It would be best to read the last post: The Power is on before reading this follow up of some unusual but very confirming event’s that happened this past Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Mobile at The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival.

A group of us left to go to Mobile Friday morning & Friday night (9/17/10) at the Revival I ended up standing next to a large group of very serious ladies during Worship. As we were Worshiping one of the Ladies near me broke into major Intersession & began to weep. All of a sudden The Holy Spirit fell on me & I  bent over in intersession. There was no where to run & no where to hide.  An extremely strong type of intersession (what I would describe as God just laying hold of you to Pray for, break & bring about change for others) came on us & we groaned, wailed & cried in intersession for 1/2 of the service.  All of a sudden another lady next to me started crying & weeping & then the lady behind us started. When one person stopped God would move on one or two of the others standing near. There was a Strong sense that Jesus was literally going to come into the room at any moment. It was one of the most powerful times of prayer that I have ever been involved in. Later the Evangelist (Nathan) & the prayer teams prayed for people & we went home. I had a tremendous sense that Saturday night was going to be the big healing night. On Saturday afternoon during worship at the house on The Bay that we were staying at God gave us a prophecy that said we had not seen Him yet operating in power & that we would. In the Prophecy He said He was coming! Saturday night we all went to the Revival with great expectation & God did not disappoint. People got healed all over the place & God showed up big time. During the service The Evangelist (Nathan) called out all of the exact conditions of the three people that we brought with us that needed healing. The service was short & the prayer teams only prayed for a few people afterwards & that was it. I left kind of dissapointed that we had not see any difference in the people that we had brought with us in getting healed & As far as I knew Jesus had not walked into the building! I had felt Friday night & heard Jesus through the Prophecy Saturday afternoon say that He was coming & it had felt extremely real! We went to eat after the service & then went back to the house on the Bay. It was late & we were tired. There was a sense that we were going home the next morning without having received what we had brought our friends down to get! Sometime Saturday night I fell asleep…

*In a dream on Sunday morning a Man stood in front of me & very authoritatively Said:  THIS… is a gradual healing & then in the dream I saw our three friends (who needed to be healed) faces flash in front of me & a number of small cars began to scoot around that were going places! I woke up wondering what in the world that, the THIS was! One of the ladies that came with us (A Worship leader who has been partially blind) had a dream early Saturday morning that I did not find out about until I woke up & mentioned my dream to everyone Sunday Morning. In her dream from Saturday morning we were all walking up to the house on the Bay & the sidewalk of the house looked like a Scrabble board. When we all looked up at The House A man’s (The man has had terminal brain Cancer) young daughter was sitting in the window sill looking out & was crying but it was tears of joy that she was crying. She pointed & said: He’s coming & when she said it there was an earthquake & the ground buckled. I found out about the Worship leaders dream on Sunday morning at breakfast from another lady who went with us. She stated that she woke up early Sunday & started praying for another man who went with us (He has been partially paralyzed) & was asking God why he had not been healed when she had a Vision of the Worship leaders Shoe while asking God about the Man’s Healing.  She saw the Shoe (that had nothing to do with the man) & God said to her:  Step by step – she realized that God was talking to her about all three people that we brought with us that needed to be healed. She had NOT known about my dream, I had NOT known about her vision or the Worship leaders dream but when we put all of our experiences, dreams & visions together on Sunday morning we realized that the *Scrabble on the sidewalk in the worship leaders dream was *A WORD FROM GOD! God had confirmed that THE THIS… was a gradual healing! God had given us a powerful confirming WORD concerning all THREE people that we had brought with us & He had used THREE different Ministers (Teams, Like in The Power is on Word!) to confirm it. Two of the Ministers God used had only recently been confirmed as moving into Prophetic offices (Cars in Dreams & Visions represent Ministries) which also encouraged them as well.  In a Major Supernatural way God confirmed His WORD to us about Him coming into the room as well as having confirmed His Word about using Teams in the future to bring about High level Miracles etc. This is not small stuff! *The intersession that we all felt is undeniably life altering. You need to pray that God will LAY HOLD OF all of us in intersession to see people & the world be changed! We need that kind of power in all of our churches. I have not seen it like that since 1980. 

Brad Hocutt