God is disconnecting many people & Churches from the source of His presence in this Season. Many have been unwilling & have failed to follow Him in this last Season. These are being disconnected from His presence. They themselves are not & will not be lost as relating to their (or the salvation) experience but they are however being disconnected from HIS PRESENCE because of their unwillingness to change & be conformed to His image. Many of these people & Churches have spurned His presence & His will for their lives in the last several decades – They are being disconnected from His Presence now.

Saturday night, December 3rd 2011 – In an open Vision I saw a very, very long stream of Wire. There was a wire on the left & a wire on the right – One was Positive & one was Negative. There was a great, great many individual positive & negative battery cables connected to the Main Wire. Suddenly a giant hand jerked the main Wire & pulled all the individual battery cables loose from their batteries. Many are being disconnected because of their refusal to do what HE has asked of them & their unwillingness to do it His way!! They will not be lost as it relates to the Salvation Experience (being Born Again or being born from above through Jesus)  but they will be disconnected from HIS PRESENCE during this next move of God & this next Season in God! This is all I have on this now but I felt I was to post this today!