At the end of 2006, God spoke to me & said that if I would come aside with Him between Christmas & New years that He would show me what was going to happen the next year. I obeyed Him & He has continued to give me at the end of ea year what I now know as a Shepherds Rod. This is not something that I prophecy! I write down what I see & what I hear & then do my best to Post it exactly as I got it. *I feel that this years Shepherds Rod is representative of not only the coming year but I believe it concerns the new decade that we have entered into as well.

This is a list of the things that I saw as we were going into 2011

Received December 30th & 31st, 2010

(1) This year represents a huge change in God’s kingdom! Many old things & old ways are passing away & many new things are coming in & being developed. The decade of the past has been physically, mentally & emotionally very, very hard for many Christians but a change has come & the next 10 yrs is going to be an amazing time if you are a faithful Christian serving the Lord. This is the time of Outreach, Revival, Restoration & The Powerful Moves of God that many, many have prepared & waited for, for so long.

(2) A very hard time is approaching for many people who do not know The Lord. The door to God’s Kingdom & His Heart is wide open & is going to be a very welcome & heart warming place for those experiencing loss of hope as well as many feeling bewilderment of both mind & emotions because of the things that they are seeing, hearing about & experiencing that is going on around them.

(3) This is the year that Joseph is being released from prison! Joseph is not angry – He loves His brothers (Fellow Man). Joseph has yet to see & realize the true stature & position that God has placed Him in. Faithfulness to the call is being rewarded – The Joseph’s will Govern with God’s authority! I heard this: Good morning Joseph how are you? Are you well? I also heard the words: Your Father is here! The unfolding of The Joseph plan & provision of God comes in this year…

(4) There has been an African type Spiritual Climate Change: The Spiritual covering & type of blessing that has been over America in the past has changed. There is an Africa Type Spiritual environment that few have recognized or realized that is in operation now. The Spiritual & Physical way that things have worked in the past has changed in America. God spoke to me about The dry Season ending (A 10 yr period of Spiritual hardship ending)  It was an obvious reference to Countries & continents like Africa etc. I personally believe that God has been watching America’s giving to other very needy Countries like Africa (AKA Darfur etc. & James Robinson type Ministries) & has as a result of blessing her exceedingly abundantly with great wealth has now financially judged us for our un-enthusiastic giving back from that wealth & has as of today aligned us with more of an African type of (Spiritual & Financial) Climate that will become the norm in the future. To whom much is given, much is required & we did not do very well as stewards in giving back. We are still very blessed in America but things are not falling off the trees like they were in the past. It is not all bad news though because I sense that there will or could be massive African type Spiritual Gatherings & Celebrations in America where multitudes get Touched by God resulting in Millions upon millions getting Saved or being Born Again as well as their bodies being healed & their minds & Emotions being restored & made whole (ability to abide in Gods Peace & love throughout eternity). I sense a great time of The Miraculous (in all areas) approaching as well as  some seriously dark & troubling times for those unwilling or unprepared to change & go with God!

(5) This is the beginning of a Season of Justice that many are entering into! One of the things that God spoke to me about this year was the Issue of Justice! He started this by talking about The Auburn University Football Team which I found very unusual. A few months ago out of the blue God just suddenly said: Auburn is going to Win! He then said: It is a Justice Issue with HIM! He said it related to Him causing Alabama to Win last yr to bring attention to what He was doing in the State of Alabama. He is lifting The State of Alabama to new prominence in America. He said Auburn would Win to bring about Justice & balance to what He did last yr by causing The Alabama football team to win. He showed me that it would be hard to ignore both nationally recognized Schools being back to back National champions including 2 Heisman Trophy Winners as these things were being contrasted nationally. *These 2 Championships are tied to The State of Alabama’s Covenant blessing in Gods Kingdom as a result of the decision by Alabama’s Government to be the 1st Governing body to Recognize Israel as a new nation. He said He was lifting the State of Alabama to new prominence during this time period & it would remain there under HIS blessings. He specifically told me that Auburn winning would be a Spiritual Sign post that stated He was dealing with JUSTICE now & that JUSTICE was coming to many who had been denied Justice in the past.  *The kind of Justice that I’m speaking about is God bringing Justice to many people serving HIM who have felt (Spiritually speaking) unjustly attacked, tortured, robbed, raped & beaten down emotionally & spiritually because of the calling that was upon them that the enemy knew would come forth in this time frame. Justice is coming forth from God for many who fit this description!! *I know this is a bit graphic but it is what I saw concerning what has happened to so many people over the last decade for just being who they were & for carrying the calling that they have been carrying. The one’s I’m talking about are a severe threat to the enemy & his plans! God placed a calling on many people for this time frame in History & the enemy has tried to take them out! God is restoring & reviving them now – they will be the Victors in the future & not the Victims.

