January 5, 2012

At the end of 2006, God spoke to me & said that if I would come aside with Him between Christmas & New years that He would show me what was going to happen the next year. I obeyed Him & He has continued to do this ea year. This is not something that I prophecy! I write down what I see & what I hear & then do my best to Post it exactly as I got it.

I received a lot of information for this years the week before Christmas. I received more during Christmas & the remainder on New years eve.

These are the things that I saw going into 2012:

(1) In a picture God showed me a jar of CONCORD Grape Jelly! Right after this He showed me another confirming picture of a man holding what looked like a bundle of large 4” Grapes. There appeared to be 6 of them. People were looking at the man & thinking… they (the grapes) are not near as big as the ones in The promised land! The 4” Grapes in the bundle were absolutely huge in comparison to average Grapes! The message I received was about GREATFULLNESS! We are ungrateful for what God has given us in America. We take His hand for granted. Our ingratitude & ungratefulness has nearly cost us our birthright as a Nation- however The shepherd is watching over our Souls! The Grapes of Wrath will not take us down! We are not done as a Nation! His hand is watching over us… in spite of ourselves!! Being UNGRATEFUL for what you are receiving in this Season could very well dry you up on the Vine…
very strong warning about having an: Ungrateful Attitude!!

(2) I saw Planes, Trains & Buses all colliding together at once. The Economy as we know it is going to almost come to a halt in the future!

(3) We are entering a time of new beginnings – We are going back to a more simplified way of life! We have created a life to difficult & to hard to bear! I heard the words SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY! It came across like the Marine word Simper-Fi” – It’s like a mantra that needs to be repeated! Living a Simplified life is the best way to live now.

(4) I saw people walking & riding bikes. I saw a Water Taxi letting people out in pleasant places. We are returning to an old romantic time. I saw Italy, Flowers etc. & smelled food in the air… fresh bread. Etc.- We are NOT making the best use of the time God has given us! God seriously wants people to enjoy the time & the life that He has provided. He is making minced meat out of “The Rat Race” *I had a strong confirmation concerning this word!

(5) I saw a simply adorned bride standing in an early American Church with her husband. She is happy, content & satisfied. The windows are open, the birds are singing. I noticed: there was no plumbing or electricity. *In a second vision: I saw the same early American bride sitting by the fire knitting in a rocking chair. She is smiling & watching… looking over her family. In the floor near her there is a little boy playing with Lincoln logs from a very, very long time ago *The Lincoln logs stood out as being VERY REAL – we are physically entering into a much more simple Abraham LINCOLN type of time!!

(6) I saw a picture of formerly very well off but now desperate Mothers & Grand mothers looking for & through thrift stores & food pantries for stuff for their Children & Grand Children to have. I saw that we in America would not starve but that people would live challenging lives in the future!

(7) I saw that in the future their will be less & less formal/organized Government taking care of things. Government will not be able to afford to pay for everything in the future. I saw that the only people that will be stepping up to the plate (on a personal level) will be those who have a heart or calling to take care of peoples needs in their Neighborhoods & Communities. I saw Christian Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, leaders etc., taking care of peoples needs & not a formal Government. Governments will not be able to care for everyone – only those with callings from God will care enough to care for people. I saw this as a restarting of Government only it was coming from Sound, Civic minded people in local communities & not from a National, political or profit motivated place. I’m not saying the entire Federal Government will collapse…

(8) Early American History is in the air this year & ITS BIG!! God spoke very strongly of Concord. Concord is a place where the American Revolution began, I think there is great significance to that… there is something significant about the Early American place in History called… CONCORD!!

(9) I saw a beautiful Mom that is also a Teacher standing with her three Kids. The boy is the oldest. She is presenting them one after another to a Heavenly examining board. What you teach & train your children in, YOU will be held accountable for. It is YOU that are responsible for your children. It is YOUR children that make up a Nation. The birthright is yours to loose concerning a Nation. The bottom line falls to you. You have a responsibility to train up a child in the way he should go. YOU are being held accountable, not the Government, not the school system… YOU. Its your birthright! *As an attention getting confirmation: The day after getting this word I was invited to see the Movie Courageous which is about a group of (Sherriff) Dad’s who acknowledge & accept responsibility for raising their Kids the right way!

(10) What is really important is coming to the surface…

(11) Recently someone gave us 10 very nice crystal glasses that we had decided to use as communion glasses. During Christmas, I picked up the box that they were in & dropped it. I was very upset as I realized that I had broken them all. A strange feeling come over me & I began to look inside. Five of the glasses were completely shattered & five were untouched. I had a strong feeling that there was a message in this but I was not sure what it was. I saved the 5 glasses that were intact & The next morning God spoke to me point blank about the 5. He said that the glasses represented the 10 Virgins. Because of their advanced
Pre-planning, 5 of the Virgins were considered wise. The other 5 are known as the foolish virgins – The message is…
be prepared for things coming in the future!

(12) God showed me a picture of Yellow spotted leaves ready to fall off of the Tree. The Seasons are changing… FALL is approaching… In another related vision I saw small Chipmunks with lots of nuts in their mouths. They were taking them & storing them in a hole in the Tree. I heard: Do not store up for yourselves TREASURES where moth & rust destroy & where thieves break in & steal… The Tree represents Jesus! Place your life IN HIM. There is a sense however of the need to be prepared for the future & things coming concerning – Food, Water, & normal supplies. Live your life & be a giver IN & THRU HIM. *I received this word concerning the chipmunks as a warning & an admonition – In this word, I do hear: Make preparations & do be prepared. winter is coming… season’s change, temperatures change, weather changes – regardless of your desire that things change or not change… they change anyway. Change is inevitable!! It would be extremely foolish to be standing on a dock over a frozen lake in a bikini, holding Sunscreen. You are not going to last long in that environment. Rejoice – Winters don’t last forever *Right after writing this word down we uncharacteristically went to a Holiday Matinée where we ended up watching Alvin & The Chipmunks?? I was so stunned from God confirming this word that I spoke out very loudly in the theater… Hey Chipmunks are running into that Tree! Hey, Hey…Chipmunks are going into that Tree!! This is a literal warning: Be prepared for the times – The Seasons are changing & you can’t stop them regardless of your desire to do so! Adjust!

