God gave me a clear Spiritual Vision that I posted in the Shepherds Rod at the beginning of the year. I saw Asian Soldiers marching to War. Later I saw the News Paper headline “War”. At the time I felt strongly that God was showing me North Korean Soldiers but I just posted that they were Asian. *I am mentioning this now because I held something back that I saw (It made me very uncomfortable so I did not talk about it). What God showed me is now in the headlines & I keep feeling God nudging me to talk about the rest of what I saw. **I do not want this to be real but I need to obey God & share the other Vision. I saw what appeared to be a large Nuclear explosion going off in the distance up & to my right. I saw it very close to the Coast & was made aware that it was inside an American City. From the angle & way that God showed it to me in the distance I believed it to be on the East Coast. The thing that I feel I am to talk about specifically is that I felt strongly that it was not a Missile but rather that someone had walked or brought it in! It was not a Missile!! I only saw the one? Not sure what else to do with this but if God speaks to you about specifics & asks you to pray or share this with someone strategic etc. I would do that at this point.

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