I was very late in getting this year’s Shepherds Rod posted. I have had more opposition & hindrances occur this year than I have ever had before. After realizing what God had revealed that was to go into this year’s Shepherds Rod I could see why this one was fought so hard. This is what I have seen & heard for 2014.

(1) I saw & felt that there would be a Giant Breakthrough in The Spirit Realm. There will be Breakthrough in The realm of The Spirit for those who have stayed very close to the Lord & have been faithfully doing His will & not their own will. In these trying times that so many have gone through, promotion has come to HIS Faithful ones!

(2)  In a spiritual Vision I saw the Gifts of The Holy Spirit being poured out in a movement that reminded me of & was reminiscent of The Charismatic Renewal that took place during the 1970’s. The Charismatic renewal took place primarily in People’s Homes & was about receiving The Baptism in The Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other Tongues. I saw masses of people this year learning about & flowing in The (9) Gifts of The Holy Spirit in Home fellowship or prayer meeting type gatherings. God was equipping people so that they could be used in the market place & everywhere in order to reach people. God was raising up an army that was not Church building focused but rather street & market place focused. I saw that millions would quickly be equipped & that it would spread from House to House like in the book of Acts. In this move of God people would start taking care of one another like the first Century Church did. The emphasis that I saw was on The 9 Gifts of The Holy Spirit being poured out & the equipping of The Saints (Disciple Making) for the work of The Ministry. The Newly equipped believers were the ones going out into the streets & Market places & doing the work.  I was also aware that many, many would again be Baptized in The Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking or praying in other Tongues. During this process that feels & looks like the Jesus movement from the early 70’s there would be a loss or de-emphasis by God on religious structure. It’s not about buildings & numbers. The people belong to Jesus & He is sending them out to do His work & giving them the freedom to minister.

(3)  I heard the old Hee Haw TV song:  misery, despair & agony on me. I saw that these things were being broken off of Gods obedient remnant Church. I heard the word:  Arise!

(4) I saw a massive amount of Angelic activity taking place. I saw spiritual pictures of Lot being escorted out of Sodom by Angels & I saw Peter being let out of Jail by an Angel. Angels are going to be with those who are known to belong to Gods Kingdom & they will be helping those who have taken a New Testament Biblical stand for Jesus & against Sin & compromise.

(5) This is the year of Change in Breakthrough Worship. There will be places of Freedom in Worship. A few months ago God showed me the USS Alabama Battleship Park & said that He wanted to have Worship at The Warship. Joni Ames a Prophet with Morningstar Ministries recently confirmed that God told her that Worship was going to become our Warship.

(6) I heard: This will be the year of the three fold Wave coming in/arriving. I thought of a Vision Benny Hinn had been given many years ago about three walls of water that were being held back. One was released years ago. The other two have not been released. God spoke to me many years ago & said that all three would one day be released all at once. He showed me that there would be a re-release of all three at a strategic time. The second two walls of water represent a Double Anointing of the first wave from yrs ago.

(7) Those who partner & fully cooperate with God will see great changes come in this year.

(8) I have had several recent spiritual experiences where Jesus unusually drew my attention to an extremely low tide. In one experience the tide became so low that you could see every single piece of hidden wood & debris in the water. You could not have seen them before but now the debris & the obviously clear path to follow to avoid the debris was being highlighted by Jesus. I felt strongly that those things that have been hidden, especially Hidden Sins of The Heart like: wrong Attitudes, Stubbornness, Pride, Ambitions & self-stuff. Things that dealt with self (it’s about me & it’s about Mine & not Gods) are going to be revealed this year. Also things that have been hidden in The White House, in our Country & in Politicians etc. would be clearly exposed & brought to light this year.  The clear path that needs to be taken would be revealed to those who were willing to follow Jesus.  God has had enough of people who are focused on self & self-stuff.

(9) I saw that this was the year that the old wine skin was being discarded. The new wine skin is in place now. The new wine skin is relevant to the days & times that we are in.  The Lord showed me that many operating in & hanging on to the old wine skin would become very angry & upset (almost hostile) when they realized the Wine Skin they were operating in had changed. God showed me a picture of The Sadducee’s & The Pharisees screaming, hollering & becoming very angry that God, through Jesus, had changed their Wine Skin in their day. They were upset in Jesus day because they realized that they were no longer in Control of The Religious system , they no longer held the position that they had & that they were not able to profit from the new system because Jesus was the new system (new Wine Skin).  I thought of the scripture no flesh shall glory in His presence. Man-made religious structures & self-willed works of the flesh are no longer being supported & will fail. They have been abandoned by The Lord. *During this process it became extraordinarily clear that God was letting me know that something has been changed in HIS Kingdom. There had been a Shift but way, way stronger. It was a Sea Change; A Literal changing of The Wine Skin that has taken place. I don’t know when it started but I think it probably has been under formation for a number of years now.

