God talked to me recently about putting together a Summation of different Prophetic Words that He has given me from the Shepherds Rods & other post related about America, Economic Events, The Future etc.  from the Seated Website. I feel like God wanted me to post this in order to help people to contrast & see things from a big picture viewpoint concerning the things currently transpiring  in our Nation.

(written in Dec 2009) From the 2010 Shepherds Rod

(2) I saw President Obama about 1/2 way through the yr with an unusual look on his face. There were almost underlying tears. He seemed Concerned, Shaken…

(16) I saw Cleaner Water & a brighter future coming up from behind in this next generation. A taking back of what’s important – Stewards are coming forward – some will think this is a disaster.

(17) I saw political Structures coming & others changing. The environmentalist will team with what I would call the Moralists to get what they want in the future, big business will have to make a choice or go it alone. I saw dark Corridors & Pollution remaining & polluting the airwaves in America (Still strongholds) Hollywood etc. especially polluting Worldwide Seems like a lot of good coming but still some old bad roots remaining – filth etc.

(18) I saw that political moves will shift in some positive ways in the future as a result of the young people pushing over old bad ways. There will be a push in the manufacturing arena to create new & lasting jobs as a result of what has been learned in this present shift & financial shaking.

(written in December 2008) From the 2009 Shepherds Rod

(11) I saw the General Motors logo and then saw a Machine press that makes parts. It had a mans hand coming down as the final contact that finished making the actual parts. I don’t think there is going to be enough even if you make them yourself. I thought of finances – not enough.

(12) I saw a nice Ski Boat with people in it moving across the water. It ran out of water in the lake and ran aground. In a second picture I saw all the people get out of it and walk to shore. They climbed a re-vine and the driver looked back at it. He was not happy about leaving it. They had to walk down the Interstate and go home. A lot of the peripheral stuff is going to be lost! *It is back to the basics: walking home, going home. A much more simple way of life is coming – much more basic for a lot of people!

(13) I saw a Pastor banging on Indian Drums! He was seeing how they worked and was getting used to them. I saw people coming into camp to get help. There is going to be A Pow Wow taking place! You are going to have to depend on God in this next Season much like the Pilgrims had to depend on the Indians when they first began in America. It is a time of much trouble – you will not make it on your own!

(17) Alaska is budding! She will blossom and bring forth her beauty! She will produce great wealth and will be a resource to all of America. She will give baby bottles, blankets and Train loads of provisions to her own. She will take the Sickle out of the hand of the foreigner – you will not reap where you have not sown! Strength is there. I saw that the people of Alaska could help America during this time just by America watching their strength and endurance. There is much strength there!

(written in December 2007) From the 2008 Shepherds Rod

(1) I Saw Hilliary Clinton standing at a podium with disappointment on her face looking down. Is self appointed and not God appointed. I Saw many Ice castles (Bldgs. in N.Y.) crashing to the ground and falling over – things are going to crumble – this is not God’s Building (Structure). I Saw Hilliary wearing black, Something died (possibly Desires).

(2) I saw (Black & White) Cows (like chickens) coming home to roost. I saw Cows taking the microphone and saying things politically that were going to disturb peoples political goals. There are things coming home to roost, there are upsets in the air. Durability is a word that I hear. Can they endure? I Saw a man who was a politician coming to the podium smiling with surprise on his face that he had won, happy, grateful, humble, he will do the job. Change is coming; he was rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. (I thought of healthcare Etc).

(13) It is going to be very important to be a giver and a lifeline to the poor and underprivileged in this next season. I saw a man standing on a makeshift raft in about 2″ of water staying afloat and on top of the water by his giving. The impression is that being high and dry in this next season could be very devastating (To whom much is given much is required). I feel that this is a very serious warning.

(written in December 2006) From the 2007 Shepherds Rod

(1) I see a contrasting of Egypt (all hell breaking loose) & the land of Goshen (peaceful & quiet). God has shown me several times now a significant contrast of 2 different people reacting to the same tragic events. One is a man staring upward & is clearly stunned with a very terrified look of fear on his face. Standing on the right, behind the man is a woman looking downward, not sad, but totally aware of what has just happened. She is not happy about it, but has not been caught off guard because she somehow expected it. You can easily see she is a Christian because she is very calm & peaceful & not afraid of the future. God is providing for her. (She is the Church) 2nd I saw a man on a dark & stormy night, standing directly under a street lamp that’s light was somehow protecting him from a wind blown, driving rain. Mathew 5: 14 & 15. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill can not be hidden & Nor do they light a Lamp & put it under a basket, but on a Lamp stand, & it gives light to all who are in the house (world).

