I read last week after A Judge Issued an order to declare THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER unconstitutional that President Obama made a trip to Billy Grahams Farm to visit him. As soon as I read it I heard God talking to me about it & I felt a huge wave of Grace & Mercy (From Gods view point) come towards President Obama. If you are looking at Men’s hearts Something Changed! Something changed with President Obama when he made the choice to personally go & visit Dr. Graham. From what I am hearing God say there was an act of Humility & a reverence on President Obamas part that scored very big points (if that could be said) with God concerning this visit. Its the first time a sitting President ever did this & for President Obama to do it was not missed by God on any level. Apparently God sees something in President Obama & is aware of his heart of Humility towards Him. I am sensing a reaching out & a Grace being given by God & being received by President Obama. This Grace & Mercy did not come about as a result of just doing some stuff & putting on a good show for the Media. God sees something in President Obama! There was & is a humbling towards God that has affected God. God looks at Hearts! He always has. He does not look at the outward man. He (God) looks at Hearts. What is in a Man? Who is he when no one is around & there are no points to score?

God sees something – Something Happened! I have sensed a President Lincoln type of thing with President Obama ever since God first asked me to Pray for him. I have not seen it as a tie to disaster happening to President Obama but rather as a tie to dependency upon God in the gravest moments of our Country’s history as President Lincoln also faced. These are trying times & their is a choice. I don’t know of any Nations leader that ever trusted & depended on God Almighty for help that was ever disappointed. You might have to stare at The Red Sea for a few moments but it always parts & you get to walk through on dry ground. God makes it interesting… but HE is always FAITHFUL! God bless you all on this upcoming Day of Prayer.