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2 Dreams and Visions

Vision of Angels leaving “A Parking Deck” hauling Christmas gifts!

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As I woke up December 20th – a few days before Christmas, I realized that I was staring at a Vision of a large accompaniment of 4 wheel drive vehicles that were coming down the Exit Ramp of A Parking Deck in Downtown Birmingham. The vehicles looked kind of like Golf Carts. I recognized that they were the type of vehicles that Parking Authorities use. There were quite a few of them. I realized that there was a company of coordinated traveling workers (Angels) driving them. They traveled & stopped in a kind of group that reminded me of a traveling Patrol of Soldiers. The Company of workers (Angels) stopped at the bottom of the Parking deck. They had lots of gifts & presents in the back of their 4 wheel drive vehicles and they were getting ready to come out onto the streets!

Later that evening I went out with a good sized group of young people from The Birmingham Prayer Furnace! We went downtown to a local diner that is popular with the College Kids & sat outside at a table right next to the street. I was right in the middle of telling them about the Vision that I had earlier in the morning about the Traveling Workers that I saw coming down a Parking Ramp, when I suddenly realized that I was staring at a very large Parking Deck next to the Restaurant that we were eating at! That Night, a few days before Christmas I sat & talked to a number of young people (who are very hungry for God) about Revival & The gifts of The Holy Spirit! As I talked to them; I stared at the Parking Ramp that let out into the street and thought about The Traveling workers that were on the move & are no longer parked! This is no coincidence, Something is up! God is highlighting that he is releasing The Gifts of The Holy Spirit at this time! The Gifts of The Holy Spirit & revival are coming onto the Streets of America in a very powerful way!!!

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Dream concerning America: a Dead Man gets up & walks!

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God spoke to me this week and told me that there is something very powerful that is about to happen in America! He said that I needed to post this dream and encounter that I had in 2001.

In 2001 I had one of the most vivid & disturbing dreams that I have ever had. In the dream I found myself at a funeral watching a man being buried. I did not have the pleasure of knowing the man in real life (who had been a Pastor) & I did not attend his funeral.

In the dream I was standing near his casket & watching the funeral. No one there could see me & no one knew I was there. In this dream there were 4 ropes on the four corners of the casket & the casket was slowly but surely being lowered into the grave. It was a very solemn moment. The Pastors wife was crying & it was a very hopeless situation. The casket was open & It was extremely clear that this man was dead! There was no question about it! There was a feeling of total hopelessness! This was the final goodbye! In the dream my attention was drawn to this mans hand which was placed next to the edge of the casket. As I stared at his very obviously dead hand his Pinky finger suddenly started twitching. This seriously startled me & took my breath away. As I stared; eyes wide open – I watched two of his other fingers begin to twitch. All three of them were trembling & shaking like an earthquake. This shocked me! I still remember how vividly real it was to see a dead mans hand start shaking. As I watched his fingers trembling the man very suddenly & forcefully jumped out of the casket and started hollering, I’m not ready to go! I’m not ready to go! This so startled me that I woke up out of a cold sleep, jumped out of bed & started hollering No, No, No! After I calmed down & started thinking about what this could be God spoke to me and said that this man represented America & the move of God that was coming.
About a month or so later I attended a repentance & reconciliation prayer event in Selma, Alabama at Browns Chapel. While there we had some astonishing things happen while we were praying over The Civil rights movement & The Spiritual high places in America (The name Selma means High Place). We saw a great deal of repentance & Spiritual breakthrough and were very encouraged that a change in the atmosphere had taken place over America. During this meeting God caught my attention & showed me the interior of the Chapel. It had an unusual look & feel to it. I suddenly realized that it was representative of the grave that I saw in the vision concerning America. On the way home from Selma God had me to stop by a Church in Alabaster, Alabama. He told me to go look for an old friend of mine who is a Pastor on staff there. Because It was a Saturday & there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot I felt foolish thinking in my mind that my friend would not be there! I turned a corner in the Church and ran into him in the hallway. I got excited because he was actually there and I told him about the dream of seeing the fingers move and about the dead man getting up! I also told him about what had happened at Selma earlier in the day! He got a really strange look on his face and told me that this was all very unusual! He stated, that at that exact moment; they were right in the middle of hosting a wake for a man that had just died. We both just kind of stood there looking at one another. He then told me about a dream that he just had. In the dream there were people lining the sidewalks! They were waiting to get in Churches all across America!

