Seated-The Prophetic/Teaching Ministry of Brad Hocutt

You are seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus

1.1 Master Index

The Gospel of John

2010 Shepherds Rod

2009 Shepherds Rod

The Power is On!

Current Prophetic perspectives on The Economy

Vision of a Shoe dropping in The Spirit realm

Vision of Shifting Sand under President Obama’s feet

Israel being forced to bow to our present government

What to do with a manifestation of Evil

The Sea Change Event

James Robinson Warning – something is stirring

The Housing Crisis

Prophetic Symbolism in Dreams & Visions

2003 Prophecy concerning the Future by Kenneth E Hagin

The Burning Bush – A sent one

Spiritual Vision of angels hauling Christmas gifts

Dream concerning America where a dead man gets up & walks

The Gift of the Word of knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Discerning of Spirits

The gifts of Healing’s, The Working of miracles, The gift of faith

The gift of Tongues, The interpretation of Tongues, The gift of Prophecy

Who is The Holy Spirit

The Foundations of The Prophets Office

Description of The Prophets Office

The Signs of a Prophets calling

The differences between Prophets & Seers

Watchman on the Walls

I have no choice I have to expose these Preachers

Shepherds Rod 2007-2008

The Housing Crisis & The Economy

Spiritual Vision of wild Horses & Rick Joiners donkey

Re-Release of 50 1950s era Mantles

Open Vision at The Call of Civil War Battle field & Nazi death furnaces

1st Nations encounter Tornado dream

Brads Salvation experience

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