(3) I saw a Submarine top out & then begin to submerge. I felt this was economic & may have related to the Stock Market. If this is correct there would be a clear trend by the 3rd month.

(4) I Feel strongly that there will be some kind of a challenge about six months out & that it will be very important as to how we respond as a nation – our destiny as a nation will depend on our response

The following are past post that came as Dreams or Visions previously posted on the Seated Prophetic Website that are related to America, Economics, The Future etc.

Post from January 2008 – I saw A pressed white Dress Shirt flying through the air & it got caught on the flag pole. God revealed to me that a lot of white collar people in America are about to lose their Shirts over the housing crisis. God saw this coming & wants to comfort us in letting us know that it will be a humbling experience but it will be OK.

*America (As a Corporate Nation) has left her first love and has gone after other God’s! America needs God a lot more than God needs America. It is a good time for Corporate Entities (All Included) to Humble themselves and ask God to forgive them! The Bible quotes God as saying: If you return to me, I will return to you!

*The Housing Crises & The Economy:
This word was originally posted on December, 26th, 2007. It was posted in the third line of the The 2007 Shepherds Rod: (3) I saw a Submarine top out & then begin to submerge. I felt this was economic & may have related to the Stock Market. If this is correct there would be a clear trend by the 3rd month.

*Posted on July 24th, 2008: In 1992 while living in Mobile, Alabama God showed me that one day a very large # of new Homes would be built Nationwide & that the day would come where the Government would have to pass laws that prevented people from being thrown out of their Homes in foreclosure. He showed me that there would be laws passed allowing the Homeowners & Landlords to pay a fraction of their Mortgages for a period of time & that no one would be allowed to take their Homes. I saw many empty houses as well as 2 & 3 families living together in other homes. I felt that during this time it would bring people closer together as they would have to spend a lot more time together & depend on each other. I recognized that it was grace that was allowing for their to be plenty of Homes for people to live in. During this same time in 1992 God showed me that the Stock Market would have stability up to 12,000 but after that it would begin to struggle. He talked to me very calmly about Governments not actually being based on their money standard but that they were based on their Natural resources. He told me everything would be OK & I realized through this statement by him, that Governments could fail & that there could be some kind of renegotiation of debts among nations based on who had the Natural Resources. I strongly felt that this would be a time of America coming to God & coming back to God through this experience. I somehow knew that as God began focusing on Saving America the worlds focus would move to Europe & Israel. During this same time of prayer God showed me a man who in the future I knew was the President of The United States. I saw this man sitting at his desk kind of depressed & not being able to financially go all over the world militarily & do some of the things that he wanted to do. I had a strong sense that God was going to seriously step in & take care of Israel & that it would be a very bad Idea to mess with her. America must stand with Israel in every way that we can. It is our only hope of successfully continuing as a Nation. *From on-line Post Two weeks ago God began talking to me about going ahead & releasing the rest of what I saw in 1992 from when I lived in Mobile that concerned this current economic downturn – Here is the rest of what he showed me in 1992: God showed me that this current economic downturn would last about 4 yrs and that the stock market would go down to about 6,000 & that it would come back to around 6,500 & stabilize. He spoke the words: “It will be about half” – Half being 1/2 of the previous economy that it was. Things will begin to stabilize before long. I realized that in the aftermath of all of this happening that it would be a much slower economy but people would be friendlier & not as caught up about things as they had been. I saw a return to a more traditional way of life where we cared more about one another and we began to focus more on our families and friends than before. Things would be much more simple and calmer than before = economically and relationally speaking. There are more important things in life than stuff! We were allowing the worlds system to drive us!