If you look at things right now; America is as a dead man! They have secretly said there is no hope! I believe that God is about to visit America in a very powerful way! An off the scale kind of way! There are many, many people that have prayed fasted & waited for God to turn things around in America. I believe that as a result of many prayers that an unprecedented move of God (a great awakening) is on the way!

Brad Hocutt

As I prepared to post this Dream, God reminded me of a Vision that I had in 2006. He said to attach it at the end of this post. I wrote it down right after it happened & shared it with several area Churches. It is about three very powerful Horses that were actually representative of three moves of God, that God has been desiring to give away for some time!

Vision I wrote out in 2006:

I had a strange thing happen this past Saturday. I was at a friend’s house & he began watching The Kentucky Derby. It was kind of exciting to watch and see who would win. After the race I sat back down with my friend & the movie Sea Biscuit came on & I also ended up watching it. It was pretty good & was about a mistreated horse & 3 guys that everyone had given up on. Sunday after Church, I was eating lunch & started thinking about horses & I had a vision. I Saw Jesus holding three horses. Jesus asked a pastor if he wanted to ride one. The horse that Jesus offered the pastor had a huge grin on its face. I could tell that it was an unusual Horse. It seemed to have a mind of its own & was not what we call tame! The Pastor could get on this Horse or He could get off, but the Horse was going to go wherever it wanted, The Pastor could not control it. This Horse would not throw him or hurt him, but it definitely was going to do its own thing. It bucked, spun, turned, snorted, laughed, everything. You had 2 choices with this Horse get on & hang on for the ride of your life, or stay off. Those were the only 2 choices. I saw this pastor with a boyish grin get on & ride awhile & then get off. He said woughhhhhh…that is serious. He walked around a little while & then got back on. Later that  Sunday evening at an unrelated Church meeting a lady walked up to me in the middle of worship & tried to give me a banner to wave. It made me very uncomfortable because I had never waved one before. She was very persistent & several ladies told me to go ahead. Although very embarrassed I finally took the banner from her & went to the front of the Church & began waving it. To my utter amazement;  it had Horses on it!  It read “Run with the Horses”!

Just a little while before having this vision I was seeing & thinking about old mechanical Horses that we used to put a quarter in & ride when we were kids. I remember thinking that they only had 1 speed. They were either on or off – that was it! You could get on or get off, but that was all there was, no other controls. I believe this Horse is representative of the Holy Spirit in this coming move of God. You have 2 choices, on or off, in or out, Hot or Cold, Yes or No – you can not control this Horse (Move of God)! Something is going on in the Spirit realm right now! God is ready to move! I do not know the significance, but a Quarter Horse’s characteristic’s has some significance.

Spiritual Vision: Wild Horses & Rick Joiners Donkey

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Early Morning, May 9, 2008

I have been getting antsy about all the Revival activity going on & started praying & saying to Jesus: Lets Go Lord, Come on lets go, open the door I’m ready! You said it was time, let’s go already! Several hours later after praying this I Suddenly felt a very powerful almost electric horse under me & then I saw its face. It was wild eyed & had its ears back. It was in the shoot like at the Kentucky Derby & it was big time anticipating the gate opening & of shooting to the front wide open. I could feel this horse under me & I could feel the reins. I have had a lot of words concerning the race thats before us. I have had lots of words about shifting into high gear, about being on the drag strip with the lights going from Red to Yellow to Green & that its time. I have had people tell me that they have seen me on this horse & I have seen others on this kind of horse – lots of words, lots of anticipation. So when I felt & saw this horse under me I kind of got excited like, Yeah, here we go. God is so funny! Do you know what I saw in the Spirit when I looked to my right. I saw one of the funniest things that you could imagine for a horse race. I saw a donkey with its ears peeled back. It had the biggest grin that you have ever seen & rick joiner was on its back. It was loose & was taking what I would call these long sure strides (its strides looked like a camel stride more than anything else)! It knew that we were all looking at it, but it did not care. It was grinning & smiling but it was racing! I saw rick joiner on its back & he was kind of looking down at it & grinning to. He was letting it go wherever it wanted. He was not pushing, pulling or cutting into the donkeys sides. I did not notice the reins. I do not know how I knew this, but I had the distinct feeling that Rick was just greatful to get to ride. I realized after seeing this that there are a lot of people who have promises from God & are anticipating the doors or Gates opening & being off & running. I got a real message out of this! That Jockeying for position is not a good thing at all & that This race will not be won by the swift, but rather by the sure footed. I felt a don’t be in such a hurry message coming up.  I think that it will be best in this race to wait until Jesus opens the doors or gates & lets us go through. Don’t push or shove & complain about position in this race just Slow down & enjoy the ride!

