In 2006, God spoke to me & said that if I would come aside with Him between Christmas & New years that He would show me what was going to happen the next year.  I obeyed Him & He has continued giving me what I now understand to be a Prophetic Shepherds Rod each year.  *This is not something I prophecy!  I write down what I see & what I hear & then do my best to Post it exactly as I got it.

I received this years shepherds Rod on Thursday December, 31, 2009, the last day of the year at noon. This years Shepherds Rod was numerically the most information that I have ever received & it had a lot of references to Alabama. There were also a number of references to trains, connecting & connections etc. (Powerful Moves of God).

…I got this early & felt that it was part of this yrs Shepherds Rod. Monday, December 21, 2009 at 1:05pm –  There is a Huge Battle raging for The Soul’s of America! We as U.S. Christians have been called to win it!! The problem is that we continue to look like, act like, think like, be like & spend our money just like the World. No-one can tell us apart! We value Stuff, Comfort & Security more than the Command to go after Souls, to make disciples & to establish Gods kingdom in the Earth… We have a serious conflict of interest… we have made gods (Things that are revered & Worshiped) out of stuff that we have lusted for & we have stored up Treasures on Earth. America itself is currently in very bad need of selfless sold out Missionaries!! We are so intense about the stuff that we have, that we are trying to hold onto & that we are still trying to obtain that we can’t do the one & only Job that we are called to do!! We look nothing like the Disciples or even the first century Church. They left everything to follow Jesus… Everything…. They were crucified & Tortured for taking a stand. We are freaking out just because things have gotten a little uncomfortable for us!! To get a proper perspective of The Christianity in the Bible: They gave their all for the Cause of Christ, Their Dreams, Hopes, Careers, Future Plans, Time, Resources, Finances, Property etc. The Christianity in The Bible (not America) gives us a picture of role Models that Considered: nothing as their own, brought what they had, gave it to any who were in need & had all things in common with ea other…   Jesus said: Where your Treasure is their will your Heart be also… We have a Heart problem in America that specifically deals with where our treasures are! Our treasures & pleasures are in the same place as those around us! We are no different, no distinguishing Characteristics in us from the World around us… We need a Heart Change & fast!!! We need to have our focus on things above & not on things below. There does not seem to be many leaders for the young people to follow. Too many have gone out after stuff & have not gone out after God… Where is the call to death to the flesh?? To live the life set apart, to be sold out for the cause of Christ & not our own causes! Where are the True Disciples…

Where are they (The Disciples) & There is a conflict of interest, seems to be coming to the forefront…

(1) (*I do not watch Football & have never been an Alabama Football Fan). I saw that The Alabama Football team would end up as #1 in the Nation & that this would be a Spiritual sign that has to do with Alabama being a First Fruits State (relates to Alabama’s relationship with Israel).  I saw a large Power Switch being pulled down that connected Power to the lines. I thought of different phases of power – levels etc..

(2) I saw President Obama about 1/2 way through the yr with an unusual look on his face. There were almost underlying tears. He seemed Concerned, Shaken…

(3) I saw three Trains (Power-Moves of God) aware of ea other… all pulling & going somewhere. They were all connected together, not physically but through Spiritual connections. They were connected in a Spiritual Triangle of sorts. Three different moves…

(4) I saw Cars on the Interstate in Alabama. Their tires were getting bigger. One was a V.W. – The automotive industry is going to become more prominent in Alabama – Economics, $ getting better.

(5) I saw the name Advance Auto Parts & know God is saying the Auto is advancing in Alabama. Economies are shifting around in America – I saw this twice.

(6) I saw Trains (Power-Moves of God) coming to Alabama delivering people.

(7) Communication is on the rise in Alabama – lots of chatter going on.

(8) I saw the Alabama (A) Football Symbol emblazoned on the front of a Train as a button that could be pushed that lights up. (Alabama) Its going to light up.

(9) Saving money is going to become popular again. I saw kids, young kids putting small treasure chest in the ground & looking for good places to hide them – Stocks, Bonds & Investments. There is a future for the very young… It will be there. God has not forgotten them, like the great depression… lessons learned – Saving up for a rainy day.  Saw smiles on young couples faces that learned the lesson – We are making life to complicated because of our desires – not our needs.

(10) I saw someone running & winning the Gold Medal & another finishing a Marathon. Personal achievement will be rewarded in the future & not so much financial achievement (keeping up with the Jones will be looked down upon). There is a shift towards being happy, serving others & finding what you excel in & not just pleasing others by fitting into a financial & socially required mold or rut.

(11) The word Bama meaning Red-Neck, backwards etc. won’t be thought of the same. It will be a go to State & a state of mind – Smiles etc. Feels like the Beach & Florida – an open place with the Sun shining.

(12) I saw ships (Leaderships) trying to unload in the center of Alabama; literally, with full cargoes, excited like a new Port of call – a bustling new gateway of Business etc. – feels like a new Atlanta or Bigger.

(13) 2010 represents a shift in Government. Big things happening in the Governmental realms – Daniel, Joseph, Missionaries, World leaders etc. I Saw Heidi Baker smiling & sensed her having full supplies.

(14) I saw (former) Clubs & Beer Joints as places where young couples were sitting & listening to their peers publicly speaking. They were all smiling & figuring out how to Save & Invest their money for their Future – going to be a very different & much more responsible younger generation coming up – very practical.

(15) I saw Trucks & Truck Drivers traveling & going places in the future arriving smiling & not stressed out (this last season has been some kind of Major Financial Correction) I saw Personal debt loads leaving, more simple lifestyles, blood pressure levels coming down – God want’s people to be less stressed & live better longer lives.

(16) I saw Cleaner Water & a brighter future coming up from behind in this next generation. A taking back of what is essential & important – Stewards are coming forward – some will think this is a disaster.

(17) I saw political Structures coming & others changing. The environmentalist will team with what I would call the Moralists to get what they want in the future, big business will have to make a choice or go it alone. I saw dark Corridors & Pollution remaining & polluting the airwaves in America (Still strongholds in Hollywood etc. especially polluting Worldwide)  Seems like a lot of good coming but still some old bad roots remaining – filth etc.

(18) Political moves will shift in some positive ways in the future as a result of the young people pushing over old bad ways. There will be a push in the manufacturing arena to create new & lasting jobs as a result of what has been learned in this present shift & financial shaking.

(19) I saw Blue Collars moving across America, A lot has been learned – the way we have been doing it will not work or last. Some things like Technology & Software etc. will stay the same but things will shift towards manufacturing again – top notch stuff.

(20) There is a blessing or anointing that has not been noticed very much… its the Reagan Revolution & it has God’s favor upon it. It, for what I will call it, will protect & defend throughout this era. God’s hand & favor is upon a generation. There truly is a city that’s set on a hill. Can you see it? God can! I so seriously see & feel that the rewards of labor are coming…

(21) There is going to be a return to the ABC’s in Schools – Reading, Writing & Arithmetic – Weird, strange or unusual Ideas are not going to be exalted or pushed in the mainstream future. There is going to be a return to discipline & the rule of law. I saw an old Ruler in a Principles hand – Rule, Law & Discipline – grades will increase & kids will be happier – Structured thinking etc.

(22) Everything in me has known for some time that we were coming out of a very serious Spiritually & Physically bad decade of War time! I had an experience while in this Park where I was crossing over some Water & felt something significant being said to me as I crossed over it (like a very note worthy moment in time). I am now recognizing that there is a bright new Powerful openness in the atmosphere around us & much less Spiritual struggle. People will begin to recognize this in the Natural realm. Something is very different as we go into this new decade – Something changed…

Brad Hocutt