January 22, 2011

I had a highly unusual Prophetic experience this morning!

As I was getting ready to go, I distinctly heard God say:  Good Morning Joseph! This was very unusual & then it got really quiet!

God revealed to me today that I was to say this to His remnant people:  You have been in that jail a long time!

There was & is a sense of God’s justice coming forward for those who have lived Joseph lives! They have lived SOLD OUT lives & have only stayed physically & Spiritually alive up to this point because of their Promise! The Josephs I’m talking about HE knows on a very personal basis – They are truly His! These Josephs who have been confined in their Jail Cells are about to come out & walk with HIM! I saw SON-beams coming through the Window onto their faces. It is time to wake up the Josephs!

This was very unusual but I distinctly heard Josephs words as he asked God: Was it very far to the Palace? It seemed that Joseph was very, very tired! I saw God smile at Him & I realized the Palace was but a few yards away! As Joseph reached the top step of the Palace his Breath came back into him much like the Bible speaks of Jacob’s breath & life being revived again after He saw Joseph was still alive!!

God’s promise is true! God is not a man that He should lie, neither The Son of Man that He should repent, has He not said it & shall He not bring it to pass!!

This was a Major Revelation to me seeing Joseph coming out into The SON-beams! He was tired but The Angels were coming & getting him & helping him up to the palace! Many people have seen themselves at the end of a Corridor & at a doorway about to step into a new place in God. Many people have known that we are Crossing over into the promised land! I think God is about to make good on the promise to His Josephs! Make no mistake – They will Rule & they will Rein!

God through Joseph is going to be good to & save (Spare) a lot of people as Josephs life unfolds!! Good Morning Joseph: You have been in that jail a long time!!!   God is coming for the Josephs now!!