Brad Hocutt

Todd Bentley Revival – Re-Release of 50 1950’s Era Mantles

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I watched the Todd Bentley Revival last night & felt Gods presence. I asked God what was going on. When I woke up this morning I felt a strong awareness of Gods Power & had a sense that something was new. As I sat there The Holy Spirit began downloading a whole lot of information about what is going on in Lakeland, Fl. Jesus said many have said that this is a new thing but the Lord said it is not. Rather it is a Re-Release of 50 1950’s era Annointings or Mantles if you will. I kept seeing Lou Engle as a type of Noah & saw this Glorious powerful light that was coming from all the spaces around the doors & windows of The Ark. Lou was allowing light to come back out of The Ark – the previous darkness had shut it up. I saw that the fourty days of fasting & repentance & the marking of the Anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King during the Call was a direct response from God to the Re-Release of these 1950’s era Mantles. I saw that we were not to see this as something new but rather a Re-release. God showed me that nothing that has come into our Spiritual DNA has been lost. God began to talk to me about The Latter Rain movement, The Charismatic Movement, Rex Humbard, Oral Roberts & what God called The Toronto Outpouring & The Pensacola Outpouring which he linked together. He said that nothing has been lost but that this Re-Release is being added to the old. He said that many young people would call this the new, but that it is actually the Re-release of the 1950’s era Healing Annointings or Mantles if you will. I could see the Mantles lying on the ground ready to be picked up & that they could be started like a Chain saw or Buzz saw. God showed me that these Mantles are coming back directly as a result of the prayer, fasting & repentance. I saw several key leaders including John Paul Jackson, Rick Joiner, Bobby Conner & Pat Robertson that God is going to use in prayer & mentoring to help stabilize & maintain the Spiritual balance of all these Mantles that are coming back. God specifically pointed out that this perceived new thing would run concurrently with The Toronto & Pensacola outpourings DNA & that it is in fact a new day. I did not notice at first but later saw the parallel of the 40 days of fasting & 40 days of rain being related to Noah’s Ark & that the Ark was representative of Gods Glory. I also noticed the words Chain Saw & Buzz Saw & realized the word Chain may be a Chain reaction & that there would be a buzz about this.

Brad Hocutt

Open Vision at The Call Alabama – Civil War Battle field & Nazi Death Furnaces

Posted April 22, 2008 by seatedprophetic
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April 16, 2008

On April 5, 2008, at The Call Alabama, I had an unsettling open Vision which was so strong that I feel I need to begin to address it. In High School, before I became a Christian I had a young lady tell me that she thought she was pregnant which as you might expect blew me away. Suddenly I had a million thoughts running through my mind of what to do including the thought of abortion. I thought about all the consequences & of telling our parents & everyone we knew that she was pregnant. I thought about this as well as abortion for what I remember to be ten or fifteen minutes & came to the very real conclusion that I could never kill my own child & that we would need to bite the bullet & get married. To my great relief we found out that she was not pregnant. This had been my only real life experience with abortion other than holding up a sign in a life chain once & talking to a few women through the years who had suffered serious emotional distress from having had an abortion. I guess I have kind of been in the background on abortion, Not agreeing with it but not saying much & not praying much.

