April 12, 2011

I literally felt & saw the first outer bands of a Massive SPIRITUAL Hurricane that was approaching when we were at a Worship & Freedom Gathering recently. The bands had both wind, rain & fire blowing out & from them! The storm/Hurricane I saw that day was a good one.

Today, when I was driving back from south Alabama I saw & felt very Ominous, dark black Clouds that were earthy & bad around me in the upper atmosphere. There was the very, very real sense of what Weather reporters call “Wall Clouds” like what you see in a Massive Hurricane that is approaching. For those that do not know God this next season of life is going to be extreme & a hard time. I saw many Christians that I know (most of whom were ladies) trying to hold back & hide their Joy & Smiles as they served & waited on masses of people who were bewildered & lost. The lost people were just looking up at the ladies with their mouths partly open like how are you doing this in the midst of all of this & where does your strength come from. The Christian ladies were radiating with Gods presence. I saw local people helping people & wearing pretty clean Aprons. I kept noticing how hard it was for the Christian ladies not to laugh because of the Joy that was coming from God saving so many people & the ladies being able to help God so much. I keep thinking of & seeing something like the purity & love that you might see at an Amish festival or large gathering, only better. Lots of love… they were all smiles!!! I am seriously seeing & sensing  two impending storms coming at the same time. They are actually one on top of the other but will be seen as one. The one from God is full of Love, Power & Forgiveness & the other is full of misery, pain & destruction. Many will reach a hand upwards to be pulled out from the debris of this life.