I did not realize how important it was going to be for me to receive the Teaching Ministry at nearly the same time that I received the prophetic Ministry. I am very grateful for the Teaching Annointing that has helped bring balance in my life & Ministry. For some reason right now I am watching a number of Prophetic Ministries self destructing & careening out of Control. The most Accurate, Powerful & Steady Prophets that I have known carried great Authority, were very bold but very, very humble & caring people inside. They did not have an agenda. They did not feel the need to produce or perform! They did not always have a Word for everyone & at all times!! They only acted or spoke when God did!! Its OK to just rest in God – There is a balance in Prophetic Ministry!!

If there is a need To DO, Say, Be Seen or Make something happen almost all the time… something is wrong!! You usually find that there is a lack of balance from either being to eager to be used or from feeling the need to perform. There can also be a serious lack of humility. I have noticed & found that the best place to be is to just allow yourself to simply rest in God & not take yourself too seriously!! If the calling is there it is going to come forward, God will prosper the call & bring it out into the open. Teaching, Preaching & Proclaiming the good news should not take a Toll on people or Ministries. People need to Take good care of themselves & remember that their should be some good news somewhere because The Gospel means… Good News!!

I understand that the Annointing & Fear of God to deliver a Prophetic Word on Time & On Target is very Strong & Compelling (See Jonah). I also understand that most people watching or listening to the process see many Prophetic people as being pushy or out of Control so there is a lot of rejection that Prophetic people have to deal with. Its very common to get beat up from a Spiritual & Emotional standpoint but I want & need to say that I & many others have found that there is a place of rest & leaning back onto Jesus that can & will bring Peace & Balance if people will allow it to Rule & Reign in their lives. Let The Peace of God Rule & Reign in your life & enter into His rest!!!

Please be in Prayer for Prophetic Ministers right now to be Accurate, Have Eyes to See & Ears to Hear, To be Steadfast & full of Humility & Kindness towards others!