Seated-The Prophetic/Teaching Ministry of Brad Hocutt

You are seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus

4.3 Contact/Scheduling

The Lord uses Brad in many different ways & in many different areas, but he has come to realize that there are several specific ministry calls on him. The strongest calling is to win souls through the demonstration of The Fathers love through Signs, Wonders & Miracles. After that: to teach on The Holy Spirit as well as the 9 Gifts of The Holy Spirit, to Teach on The five fold ministry & to confirm the callings of other Christian believers.

In a Vision in Mobile, Alabama in 1992 Jesus told Brad that every time he taught on The Gifts of the Spirit that Jesus would pour them out. The Lord also uses Brad in the area of discerning of Spirits to help bring freedom & breakthrough.

Brad Ministers/Teaches on an as available basis & is available for Fri & Sat Conferences or Sunday Services. If you would like to make arrangements for Brad to Teach & or Minister at your Gathering, Church or Conference please email him at:

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