*Separate Post about America current condition & position – On Sunday (January 18, 2009) I saw and felt something profound on the way to Church! I saw and actually felt a shoe dropping in the Spirit. At first I did not know what this was about but I knew that it was not good. Later God began talking to me about America’s Choices! God spoke to me and said that America had rejected Gods Choice for them (President Bush). He spoke to me and said that America had not discerned that God had an actual calling on George Bush and that he was actually a sent one (one with a God given Mission – an emissary) and not one who merely goes. God spoke to me and said that it is highly likely that George Bush will operate in more Authority (Is conditional to walking out his full calling) after office than when he was in office. Gods Gifts and callings are without repentance! Just like George Washington, this man has the call of God on him. God sent this President with the mandate to protect and defend America from her Enemies – Specifically to keep America Safe during his tenure – This was accomplished! Politicians are attacked Politically and are often attacked Personally. Because of the actual anointing that George Bush carries he was attacked not only Politically and Personally but was (and is still being) attacked very ferociously by Spiritual forces. He in fact did his job of protecting America during this time (What he was Called to do). I will not address any other area of His Presidency or life as I am not called upon to have an opinion but rather to address certain realities. He is and will continue to be a sent one! Many people would call this The Missionary Calling! Gods gifts and callings are without repentance (he does not take them back or remove them). I had a direct sense that as a result of America’s rejection of Gods choice that there will be some serious consequences that are coming as a result. I saw and sensed the second shoe dropping and realized that it would take place at the exact moment of transference of Presidential Power. Literally the Corporate Covering (Gods Anointing) that has been guarding America through George Bush was going to leave America at The moment of Transference of power. Having said that: I am feeling a very powerful (Personal) Grace and favor that I believe President Obama will enjoy that is coming directly from God. God allowed this Man to Succeed as President and I believe that God is going to be with him on a personal basis (I say personally because I do not think people can tell the difference between a Corporate Anointing or Provisional Anointing for Multitudes and the personal blessing of God. I also want to note that I Sense the same for Hilliary Clinton And yes, Nancy Pelosi. God is not Political, He is in fact Relational! He is offering His Peace, Help, Blessing and Guidance during this time. I am very aware that He can be and may be rejected by any and all concerned which would have consequences as well. *Getting back to the choice that America has made. America has chosen her a King and rejected God’s leadership. President Obama will not suffer for it but is going to be personally blessed and given guidance by God in how to lead. I sense that their is a humble man underneath and that if people genuinely and sincerely pray for him his heart can be turned in the right direction. It could not be more important to pray for him.*On the shoe dropping; I literally sense and have been sensing for some time an Abraham Lincoln type moment in the air where things could get very grave for the Country as a whole if we don’t get our hearts right! America is facing some very serious times and her covering is gone! I hope things don’t become divisive. God will never leave or reject those that are his but Corporate Entities among which are Cities, States and Nations can and do either accept or reject his plans and purposes and as a result reap the consequences of their actions. Those consequences can be really, really good or totally disastrous depending on the direction of the choices that we make. I really feel God speaking to me and saying that Americas Preachers need to clearly define and set before the American people the Biblical responses that come from God as a result of their choices. The Blessings and Curses that God has sat before us in Deuteronomy Chapter Twenty Eight come about as a direct result of the choices that we make. They are outlined by God to specifically give us the chance to either embrace God’s laws or to reject God laws! The consequences that come about are a direct result of our own Choices! We literally create our own set of circumstances to live under – either blessings (To do good to) or Curses ( to do harm to) by our own choices! The Bible gives us laws to live by in Deuteronomy Ch 28 (here) http://bibledatabase.net/html/kjv/deuteronomy_28.html – rejecting God’s laws has set us up for some seriously troubling times! Only repentance (turning away from wrong ways and rebellion against God) by Corporate Entities, Cities, States and Nations can change the course that we are on.