(6) I saw a Yellow Submarine that I recognized as being from the 60’s (Beatles Generation) coming ashore suddenly. It was in shoulder deep water & was coming ashore fast. In another picture I saw it beached, hatch open & it was rusting.  It had been abandoned.

(7) Simpler ways of life are coming! The Future looks more like it looked in the early 1930’s era in America as far as Geography goes – Future growth will not be focused on Large Metro areas & large City land masses. There will be more rural living in the future as a result of many mid-level management & middle class working opportunities disappearing in Large Cities (people will be producing crops – vegetables either through Hobby Gardening books or the latest Commercial Agricultural Sciences using Greenhouses etc. & raising farm type Animals etc. as well as working from home & doing odd jobs etc.). God is very Tired of The: Keeping up with The Jones debt based mentality & its flashy unrelenting way of life! It is not good! It is wrong thinking & a wrong lifestyle – He is correcting that in America!!

(8) People will not be using as much gas & traveling as far (on a consistent basis) as they do now! Family life looks different in the future – People will be staying closer to home & family. More families will be living closer together & utilizing home living spaces better. What I saw looked like old Italian ways of life or something – Everyone taking care of ea other in a close nit family (Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Grandparents, kids living close together & in the same type of Communal or Community structure (Large Multi family dwellings) instead of being scattered all across the country. I saw lots of happy, peaceful Families living closely together depending on ea other etc. Land usage is going to become more of a focal point in the future rather than the focus on posh, attractive, upscale neighborhoods.

(9) I saw many elderly people in the future living peacefully very close together in very affordable multi-unit dorm type or Community type dwellings! People will get by on a lot less in the future & share expenses & pool their resources to help one another. I thought about Mobile Home or Trailer park type dwellings but closer together & more individual rooms in a unit with the people working closely with one another to help ea other out – I saw families & Single people among large family type dwellings.

(10) I saw smaller Sailboats (Ministries) tying up to Very large Cargo Container Ships! The Cargo Ships represented The Apostolic Ministers & Ministries that are coming online & being released in this day & time to help equip the Saints for the work of the Ministry. I could tell there were physical Supplies like food & clothing etc. on-board the Apostolic Cargo Ships. I had a sense that Physical Supplies were going to be needed in the future. One of these Cargo Ships with Containers on-board was representative of Rick Joiner.

(11) I saw the word Wall Street as a long bright Cloud in the sky. It was surrounded by what looked like a bubble or something like what you would see surrounding the words that are overhead in a Comic book’s story lines. It was not raining down jobs from the cloud & I realized that those jobs had left & were in other Countries now. It was bright & lit up but not having an impact or benefiting the people below it. There was a lot of hoopla over it but it was shallow & empty. I realized it was paying taxes but nothing else much was coming from it or being contributed here. I saw a great divide in the middle (middle class jobs) & sensed that what we recognized that makes up Wall Street could move to other Countries just like the jobs or it could start floating around in Cyber Space or Something & not be here to benefit average Americans anymore. There did not seem to be a lot of loyalty there. Not sure if Wall Street will remain a viable choice as a safe place to invest in.

