get what we deserve. I cry out for mercy for me, my family members, friends and everyone — even those who chose to be our enemies. I don’t want anyone to perish but all to repent, just as the Bible expresses. This is the very desire of God’s heart.

Please join me in focused prayer. I am convinced that brokenness will come to the church and to America. The choice is ours: humility or humiliation! Our population will cry out to God on our faces, desperate beyond comprehension, in unity of spirit and heart, longing for what really matters. The whole world will long for peace — not just national or world peace, but peace within. It’s not peace as the world gives, having everything our way, but rather having it His way, having what only Jesus can give. People, not material things, will matter most. Our focus will be on love, relationships, family, joy, compassion and serving others. Those who claim no faith will respectfully acknowledge the importance of our First Amendment guarantees. They will be accorded the same respect from the faith community. Open dialogue, debate and difference will no longer be rooted in a desire to destroy opposition.


A change of heart and direction will take place in this nation. Brokenness will lead to true character, determination, self-sacrifice and a sincere desire to know and do what is right, regardless of the cost or sacrifice. The line distinguishing good and evil will be as distinct as the difference in light and darkness — the difference as clear to all observers as terrorists flying airplanes into towers, killing unsuspecting people of all nations and races, compared to those brave souls risking their own lives, giving of themselves, seeking to rescue them. It will be as distinctly different as suicide bombers killing innocent school children and the compassionate doctors and relief workers who strive to ease suffering around the world. There is the force of evil on one side and life-enriching righteousness on the other. We cannot continue to deny that evil is a reality, while tolerating and defending it as a mere difference of opinion.

What I share next is sobering.

I have resisted sharing what I believe I’ve seen in the Spirit, not because I doubt the accuracy, but because I long for and pray for what I see to be averted. I pray for a change of heart and direction, for true repentance to occur until our nation receives the truth of God, begins to live with the character, strength and faith that made America great in the first place, and allows selfless love to prevail rather than selfish indulgence. As I said, I am convinced brokenness will come. Count on it. The Bible says God’s Word is a hammer; its power can break our stubborn will. His Word is a fire; it can purify us. His Word is water; it can cleanse. The choice is ours: Choose life or choose the way that seems right to men and women — the fruit of which is death.


If the current practice of abortion on demand, destroying the most helpless and innocent of human life, continues with bold, open approval, we will find all innocent life vulnerable to what has become the culture of death. How can we possibly expect our lives and our rights to be protected when we fail to offer it to the most precious little ones? We must witness far more than the changing of any court’s decision — we must witness the change of heart that will no longer terminate innocent life, however foolish some judge or legislator may be. Rest assured, our laws will reflect the condition of our hearts. We have made such an idol of economic gain and material possessions, I am not certain brokenness will come apart from the collapse of our economy and loss of treasured possessions. Selfish indulgences, revealed through sexual excesses and perversion, are promoted and defended as perfectly acceptable and normal. This attitude must be changed from within, and its effect will be visibly manifested in the lives and practices of our general population. It’s my hope that the church family will pray, seek God, turn from any wicked ways and see our land healed. I pray that unbelievers will respond to God’s offer of life, forgiveness and grace, resulting in supernatural intervention and protection. God is described in the Bible as “a mighty fortress,” “the shields of the earth,” “our Deliverer,” and “the solid rock.” The intentions of evildoers can be supernaturally detected and thwarted. The enemy must be changed or defeated.

We must have God’s power and protection in order to miss our enemies’ plans for us. Without this divine miracle, unparalleled, indescribable devastation is coming to our shores — truly “the sum of all fears.”

I’m not referring to the natural disasters we are already witnessing and the challenges that reveal our nation’s soul and character. I’m talking about deliberate destruction directed by the deadly actions of evil men.


Many times in prayer, I have seen agonizing pain and suffering resulting from a direct nuclear or biological strike in major population centers in the United States. I see masses of people crying out in fear and panic from destruction and death beyond comprehension. There is a cry for help and mercy, for a way of escape, for protection, for communication, for news of loved ones. Comfort is totally disrupted. A sense of total loss jeopardizes our way of life. Prayer is prevalent. People are desperate for help — even divine intervention. No one asks, “Is there a God?” It seems everyone is looking for Him, including those who once moved to keep God out of public life. Many ask, “Why?” Others ask, “Where was God when this happened?” But people are not questioning the faith of others. They are looking for faith in others. There is brokenness and humility, along with humiliation, as those who once thought they stood firm, rapidly fall. Many high towers crumble. Households and communities tremble in the aftermath. Our way of life pales compared to the simple desire for life itself. The only strength and hope for the future comes from those who are truly strong in the Lord. The most courageous prove to be the most compassionate; they understand pure love and willingly sacrifice on behalf of others. Their genuine strength of character is revealed, and people wholeheartedly seek to hear truth. They want someone to provide clear direction, inspire proper action and promise a stable, secure future.