*Separate Post -In 2001 I had one of the most vivid & disturbing dreams that I have ever had. In the dream I found myself at a funeral watching a man being buried. I did not have the pleasure of knowing the man in real life (who had been a Pastor) & I did not attend his funeral. In the dream I was standing near his casket & watching the funeral. No one there could see me & no one knew I was there. In this dream there were 4 ropes on the four corners of the casket & the casket was slowly but surely being lowered into the grave. It was a very solemn moment. The Pastors wife was crying & it was a very hopeless situation. The casket was open & It was extremely clear that this man was dead! There was no question about it! There was a feeling of total hopelessness! This was the final goodbye! In the dream my attention was drawn to this mans hand which was placed next to the edge of the casket. As I stared at his very obviously dead hand his pinky finger suddenly started twitching. This seriously startled me & took my breath away. With eyes wide open, I watched two of his other fingers begin to twitch. All three of them were trembling & shaking like an earthquake. This shocked me! I still remember how vividly real it was to see a dead mans hand start shaking. As I watched his fingers trembling the man very suddenly & forcefully jumped out of the casket and started hollering, I’m not ready to go! I’m not ready to go! This so startled me that I woke up out of a cold sleep, jumped out of bed & started hollering No, No, No! After I calmed down & started thinking about what this could be God spoke to me and said that this man represented America & the move of God that was coming… About a month or so later I attended a repentance & reconciliation prayer event in Selma, Alabama at Browns Chapel. While there we had some astonishing things happen while we were praying over The Civil rights movement & The Spiritual high places in America (The name Selma means High Place). We saw a great deal of repentance & Spiritual breakthrough and were very encouraged that a change in the atmosphere had taken place over America. During this meeting God caught my attention & showed me the interior of the Chapel. It had an unusual look & feel to it. I suddenly realized that it was representative of the grave that I saw in the vision concerning America. On the way home from Selma God had me to stop by a Church in Alabaster, Alabama. He told me to go look for an old friend of mine who is a Pastor on staff there. Because It was a Saturday & there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot I felt foolish thinking in my mind that my friend would not be there! I turned a corner in the Church and ran into him in the hallway. I got excited because he was actually there and I told him about the dream of seeing the fingers move and about the dead man getting up! I also told him about what had happened at Selma earlier in the day! He got a really strange look on his face and told me that this was all very unusual! He stated, that at that exact moment; they were right in the middle of hosting a wake for a man that had just died. We both just kind of stood there looking at one another. He then told me about a dream that he just had. In the dream there were people lining the sidewalks! They were waiting to get in Churches all across America! *If you look at things right now; America is as a dead man! They have secretly said there is no hope! I believe that God is about to visit America in a very powerful way! An off the scale kind of way! There are many, many people that have prayed fasted & waited for God to turn things around in America. I believe that as a result of many prayers that an unprecedented move of God (a great awakening) is on the way!personal) rejection of God’s (Corporate) plans then only Corporate entities can repent and cause God to return and bless them! The Bible says that the (reverential) fear of (or respect for) the lord is the beginning of Wisdom! Rejecting God’s Laws and thinking that there are not going to be any consequences (Deuteronomy Ch Twenty Eight) is a pretty foolish assumption on the part of any Individual, Corporation or Nation!!! It always, always goes very badly!

*Separate Post – March 2010 In Israel there are cold, hard choices that ISRAELI leaders are having to make today concerning their relationship with our present Government. Americans have very proudly stood with Israel since their re-birth after world War II. It is becoming very obvious today that True Christians in the U.S. are being forced to choose sides. It may be time to call our Senators & Representatives & ask them to re-affirm OUR commitment to Israel! The most serious decision facing real Christians in the U.S. today is the choice between our present Government & the immoral pathway that they have chosen to lead us down to our destruction or to our loyalty to our eternal King & HIS Kingdom. It should have already been a settled, hands down decision but apparently it is not so cut & dry for a lot of people who have been calling themselves Christians?? *This present Government has gotten America into a very serious & crucial moment in time by messing with the only Omnipotent, All powerful being in the Universe. God has formally stated, Chosen & Proven HIS Non-Changing COVENANT with Israel. It is possible that this present Government could have already crossed the line with God over this. Not believing in or not understanding the Consequences of picking a fight with God over His COVENANTAL Children & THEIR God given Home land is a very fatal mistake to make. The wrong Anti-God, Anti-Jesus, Anti-Israeli decisions that are being made by this Government have the worst, most dire consequences attached to them. God said (concerning Israel): I will Bless (Do good to) those that Bless you & Curse (Do harm to) those that Curse you… The stakes have never been higher & we need to verbally (as both Individuals & States) make our decision as to which side of this we are standing on. I made my decision for God & HIS Kingdom a very long time ago, I’m all in! My life, my money, my love & my Heart are with Jesus. His wishes are my wishes! This current Government has gotten us into a very troubling situation with God by openly making public enemies with Israel & publicly making friends with & supporting their enemies who have sworn to kill them no matter what. God saved Hagar & Ishmael in the desert. He cared for them & did not let them die. God did this by providing water & a shaded place to rest under – He did not give Israels promise away! Their is a shaded place in Israel but God has not all of a sudden decided to divide up Israel’s land or their Covenental Promises, especially splitting Jerusalem in order to make a separate STATE for a people who have sworn to kill the Israelis no matter what. The writing is on the wall here & like it or not, there are no Grey area’s! 1st Kings 21 says: “How long will you hesitate between two mindsets”? It talks about making a clear cut decision for or against God & Gods will. We continuously have to make choices throughout our lives & we are going to have to make one here. God loves the Arabic people very much & He has & is saving many of them, some of whom are my very good friends but it is essential that you understand the spiritual consequences involved with siding against Israel & for Israels enemies (who have sworn to kill them) over the very land that God personally picked out & has given to Israel. The Arabic World is HUGE. God made a place in the desert for the Palestinian people to rest – not a State with Jerusalem as its Capital to launch a war from in the middle of Israel. In the grand scheme of things this is very, very high up on the spiritual Richter scale. *The morning after I wrote this I woke up seeing a Bird House that was a replica of an American style Church with a steeple. It was held in place by a nail in each corner & it was hanging over a churning, frothing Sea. For whatever reason one side of the Bird house was already in the water. It seemed that the side that was still out of the water was the lower or Southern side of the U.S. We are in perilous times in America right now. I knew last week that something had changed – This is not good!! It is very important to make our voices heard individually as well as corporately to our Governments as being in support of Israel & make sure our LOCAL & STATE GOVERNMENTS know that we do not want to touch Israel or its God Given Covenantal land in a negative way.

