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Prophetic Symbolism: Interpreting Dreams/Visions

The following is a short list of some Prophetic Symbols that may help you to understand the Symbolism in your Dreams, Visions, Words of Knowledge Etc. There is a Full listing of High quality Prophetic Symbolism, Dream Symbols and Dream Interpretation Charts and cards that are available from Streams Ministries. I do not know them on a personal basis as I have only been in one or two meetings where they were but they do a very good job of braking down hard to understand Spiritual matters (relating to the Prophetic) into a very easy to understand format. They even Teach Classes on understanding your dreams, dream interpretation etc.

What the Prophetic Symbolism of Colors represent:

Positive feeling of:  White = The Holy Spirit or Holy Power – Negative feeling: Religious Spirits

Positive feeling of: Red = Wisdom, Anointing, Power – Negative feeling: Anger, War

Positive feeling of: Green = Conscience, Growth, Prosperity – Negative feeling: Envy, Jealousy, Pride

Positive feeling of: Blue = Communion, Revelation – Negative feeling: Depression, Sorrow, Anxiety

Positive feeling of: Yellow = Mind, Hope, Gift of God – Negative feeling: Fear, Coward, Intellectual Pride

Positive feeling of: Cyan = Will, Perseverance – Negative feeling: Strong willed

Positive feeling of: Magenta = Emotions, Love – Negative feeling: Hate

Positive feeling of: Gold/Amber = Holy, Purity, Glory – Negative feeling: Idolatry, Defilement, Licentiousness

Positive feeling of: Orange = Perseverance – Negative feeling: Stubbornness, Strong Willed

Positive feeling of: Silver = Redemption – Negative feeling:Legalism, Slavery, Domination

Positive feeling of: Brown =  Compassion, Humility – Negative feeling: Humanism

Positive feeling of: Purple = Authority, Royalty – Negative feeling: False Authority, Licentiousness

What the Prophetic Symbolism of Numbers represent:

1 is: God

2 is: Multiplication

3 is: Godhead (Trinity)

4 is: Gods creative works

5 is: Grace / Redemption / Anointing

6 is: Man (Humanity)

7 is: Perfection / Completion / Fullness

8 is: New Beginnings (Also=Teacher)

9 is: Judgment (Also=Evangelist)

10 is: Journey/Wilderness/Nurture (Also=Pastor)

11 is: Transition/Standing in Gap (Also=Prophet)

12 is: Government (Also=Apostle)

13 is: Rebellion

14 is: Double Anointing

15 is: Reprieve/Mercy

16 is: Established New Beginnings

17 is: Elect of God

25 is: Begin Ministry Training

30 is: Begin Ministry

37 is: First Born/Prime Number

40 is: Generational and Completed Rule

50 is: Jubilee

111 is: My Beloved Son

120 is: End of Flesh

153 is: Kingdom Multiplication

666 is: Full lawlessness

888 is: Resurrection

1500 is: Light/Power/Authority (Same Equivalent)

The Prophetic Symbolism of things in Dreams:

Knife: Negative = Tongue, Gossip or Positive = Skill, Discernment

Sword: Reaching further than a knife

Gun: Power to reach beyond yourself

Dart: Negative = Curses – Positive = Accuracy

River: Move of God

Snake: Long tale, Lies

Horse: Power, Authority

Teeth: Ability to understand, Comprehend

Rat: Disease, Deceit

Spider: Demonic. Occult, Witchcraft

Bee or Hornet: Higher demonic power

Cat: Independent thinking

Tunnel/Hall: Transition

Circle: Covenant

Bathroom: Cleansing of Toxins

Basement: Things not seen/Basic issues

Attic: History

Car: Ministry/Vocation

Door: Opportunity

Tree: Leader, Leadership

Bed: Intimacy, Rest

Train: Church denomination, Movement, Corporation

Money: Loss or Gain of Favor

Thigh: Faith

Nose: Discernment

Nakedness: Vulnerability, Transparency

Flying: Spiritual Giftedness, Rise above circumstances

For more information about Prophetic Symbolism I would recommend getting the Streams Ministries prophetic Symbolism Cards and Charts. They are not very expensive and are really accurate. I hope this gives you a better understanding of your Dreams and visions, Brad

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