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Reconstructing Government

Apr 2, 2011

I was driving down the Highway Wednesday & God began highlighting the word “Reconstruction” to me. I had read & heard Tuesday night that there has not been a change in Government in Alabama since right after The Civil War during RECONSTRUCTION! God revealed that what happened in Alabama Politics Tuesday was a Prophetic Sign of what is happening all over America. God is RECONSTRUCTING THE GOVERNMENT (Spiritual & Political). He showed me that people do not fully realize the total impact of this yet! What I am sensing is not a temporary change but a wholesale change of the People taking back & Protecting what God originally gave them as rights & freedoms as Americans. Some do not know what it is that they were given, they just know they are loosing it & something has to change! I believe that many are waking up to the reality that they are in charge of their on futures & that they have to begin to protect their futures, their Children’s & their Grand Children’s Futures! Many people are waking up to the fact that we are in a battle for the future & that its not business as usual in America any more. Their are people called Republicans that feel they are right & their are people called Democrats that feel they are right. It is time for both parties to go back & read & begin to relate to what The Founding Fathers intended for America because the old way of Governing is not working. God had & has a plan for America. The only choice for any Governing body to make now is weather we are going to change & do things God’s way or continue into the abyss of Rebellion & Foolishness that we have been running towards at break neck speeds for the past 50+ yrs! America’s Culture, Lifestyles, Personal Morality & Personal Choices all affect The type Government & Country that we end up with! Our Personal, Families & Friends futures are all related to the Actions, Choices & Decisions that we Ourselves make & or allow! America is not Great without God! America is only Great when God’s blessing is on Her & His Hands are guiding Her!! We are Arrogant, Proud & Foolishly Blind! Its time for ALL Political Parties & ALL Concerned American Citizens to stop talking, Squabbling & to take stock of the Serious place We have gotten ourselves into!! Because of rejecting God’s Plan for America & His leadership we no longer have  the convenience of DOING IT OUR WAY anymore!! All Parties involved are going to have to get over themselves, forgive the past & get a clue about how to turn this “Titanic Ship” in the middle of the night! The convenience of procrastination is nearly gone – its time to come back to the Core Values that made America great! I Pray God will give “Eyes to See & Ears to Hear” to ALL Parties, Races & Sexes involved in Government at every level. We can no longer afford to go it alone & live as a divided Country. I feel like we have 2 yrs to get it together or we will have to Govern by Commissions rather than a centralized Government. It is going to take a Humble, Patient people working together much like a George Washington or Abraham Lincoln kind of time! Personal Goal’s, Ambitions & Legacies have to be abandoned for the greater good of Reg. everyday Americans who have their own Hopes & Dreams. Time to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem! God is not nervous about our situation in America. He will let us continue this downward spiral if we are that foolish. If we want His help it is going to require that we & our Government that we elect turn from our foolish, stubborn & Yes, Wicked ways & Humble ourselves asking for His help & His blessing again. We are not Omnipotent…He is! We do not have the answers but He does! Pride, Arrogance & Stubbornness are the biggest enemies now…

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