Fear N0t!!

God asked me to post my response to this question that came to me today. He said others are dealing with these same unseen spiritual enemies.

At the Fall, in the Garden of Eden the Serpent (Satan) Deceived Adam & Eve & they lost their original position in God! They Fell… but because of what Jesus did on the Cross God has repositioned us!!

The Bible states that Lucifer one of The Three Arch Angels was cast out of Heaven as a result of Pride being found in his heart. He made a statement & said: I WILL ASCEND & be like the most high God. 1/3 of The Angels that were in HeavenĀ  (Now Commonly Called devils) Rebelled with Him & they are still active on the earth today. They are not in Hell. they have not been judged yet & they are what is behind the Worlds core problems.

Every true Christian is fought by fallen Angels (devils) because they hate God & hate those that God loves. They also do not want us to finish the job of winning the World to Jesus so that they can prolong their eventual judgment & sentencing by God. devils (Fallen Angels) for the most part leave people alone who are safely on their way to Hell. Lucifer, Satan, The devil (A fallen Angel) uses his limited troops (There are 2 to 1 Angels who are for us that never Fell *plus God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit) to mess with the real Christians. So the Answer is yes, it is highly likely that as you press into God they will try to pull you away & fight you so you can’t become stronger than you already are & defeat them. The Bible says that you are seated in Heavenly places & that you are in Christ… You are no longer in you!!! You are in Christ!!! You are Seated in Heavenly places in Christ! That puts you in Authority over devils… Speak Gods word to them & Bind them from messing with you or others. The Bible says whatsoever you bind on Earth is Bound in Heaven. It says every knee has to bow & every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. That’s not a request… Command the stuff that’s messing with you to bow its knee to the name of Jesus. The Bible states that God has given Jesus The Name that is above every name that is named. Command the stuff messing with you to bow their knees to Jesus. They do not have a choice but to obey that Name!! Command them to cease & desist in their activities against you. You are in Christ not in you! It is no longer you that live but Christ that lives in you. You have been given the Authority over every name that’s named. Use the name of Jesus against the devil. He is just a fallen Angel but you are Seated with Christ!! You are an heir of Abraham You’ve been adopted by God through Christ – Your A Son!! That’s why Jesus & The Angels Say Fear Not!!
You can also begin to verbally speak out by pleading The Blood of Jesus over the situation. After doing this a number of times you will begin to see dramatic spiritual changes taking place as a result of stuff having to let go & get out of the area that your dealing with. I recommend Kenneth E. Hagins Books: The Authority of The Believer, The Blood & The Mini Book – In Him. These books will build a huge foundation to help you deal with The devil for the rest of your life.