Prosperity is suddenly defined as life itself, rather than life’s possessions.

I HAVE SEEN THE PAIN AND SUFFERING, AND I CRY OUT TO GOD, “HAVE MERCY!” The life of privilege and opportunity is a distant, often faint hope, but it is actually possible for those who will endure the unparalleled hardship. For those of us who experience this horror, things will not be the same. Our true character will face a supreme test, and survival will depend on whether we turn our hearts to the Supreme Power, the One who gives life, the merciful, everlasting God and Father, the one and only blessed hope. I have seen the pain and suffering, and I cry out to God, “Have mercy!” Then in my heart I hear, “I am offering it even now, if only it will be received. I will not force My way into the lives of men. They can choose whom and what they serve. They can eat of the fruit of their ways or receive liberating truth and life-changing love.” In prayer I ask, “Is it too late? Lord, please help us.” I pray for repentance, brokenness and humility, for mercy received and mercy shared. I hold on to God’s promise, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” I pray, “God, break our hearts by the power of Your Word and the love revealed through the cross of Christ. Break our stubborn will. Humble us that we may be mightily exalted as we exalt You and build our lives and future on Your rock-solid principles.” Only right relationships with God will produce the necessary resolve to fight the right fight the right way. It is only through commitment to Godly principles that we will have the character to make the sacrifices necessary to protect and preserve the truly priceless aspects of life. It has become increasingly difficult to hear transforming truth when much of the mass media and the entertainment community so blatantly mock truth, promote twisted lifestyles and assail traditional family values. I am grateful that for the moment we have some national leaders who acknowledge the importance of prayer and faith. It is critically important that all believers pray for those in authority, because they must have the resolve and wisdom from above in order to make and stand by correct decisions. As we pray, we must remember: No political leader or party can be seen as our hope and security apart from the guidance of Divine Providence.


The only way we will miss the agony I have seen is by supernatural intervention — by God giving us wisdom and clear communication between all concerned parties, enabling us to uncover sinister plots. I believe with all my heart that we will bow before God or be broken before God. America cannot continue to rebel and choose darkness when, throughout our history, we have been exposed to so much light. I am not speaking of perfection or perfect hearts. I am pleading for all to sincerely seek to share life, to know love — God’s love — and admit the need for personal and public change. Real repentance will produce the necessary change in people’s hearts and minds, which will result in a renewed national desire to protect all life, because life is precious.


Our laws will begin to reflect transformed hearts of the voters and legislators guided by time-tested, proven principles. The family will once again be defined properly — husband, wife and children. Our freedom will not only be diligently protected, but its benefits and blessings freely shared. While enjoying the privileges true prosperity affords us, we will cherish the responsibility and joy of sharing what we have with others. We will not be manipulated or motivated by greed, but moved by compassion and unselfish love. A major part of the entertainment community will forsake the promotion of indulgent and perverse lifestyles and seek to inspire us to rise above our natural, depraved tendencies. Their tremendous ability will be used to present great and admirable acts as was Steven Spielberg’s through Schindler’s List. They will use their great talent to present people and stories worthy of respect rather than those committed to decadence. Let me make it clear: Caring people will no longer be merely cursing the darkness. As surely as light dispels darkness, when the light begins to shine freely, its effect will be visible and undeniable. History confirms the need to defend the faith, but in this day it will be the demonstration of faith’s transforming power that inspires repentance and change. I invite all who bear witness of the concern I have shared to join me in prayer, in pursuing the God of holiness and in reaching out to others to share our blessings, whether great or small. Let’s discover that the “joy of the Lord” is indeed our strength and hope.

Pray, fellow believers. Please pray and share this message as God leads, while encouraging others also to join in prayer.

Reprinted & posted at The Direction & confirmation of The Holy Spirit!

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