(10) I saw Sea Cliff Jumpers – I saw people jumping off of Sea Cliffs & taking chances in God. I saw some cool surprises coming & a time of agreement taking place in God for them.

(11) This is one of the most important & breath taking revelations that God has ever given me! He has repeatedly confirmed this word to me – I HAVE ABANDONED THE AMERICAN RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE! A few months ago I was given a Vision of a Pastor leaning out from the inside of a Giant Demonic Religious Structure & asking: Is this it? He leaned back inside the stoic religious structure which did not move but was keeping people quietly in place. In a minute he leaned back out & looked around, suddenly he said: Is this it? Is this all there is? Then he leaned back inside looking around. This Pastor was not content where things were & He knew that something was not right but he had been told that this was all there was & that this is what you are supposed to do.  I saw another Pastor inside the Demonic religious structure. He was becoming very angry, bitter & upset because things had changed. Some inside The Structure had been held in place but did not like where they were. The others inside The Religious Structure loved the Structure & did not want to stop or leave. Jesus showed me that it was the same Spirit in operation in The Sadducee’s & The Pharisees right before Jesus showed up & challenged & changed everything in His day. This Spirit was using buildings & man-made structures to control the people & keep the leaders happy with Building programs & the trinkets from the man-made Religious structure. I saw where the religious structure that had supported the last season would begin to fall apart & crumble. I saw that there would be a de-emphasis of buildings & growth structures & that this was coming directly from Jesus. Those Ministry Structures that have recently been tested & found to be building & self-focused will now fail. The religious structure that Jesus showed me was focused on the mental idea of Building Buildings & then Bigger buildings to get guest to come & stay for a few hours on Sunday mornings. Hosting these guests for a few hours in the building on Sunday morning was played off as being successful Christianity. The Lord spoke to me point blank & said: I have discarded The American Religious Structure! He told me that this would make a lot of people angry & upset.

 (12) During this same time frame as I was putting together this year’s Shepherds Rod, Jesus, out of no-where suddenly spoke an unusual phrase to me. He said: Pastors Protect!  When I heard Him say that I thought: yes Lord, that’s good, you’re right, Pastors Protect.  Then He said Pastors in this American Religious Structure Protect Their Position, They Protect Their Property & They Protect Their Pay Check. I was stunned at what He had said & what He showed me. He said: they care more about their buildings & their influence in Society & their financial future than they do about me. He suddenly revealed that those who are in this RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE Protect their Positions in their Church & don’t let others grow, preach or develop in Ministry so that they will not compete with them & take their people. He said they are afraid they will take their people & they can’t pay for their buildings. He said they Protect their Position in Society & will not let Him move inside their buildings because Mayors & influential people in their community will get upset. Jesus said they Protect their Property from other Christian Brothers so that no one can fire them or take what they have built. He said they Protect their Property from competitors & that they see the buildings as theirs. He said they Protect their Pay Checks & will not let anything happen or change in their Church that could affect their income & long term personal finances. He said they make decisions based on financial longevity for themselves & their Families. He said they are functioning in unison & in agreement with the Religious Structure of HIS day. God showed me that THEIR FOCUS IS NOT ON THE LORD OR HIS WILL IN THE PATTERN THAT HE HIMSELF SET FOR HIS NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH. During the time that The Lord was giving me this year’s Shepherds Rod He clearly pointed out to me that The Chinese Church, The Korean Church, The Middle Eastern & African Church are all PEOPLE FOCUSED. They are not building & structure focused! *JESUS IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE! FEEDING THE PEOPLE, SHELTERING THE PEOPLE, CARING FOR THE PEOPLE & PREPARING THE PEOPLE TO DO THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY! GOD SHOWED ME A LARGE HOME MINISTRY MOVEMENT THAT IS COMING. GOD SHOWED ME THAT HE DID NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BUILDINGS BUT THAT BUILDINGS HAVE BECOME THE END ALL FOCUS & CONTROL MECHANISM IN THE AMERICAN RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE! 


**Jesus final Instructions were to Go, To Preach & To Make Disciples! Jesus is pointing to the Chinese, Korean, African & Middle Eastern Church Models now. These PASTORS who are caught up in THE AMERICAN RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE have physically prevented & held HIS People back from doing The Work of The Ministry. They ARE NOT actively empowering them, Training them, releasing them, sending them or supporting them or letting them have The FREEDOM that Jesus desires for them to have In Worship.  PASTORS who are caught up in THE AMERICAN RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE ARE ACTIVELY HOLDING BACK HIS PEOPLE FOR THEIR OWN REASONS & PURPOSES. Pastors are called to EQUIP THE BELIEVERS for THE WORK of THE MINISTRY! They are to ENCOURAGE, BUILD UP, TRAIN, RELEASE & STAND FULLY BEHIND (ESPECIALLY FINANCIALLY) SO THE BELIEVERS CAN GO & DO THE WORK. 



In light of everything I have seen & heard this year I believe an American Reformation is & Has been underway for some time now. Brad