*This was my First Post & One of the strongest & most Prophetic Visions & Dreams that I have ever had. It happened verbatim as God revealed that it would. It is important & has been on the Heart of God.

Tuesday Night March 21st, 2006 I had one of the most powerful dreams that I’ve ever had: I was in a car with a number of other people and I saw the biggest tornado that I have ever seen. I have never seen anything like it on TV or a movie. It was as big as a hurricane, it was upside down – the bottom was huge and the top was little. I could see all the debris that was in the tornado. There were trees that had been uprooted in the tornado, with debris and things flying around in it everywhere. God made a special point of showing me the trees and their roots being uprooted. The tornado had a great deal of water in it which kind of surprised me. So much so, it looked like something you could see through, like a dishwasher or a dish washing machine. I immediately decided to go down into the cavernous canyon that we were traveling near where this tornado could not get to us. We found an old makeshift store at the bottom of this canyon. I could see old Coca-Cola advertising all around it. I realized that my grandmother who is now passed away was with me & that my mother and my sister were also with me. We went inside this store – It had clear Plexiglas  walls and a clear Plexiglas roof. We were so scared that we decided to stay there thinking that we were safe. I realized at this time that the Lord showing me my family was representative of three different generations. We watched through the roof as this storm came right over us and to the right side. We were very very grateful that it went by us and we all went out to see what had happened. As we were all smiling and looking up suddenly the dust that was beneath our feet started twirling around. The tornado had come back for us and seemed to be reaching down to get us. We started to be sucked up into the tornado. As that began to happen I grabbed the door to the store and I pulled it open and managed to get us inside. My sister, my mother and my grandmother were all there and I pulled them into a cubby hole. I didn’t know why, but I backed in first and I pulled in my sister and then I pulled in my mother, and then I pulled in my grandmother. My grandmother (Generation) was the most exposed and the wind and the tornado almost pulled her away from me. In the sense of this I have a real strong feeling that something is coming and its coming as a result of us in America including Canada having treated the Indian people very badly and that there is some kind of divine justice that is beginning to take place. The Lord clearly showed me that the Indian people and the First Nations people, considering that they don’t even have a land or a country anymore have had and continue to have as much right to demonstrate and to fight for their rights as the African-Americans have, but have not done so, but just remained quiet. With this tornado, I also sensed that it would be or could be worse than what we have seen in three generations, including the great depression. I want to relate that I feel very strongly about this particular tornado, that not only is it representative of large tornadoes, but the water in it was actually representative of hurricanes and that after it had passed by us, it coming back for us & was some kind of judgment that we thought we had escaped and that the dust beneath my feet seemed very much to be like the dust in the dust bowl in the great depression. I think that opening the door to the store-house (provisions) is an absolute key for those of us who want to remain safe. I think it is very important that you understand this! The town where I met the Indian Girl was called Blind River. I think that this is representative of God saying that we are blind to these things.