In Israel there are cold, hard choices that ISRAELI leaders are having to make today concerning their relationship with our present Government. Americans have very proudly stood with Israel since their re-birth after world War II. It is becoming very obvious today that True Christians in the U.S. are being forced to choose sides. It may be time to call our Senators & Representatives & ask them to re-affirm OUR commitment to Israel! The most serious decision facing real Christians in the U.S. today is the choice between our present Government & the immoral pathway that they have chosen to lead us down to our destruction or to our loyalty to our eternal King & HIS Kingdom. It should have already been a settled, hands down decision but apparently it is not so cut & dry for a lot of people who have been calling themselves Christians??

This present Government has gotten America into a very serious & crucial moment in time by messing with the only Omnipotent, All powerful being in the Universe. God has formally stated, Chosen & Proven HIS Non-Changing COVENANT with Israel. It is possible that this present Government could have already crossed the line with God over this. Not believing in or not understanding the Consequences of picking a fight with God over His COVENANTAL Children & THEIR God given Home land is a very fatal mistake to make. The wrong Anti-God, Anti-Jesus, Anti-Israeli decisions that are being made by this Government have the worst, most dire consequences attached to them. God said (concerning Israel): I will Bless (Do good to) those that Bless you & Curse (Do harm to) those that Curse you…

The stakes have never been higher & we need to verbally (as both Individuals & States) make our decision as to which side of this we are standing on. I made my decision for God & HIS Kingdom a very long time ago, I’m all in! My life, my money, my love & my Heart are with Jesus. His wishes are my wishes!

This current Government has gotten us into a very troubling situation with God by openly making public enemies with Israel & publicly making friends with & supporting their enemies who have sworn to kill them no matter what.

God saved Hagar & Ishmael in the desert. He cared for them & did not let them die. God did this by providing water & a shaded place to rest under – He did not give Israels promise away! Their is a shaded place in Israel but God has not all of a sudden decided to divide up Israel’s land or their Covenental Promises, especially splitting Jerusalem in order to make a separate STATE for a people who have sworn to kill the Israelis no matter what. The writing is on the wall here & like it or not, there are no Grey area’s!

1st Kings 21 says: “How long will you hesitate between two mindsets”? It talks about making a clear cut decision for or against God & Gods will. We continuously have to make choices throughout our lives & we are going to have to make one here. God loves the Arabic people very much & He has & is saving many of them, some of whom are my very good friends but it is essential that you understand the spiritual consequences involved with siding against Israel & for Israels enemies (who have sworn to kill them) over the very land that God personally picked out & has given to Israel.

The Arabic World is HUGE. God made a place in the desert for the Palestinian people to rest – not a State with Jerusalem as its Capital to launch a war from in the middle of Israel. In the grand scheme of things this is very, very high up on the spiritual Richter scale.

*The morning after I wrote this I woke up seeing a Bird House that was a replica of an American style Church with a steeple. It was held in place by a nail in each corner & it was hanging over a churning, frothing Sea. For whatever reason one side of the Bird house was already in the water. It seemed that the side that was still out of the water was the lower or Southern side of the U.S. We are in perilous times in America right now. I knew last week that something had changed – This is not good!!

It is very important to make our voices heard individually as well as corporately to our Governments as being in support of Israel & make sure our LOCAL & STATE GOVERNMENTS know that we do not want to touch Israel or its God Given Covenantal land in a negative way.