2013 Shepherds Rod

At the end of 2006, God spoke to me & said that if I would come aside with Him between Christmas & New years that He would show me what was going to happen the next year. I obeyed Him & He has continued to do this ea year. This is not something that I prophecy! I write down what I see & what I hear & then do my best to Post it exactly as I got it.

It is unusual for God to speak to me concerning the next years Shepherds Rod until Christmas. This year I have had a whole lot of distractions, to say the least. The week before Christmas I found myself sitting in a room with 9 other people in an educational seminar playing “Jeopardy”.

(1) While playing “Jeopardy” The other Team pulled out front pretty fast & our team quickly got behind. When I realized how quickly they had advanced & how far behind we were I suddenly had a really unusual feeling come over me. I sensed that God was about to do something very Supernatural & very profound using this game. The next thing I know God starts giving our team strategy & then He began highlighting the correct answers to us. One of us would say the answer that God showed us & then another team member would suddenly confirm that it was right. In a highly unusual way we had a Miraculous comeback & tied up the game, 4200 to 4200. We went into “Final Jeopardy” & my team asked me how much of a risk did I think we should take. I felt strongly that we should risk a lot so I said “a lot” & then they decided how much. The other team was very confident & put everything that they had at risk – 4200 points. They had a pretty easy question but missed the answer & lost it all! It was our turn & we got a very, very hard question but God confirmed the answer to us & we answered it correctly! When the host asked how much we had risked, I found out that our team had risked everything that we had. It was scary knowing that they had risked everything but we ended up with not 4200 points but 8400 points. After being so far behind we ended up with “Double” & the other team ended up with 0. God spoke the word “Double to me several times!

Later, as I thought about how unusual things had turned out. God showed me a quick Spiritual Picture of The Children of Israel (Christians) leaving slavery in Egypt with “Double”. The Children of Israel (modern day Christians) left with both the Egyptians stuff & their own stuff.  God also flashed a picture of Benjamin to me. Benjamin was sitting at Joseph’s table & his portion was five times as much. *After experiencing this miraculous comeback & seeing these Pictures I realized that God had orchestrated things so I would put the results in this year’s Shepherds Rod. The Body of Christ is set apart! They are not like The World! God is giving them “Double”. The next day I had a physical confirmation where God very supernaturally caused me to run across a T-shirt with Isaiah 4o written on it. I looked it up & found out Isaiah 40 talks about Israels (The Church) Warfare ending, about God forgiving our Sins & of giving us “Double” instead. The world is in “Jeopardy” but those who belong to Christ are not!! *God gave me a very, very strong confirmation concerning this word when A Missionary friend of mine (who does not like prophecy & had previously said he was not Prophetic) spoke at a leadership Gathering that I invited him to. Without knowing what God had just had me post, He preached on Isaiah 40: 1 “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and cry to her that her warfareis ended, that her iniquity is pardoned, that she has received from the Lord’s hand double for all her sins”. He was stunned when he realized I had just posted the word about Jeopardy, of warfare ending & of receiving double!!

(2 Wisdom is needed in this hour like in no other time. God will provide it but it has to be sought after. Partnering with God is going to become a very big deal!! You cannot but He can!!

(3) I see Solomon & Joseph in the Bible coming together in this time as one. It will take both Wisdom & The Governmental Anointing to succeed as a Nation in the future.

(4) I heard the Words “Physical Cliff” & then felt a very stern feeling. I saw the Egyptians *like in The Old Testament with their Chariots & Horses fall over a Cliff. *In the Old Testament they drowned in The Red Sea but in the Picture God showed me they (The World) fell over a Cliff. It was definitely a Cliff! Right after seeing this I saw a very Professional looking, capable businessman smiling-big time! It was Jesus! Those, whom HE KNOWS are HIS, will prosper. I thought of real life cliff divers & then saw a picture of people jumping off & shouting. They had a parachute on their back. I felt a lot of bold, fun & fearless adventure!