(12) Very Large modern Revival Tents will sprout up in different cities all across the Country. I saw (3) tent poles representing a team of three (Five-fold) Ministers or Ministry Callings that were holding up Circus like tent structures. The tent poles represented Kingdom minded ministers or ministries that were Foundational to seeing God move in Powerful & Miraculous ways in the future. Minimum three person teams or Church Ministries will be cooperating together preferring one another over themselves to reach the lost & demonstrate God’s glory in the earth. This teaming up will allow the demonstration of God’s Spirit to become very strong as Christ is lifted up & not individual Ministers, Ministries, Churches or Denominations etc. I heard: Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth! I heard the scriptures: If I be lifted up I will DRAW ALL MEN unto me & Christ Crucified, The Hope of Glory! God wants to SHOW HIS LOVE to the masses through POWERFUL DEMONSTRATIONS OF HIS SPIRIT!! *As a confirmation of this word, very strangely one day after posting it the Ringling Brothers Circus started advertising that they were coming to town – fully charged!!

One of the strongest overall statements that God made to me concerning this year & this decade was: God is going to be sending His people out to rescue those without hope whose lives are turned completely upside down! I spent New Years on The Bay in Mobile, Al. this year – In Physical order: the very first thing that happened as we left the house that we had stayed in (for the first time after New years) was to gather together & spend time building ourselves up in God’s presence. Immediately after spending time in God’s presence, we went to eat & to fellowship together. We said our goodbyes & departed leaving our host & friends behind in Mobile. About 45 minutes up the road we decided to get off the Interstate & get some gas. As we were finishing filling up & getting our supplies the host who we had stayed with in Mobile suddenly pulled into the exact same gas station at the exact moment we were filling up & was very amazed & surprised to see us there. She had prearranged to meet someone at that exact same location without any of us knowing it. As we all thought about how strange that was, a car across from the gas station that was traveling very fast suddenly veered out of control, hit a ditch, went airborne & flipped upside down crushing & landing on its top directly in front of us. We ran across the street to find the occupants stuff strewn all over the place & about a 30 yr old lady trapped inside the vehicle. She was upside down with her legs smashed against the steering wheel & her neck was under her head rest & was nearly cutting off her air flow. Her entire arm was outside the broken window & the Vehicle’s roof was lying on her arm & Shoulder – upside down. Another man & I instinctively ripped the door off the Vehicle only to find that we could not move her. Immediately upon getting access to her our Host suddenly crawled inside the vehicle & started comforting the lady by telling her that God loved her, we loved her & we were not going to leave her. Almost on cue an EMT showed up on the scene who just happened to decide to get off the Interstate & get gas at that exact moment not knowing what had happened. The EMT who’s arm (No-joke) had the word FAITH Tattooed on it, helped take care of her until the Firemen showed up & cut the other door off. I dug a hole underneath the vehicle to put Air bags under it to lift it up off of her arm & just as we were lifting the Vehicle & freeing her arm & shoulder from it we heard the life flight Helicopter that showed up to take her to the Hospital. It was a whirlwind of activity from beginning to end. We were all very excited about her being ok as well as being excited about us & the Christian EMT being in the right place at the right time to help her. As we were driving home, we all realized that God had orchestrated that entire event to rescue the young lady from a near disaster. All of us being there including our host with gentle & loving compassion, me with some strength, our friends praying with peace & calm & the EMT with knowledge & know how. It was simply amazing to think about. Here’s the thing: God spoke to me as I was driving home from there & said to me: The very first thing that happened to you guys in the new year & the new decade was that you as a team: (1) Spent time in my presence, (2) Ate together & fellow shipped together & then (3) went out onto the streets & saved & Rescued someone from disaster. God showed us that He had orchestrated this whole thing knowing that the lady was not going to be able to help herself. *This is the very first thing that God showed us in the New Year & decade & the first thing that we actually experienced as we entered into it. **The main focus for Christians in the future is: Spend time in Gods presence, Break Bread & Fellowship together & go out & get involved in the work as God orchestrates the saving & rescuing of a whole lot of people who can’t help themselves. Let go of everything but the essentials & stay focused on the job that we are called to do – Win the lost & make disciples.

As I was calling our host to tell them what God had spoken to me about our experience in rescuing the lady *A Red Cross Rescue Vehicle passed directly in front of me! I know that there is a major message in all of these words this year! I believe that God is about to orchestrate event’s in America so that an awful lot of Ministers & Ministries who are willing to team up & work together will be used to rescue an awful lot of people who can not help themselves to get out from under their upside down, crashed in lives! There is a Life Flight that’s on the way & its right in time!