During The Call I had a very unnerving & unsettling experience through an open Vision. I saw a Civil War Battlefield with hundreds & thousands of dead babies in glass jars laying on the Battle field with smoke covering them. You could see that some of them were just pieces & others were whole. As I was seeing this I suddenly saw an interwoven vision of furnaces with fire roaring in them in the background. I am not sure how I knew but I knew that they were the furnaces in War War II Germany used to burn up millions of Jewish people. As I watched suddenly a babies Spirit in one of the Jars closest to me sat upright & looked at me. In a very unusual & weird way it said what are you doing? (Not long after this vision during The Call I was Shocked as Lou Engle related a story about a speech that Abraham Lincoln had given concerning Gods Judgement coming during The Civil War that had related to the shedding of innocent Slaves blood.) I wrestled with this Vision for several days & tried to dismiss it because the baby was not loving & it was such a strange way that it talked to me. As I began to focus on the babies voice Jesus showed me that the reason it had seemed so strange was that there were actually two voices that had spoke at the same time. The voice on top was trying to keep the baby from being seen & the baby’s voice from being heard. It had asked me very nervously & suspiciously what was I doing. Like why could I see it & why was I there. On the other hand The baby’s voice was clearly being held under & was asking me in a kind of distraught way what was I doing; as in what was I doing about it! I clearly understood at this point that there was & is a parallel to the two events of Nazi Germany & the abortions of today. Jesus clearly showed me that it is the same Demon Spirit that so coldly & unfeelingly blinded the eyes of Nazi Germany that is so coldly & unfeelingly blinding America to the killing of babies today. I saw a parallel & rightly so of people being utterly outraged that 6 million Jewish people had been killed & burned in Nazi furnaces & that of 55 million babies (over 9 times as many) had been killed & that there is very little outrage. I know that this is a warning that America could experience war again on her soil if we do not repent & do something about this. I have a bad feeling that I may find out that babies are cremated after they are killed & that this is the exact same scenario as we found Germany in & that we are the ones doing it now & are guilty of the same thing only 9 times as strong.

I have had a number of experiences in the past few years where Jesus revealed that a Demon Spirit was behind a certain Sin, behavior or event that was affecting a person, Church or area. I am now coming to recognize this as the gift of discerning of Spirits in operation & that this is a very serious warning. It is intended to unmask this Spirit so that the body of Christ can see it, repent, pray & take it out.

Brad Hocutt

*A few days after posting this I was driving on I-20 in Alabama at daybreak & saw something so eerie that it took my breath away. I saw the same grass field & the same rolling hills that I saw in this vision. There was fog lifting off of the field & it looked identical to the smoke that I saw in the vision. Everything was exactly the same in real life as I had seen in the vision only the babies were not laying on the field. I sat stunned driving down the road thinking about what I had just saw when I suddenly passed a large green Interstate sign that read Lincoln. The name of the real life town with the identical field I saw in this vision is Lincoln, Al. *This is a very serious confirmed warning.

1 Co 13:2 – and if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

Have you ever met a prophetic person that is mean, uncaring & unkind ? The Bible gives us guidelines to help Identify a Prophetic person that is properly balanced. The Bible states that without love a Prophetic person is nothing. The bible strictly says that Love is the first calling of any Minister or Ministry! When reading any prophetic word or teaching please keep this in mind: God is a good God! He is loving & kind! The Bible clearly states that Jesus came that you might have life & have it more abundantly. Think about it! God knows where you are! If He wanted to get you, you would be toast! The reality is; when we become stubborn, hard hearted & disobedient God begins to remove his blessings from us which allow hard times & trouble to come our way. God is love & wants us to repent of our Sins & turn back to him!