(5) Caretakers are going to be everywhere. Taking care of the needy, the sick, the desperate, the down hearted & the disillusioned will be a mainstream part of life & noticed regularly.

(6) I saw confusion running rampantly in most walks of life. It will be necessary to find & have God in your life to have peace & be content. There is great grace for those that surrender to Him wholeheartedly.

(7) I saw politicians speaking from a lectern & giving speeches. The people were leaving. I saw chaos outside & the politicians could not do much about it. They were still giving speeches when everyone left. Action & not talk – not sure of the outcome. God is in control though.

(8) I became aware of massive tangible moves of God coming to The United States. I saw that it will be needed like in the days of Lincoln. We have failed as a Government because we were too greedy lining pockets.  I saw some of the last politicians leaving; it was every man for themselves.

(9) I saw Robin Hoods coming to support the desperate & the needy. Some of them are Lawyers – the type that are not in it for the money. Not sure what they were doing or how they were helping?

(10) I saw a Merry Go Round & whoever was pushing it quit & it stopped. I’m pretty sure that it was God.  It is sitting still now – it has been abandoned. I believe it represents the Culture, Government & the Economy.

(11) Individuals that God is with will have great support almost like Kings coming into different areas in Chariots – Ben Hur comes to mind.

(12) It was a massive mistake to abandon God as a Nation. Our Laws, Government & Schools all rely on & were founded by Him. Truth is going to become evident but it will be a hard wake up call.

(13) I saw lots of Yachts & boats driven by people who were relaxed. They were going off shore. The wealthy may just drive off & start up somewhere else. I saw them with maps looking for places to start new homes & businesses.

(14) I saw a giant man. I believe it is an Angel. One foot was white & one foot was black. He was standing across The United States. I believe the one being white & the other being black is that we are going to have 50% of our former economy. ½ being good & ½ being not good.

(15) I saw Cars with giant, puffed up tires. In Spiritual Dreams & Visions Cars represent Ministries. It is going to take a great deal of intimate prayer to keep things rolling. I got the word Inflation. Owning Metals of any type could be a good thing!

(16) I saw a News Paper Headline with Soldiers in the picture. Later, I saw another News Paper Headline with the word – WAR – emblazoned in Red letters.  It reminded me of something you saw in the War War II era News Papers. The Soldiers marching looked Asian – they had long strides like Communist Soldiers have.

(17) Income. I saw the word Income get bigger & bigger. People that take chances on God given projects or works are going to prosper. I do not know what projects or works they are?

(18) I saw boats going offshore again. They were all clustered up more like planes flying in tight air space going to different places. There were lots of them. They had the ability to leave.

(19) I saw WISDOM highlighted again. I saw no frills, small, plain Farm Houses & old Tractors like in the 40’s. They were out in the open with not a lot around them.

(20) Old fashioned preaching is coming back – the Fire is Hot & Heaven is the place to go.

(21)  I continued seeing the word Wisdom. It is probably time to just take a break & spend some time praying in order to hear from God & get real Wisdom to know how to handle things in the future. What I saw & felt looked like the Ground Hog shadow thing where they say there will be 6 more weeks of Winter – it did not look good or feel good! Very serious National prayer is needed! The bedrock is being chipped away.

(22) I saw Harvesting Machines at the edge of the field. They are going to get both the good wheat & the bad – the bad may be tares. The Harvest Machines are cranked & ready! You sure better get in & not be left behind! I saw American Flags, Caskets & heard Taps. Don’t play with your future!

(23) I saw a National Curse. We have allowed a Curse to come on us as a Nation. I believe it is from the States legalizing Homosexual Marriage. There is a Curse – repentance is the only way to break it.

(24) I saw the word Hijacked. Someone or something is going to swoop down & hijack our economy.

(25) I saw large Stadiums with graves in the air. People are going to die to themselves & follow Christ!

(26) I saw a Vision of Abraham being taken up a mountain or hill away from Sodom. God is well able to take care of His own even in the midst of serious circumstances. You don’t have a choice except to trust Him.

Brad Hocutt – Seated Prophetic