(13) In a mini vision I saw the State of Alaska light up. It looked like & reminded me of the Glory of God? It lit up like a glowing light. Not sure where or what is going to happen but it felt like God was getting ready to do something there.

(14) For three mornings straight (way not normal) I woke up staring at a skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a museum. Ea morning it fell forwards onto the people that were below it. Its teeth & mouth were open. When it fell, its mouth devoured the people that it fell onto. The people were not expecting it to fall on them but it did. I noticed I could not see the people inside of the skeleton after it fell on them – they had disappeared. My gut feeling is that it happening three mornings represent three really bad years like in Pharaoh’s dream with the 7 Cows & 7 ears of Corn. I think that these three years are going to devour a lot of unbelieving people until they feel like they are no more.

(15) I saw a woman sitting in a small Volkswagen beetle (bug) – She was looking out over the Horizon. I saw a large something come out of the sky & hit the earth. She suddenly had an unusual look on her face & the (4) tires on her car started to take small steps away from the scene as if the car itself wanted to withdraw (In dream’s/visions car’s represent ministry). The Motherly, Womanly Ministry is going to be extremely needed in the near future. She can not become afraid & withdraw her presence from the desperate & the needy. The something I saw, looked like & made me think of an asteroid but my gut is to not take it literally. Regardless… something big is going to hit us – it is not life ending!

(16) Its back to the beginnings & back to the basics. God is saying its back to what made your Country great! I distinctly heard God saying “your Country”… He is not saying His Country, His people as a Nation now… that is disturbing!! There is a promise concerning America’s future that God is very aware of. The fact that He is distinctly calling it your Country leaves no room for doubt. We as a Country are hanging in the air before Him. He has made the choice to send us back to our beginnings. Its the wood shed. Its all over but the stinging of the pain. CHANGE: Change/Adjust is the word.

(17) I saw an old fashioned Train (like the ones that used to travel out west) coming into the station. This Train has been sent by a benevolent benefactor to this region. Without the Love of God & the benevolence of many people cooperating together in this next move of God, my feeling is that many will be lost along the tracks trying to find a way to the station. The Station is very important! God is desiring to create many such places to give away resources. They will be community Hubs. Benevolent benefactors will make a huge difference!

(18) I see the same Early American woman sitting in a rocking chair very deliberately & with great concern sewing the clean, clear bright white stars back into place on The American flag. I believe she represents Betsy Ross. In her spirit she is very intent on highlighting the White which is representative of Purity, Holiness & Righteousness. The current white Stars representing States are very tattered. Some are so torn that they are almost not there. She is very intent on rebuilding better than ever the Purity & Righteousness of what God originally formed. I am SURE that America is now playing hardball with God! America is eye to eye with her Creator & she (America) has no choice but to blink!! God is recreating & reforming America – the word reform is sticking out big – REFORM America! Thank God we are being allowed the chance to reform!!

(19) There is a presentation coming! America is about to be placed before the whole world & Israel for everyone to see. There is a huge examination coming. I saw the names of different Newspapers & Media companies across the Nation. They were ALL called The Examiner! The Newspapers & the Media have ferociously attacked Jesus’s Church Body in the past. God has been very patient & very kind but now He is beginning to examine America & all of her tidbit & tabloid ways. I got the wording: unbecoming – as if it were a Military term. There is a judgment almost like a military Tribunal about to take place in America. It feels like the Military term: UNBECOMING A SOLDIER. The Media is in dereliction of duty. There is a tribunal coming & God is its judge!! I saw a Watch face… time’s up!! God is very serious…

(20) The Examiner of The Universe is coming close – America’s deeds are what He is looking at. There will be True Justice. I saw The Hand of God slowly but surely being placed upon Court documents in front of Him. He IS NOT eager to take up this case against America but He is beginning to look at the case against it. Many, many voices of justice are standing before Him & crying out. They are all in the Courtroom! If God could find a reason for discontinuance, He would do so. Things are serious now!! God’s hand is touching the very fabric & nature of our society. Being ungrateful, adamant, disrespectful to the judge has the capacity to cost America 20 years. Great grace will give it 4. America is playing with fire dancing around & making a fool of itself in the courtroom in front of the judge… the consequences are very serious. Grace can be found but justice is sure.

(21) I saw Billy Graham. He was standing up fully clothed near a bed. I saw him take an old fashioned feather Ink Pen & began writing a letter like Paul. All the letters were written in the type & style that the founding fathers wrote the Constitution in. If I saw this right, he was leaving a statement like his last will & testament for the American people. He is in fact a founding father. His prayers, love & life have weighed heavily with God. Its time for America to get HER house in order. This picture looked strongly like an admonishment! The letter looks like a letter from Paul to a Church that He founded. Billy Graham is a National Father. I’m not sure what the letter is but it is heavily weighted… put your house in order! I see tears in Billy Grahams eyes.

It does not escape me that this is very serious this year. There is serious stuff going on! I wanted to reiterate in light of the moment that God is about to pour out HIS SPIRIT! He wants to Save & Help a lot of people. Outpouring & National Revival is coming in a big, big way! Being stubborn & rebellious at this moment in time is the worst possible thing that people can do. Mercy is there… serious stuff going on!!!