First Nations Encounter & Tornado Dream

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April 10, 2006

The following event actually transpired in both the spiritual world & in the natural world at the same time so I feel that it is very significant & I wanted to relate it to you. This word was given to several Local Churches as well as a number of Ministries in March of 2006.It is just now being posted on this site. I have come to realize that God is directing my steps on some of the trips that I take. God will send me to places with Biblical names and will begin to talk to me using the names of the towns and the different places that I go. On Friday March 17th, 2006 I left Birmingham, traveled through Atlanta & headed for New Hampshire. As I began to drive, I quickly sensed that God was beginning to speak to me about Indians and First Nations people. I began to pray in the Spirit and had a very strong first day praying. The Lord began to show me where the First Nations people were Spiritually. The week that I was gone, almost as soon as I started driving I sensed that I could identify with the plight of the Indian people & the Indian nation. I began to feel their hardships and their troubles & as a result that their lives had totally been uprooted. I had a sense that they did not know who they were and that they were spiritually wondering through the wilderness and had a great sense of loss and that everything they had ever known or had been a part of had been stolen from them. They felt powerless and were hopeless as a people. After I left Atlanta I prayed very hard from Chattanooga, Tn. all the way through New Hampshire and into Canada. I found myself noticing hundreds of Indian names and towns on the entire trip. Each was signifying things that had to do with Indian ancestry and ties to the land. I went through some of the most beautiful places you could imagine. God enabled me to see in a sense the Indians hundreds of years ago peacefully walking through these areas, preparing for winter and for meals, gathering things up and fishing. I had a real sense of harmony while I was seeing these things. I felt God wanted to right some things that were wrong and was very, very serious about this. God wants to visit the Indian Nations & the Indian people. I realized that He Loves them very,very much. This whole trip constantly pointed to the Native American Indians who had lived in the places I was traveling through all the way up through New Hampshire and into Canada. I had a sense that there were terrible and unimaginable sins that had been brought upon and onto the Indian people and the Indian Lands. There was a sense that the Land itself was now throwing these sins back. I sensed that God was showing me that the Land had become defiled by the lifestyle of Sin from the people who had come in & stolen the Indians land and other things. As a result of this many sins, hardships and trouble have come onto the Indians and the Indian Land. I could spiritually see that the Indian people were sitting quietly and were depressed with no sense of hope and that they basically had given up. While the Lord was showing me these things, I began to weep and I had a real sense from the things that God was showing me that he very much still loved the Indian people. That the Indian people had greatly trusted in His provision and His care, that they were a family oriented people and that they had pretty much lost their heritage and lands. This greatly concerned God. My trip lasted several days & went all the way up into & through the outback of Ontario where there was not a lot of places to stop. It was mostly Indian Towns with Indian names. I stopped to get something to eat at one of the mom and pop places that had the only place that I could park my truck. It was a little grocery store that had a Kentucky Fried Chicken next to it. I pulled into the parking lot & went in to the Kentucky Fried Chicken to get me something to eat, but the restaurant was closed. The young man at the front counter said all he could do was sell me 5 pieces of chicken for $5.00 and that was the only thing he could do, he could not make change or anything. I agreed to that and took my chicken back to my truck. I had been driving hard and was pretty hungry. As I walked back and got into my truck, I opened the box and started to eat a piece of chicken. Suddenly I saw a person come walking down a sidewalk near the grocery store. It was 22 degrees outside & about 6:30 in the evening. This person walked down to an old fashion glass telephone booth sat down & cuddled up next to the telephone booth against the building. I had a real strong sense that I was supposed to go talk to him/her. As I walked up to the person by the telephone booth, I asked if they had a place to go and were they going to stay out in the cold tonight? To my amazement and shock, it was a young Indian girl. She said that they had thrown her out at the clinic and that they would not help her. I asked if she had eaten anything and she said no. I went to my truck to get her some things to eat. I gave her some of the chicken I bought and some canned food I had and something to drink. She did not hesitate to begin to eat the chicken. I felt really sad and distraught for her because I didn’t know how to help her. I told her I could not take her with me, that my company would not allow me to. She seemed very disappointed and as I began to walk away, she said No…. and I looked around and said no my company will not let me take you with me. It really amazed me and blew my mind that by just giving her some chicken and a few things to eat she was willing to get into an 18 wheeler with a total stranger based on the fact the he had given her a few things to eat. I had a strong sense that she had no one to help her and no community, that none of the people cared anything about her. She was absolutely miserable with her life and very much wanted to be out of there and didn’t know where she was going or what she was doing. As I drove away, I was very emotional and just totally stunned that this could happen. I noticed; just really unusually noticed – all the nice buildings and all the names of all the white people who had nice homes in the Indian towns with Indian names. They were all warm inside as I passed hotels and street signs that all haunted me with Indian names while this young lady sat outside in the cold freezing with no where to go. I knew that God was talking to me about Indians. I knew that He was talking to me about First Nations – Native Americans and I knew that he was talking to me through this young lady. This was no accident that I met her! God had designed it! He had done it on purpose to show me that this was a reality, that the things that I was praying about weren’t my imagination . That night , Tuesday Night March 21st, 2006 I had one of the most powerful dreams that I’ve ever had: I was in a car with a number of other people and I saw the biggest tornado that I have ever seen. I have never seen anything like it on TV or a movie. It was as big as a hurricane, it was upside down – the bottom was huge and the top was little. I could see all the debris that was in the tornado. There were trees that had been uprooted in the tornado, with debris and things flying around in it everywhere. God made a special point of showing me the trees and their roots being uprooted. The tornado had a great deal of water in it which kind of surprised me. So much so, it looked like something you could see through, like a dishwasher or a dish washing machine. I immediately decided to go down into the cavernous canyon that we were traveling near where this tornado could not get to us. We found an old makeshift store at the bottom of this canyon. I could see old Coca-Cola advertising all around it. I realized that my grandmother who is now passed away was with me & that my mother and my sister were also with me. We went inside this store – It had clear plexy glass walls and a clear plexy glass roof. We were so scared that we decided to stay there thinking that we were safe. I realized at this time that the Lord showing me my family was representative of three different generations. We watched through the roof as this storm came right over us and to the right side. We were very very grateful that it went by us and we all went out to see what had happened. As we were all smiling and looking up suddenly the dust that was beneath our feet started twirling around. The tornado had come back for us and seemed to be reaching down to get us. We started to be sucked up into the tornado. As that began to happen I grabbed the door to the store and I pulled it open and managed to get us inside. My sister, my mother and my grandmother were all there and I pulled them into a cubby hole. I didn’t know why, but I backed in first and I pulled in my sister and then I pulled in my mother, and then I pulled in my grandmother. My grandmother (Generation) was the most exposed and the wind and the tornado almost pulled her away from me. In the sense of this I have a real strong feeling that something is coming and its coming as a result of us in America including Canada having treated the Indian people very badly and that there is some kind of divine justice that is beginning to take place. The Lord clearly showed me that the Indian people and the First Nations people, considering that they don’t even have a land or a country anymore have had and continue to have as much right to demonstrate and to fight for their rights as the African-Americans have, but have not done so, but just remained quiet. With this tornado, I also sensed that it would be or could be worse than what we have seen in three generations, including the great depression .I want to relate that I feel very strongly about this particular tornado, that not only is it representative of large tornadoes, but the water in it was actually representative of hurricanes and that after it had passed by us, it coming back for us & was some kind of judgement that we thought we had escaped and that the dust beneath my feet seemed very much to be like the dust in the dust bowl in the great depression. I think that opening the door to the store-house (provisions) is an absolute key for those of us who want to remain safe. I think it is very important that you understand this! The town where I met the Indian Girl was called Blind River. I think that this is representative of God saying that we are blind to these things. As you might expect , this dream, this experience left me just shaken and just really unable to function or talk for a couple of days and I have thought more and more about it and I realized that this was a national event and I needed to put it down on paper and on CD for other people to deal with rather than just me.

1 Co 13:2 – and if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

Have you ever met a prophetic person that is mean, uncaring & unkind ? The Bible gives us guidelines to help Identify a Prophetic person that is properly balanced. The Bible states that without love a Prophetic person is nothing. The bible strictly says that Love is the first calling of any Minister or Ministry! When reading any prophetic word or teaching please keep this in mind: God is a good God! He is loving & kind! The Bible clearly states that Jesus came that you might have life & have it more abundantly. Think about it! God knows where you are! If He wanted to get you, you would be toast! The reality is; when we become stubborn, hard hearted & disobedient God begins to remove his blessings from us which allow hard times & trouble to come our way. God is love & wants us to repent of our Sins & turn back to him!

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