The following is a short list of Prophetic Symbols that may help give you an understanding of the Prophetic Symbolism in Dreams and Visions that are from god!

What the Prophetic Symbolism of Colors represent:

Positive feeling of:  White = The Holy Spirit or Holy Power – Negative feeling: Religious Spirits

Positive feeling of: Red = Wisdom, Anointing, Power – Negative feeling: Anger, War

Positive feeling of: Green = Conscience, Growth, Prosperity – Negative feeling: Envy, Jealousy, Pride

Positive feeling of: Blue = Communion, Revelation – Negative feeling: Depression, Sorrow, Anxiety

Positive feeling of: Yellow = Mind, Hope, Gift of God – Negative feeling: Fear, Coward, Intellectual Pride

Positive feeling of: Cyan = Will, Perseverance – Negative feeling: Strong willed

Positive feeling of: Magenta = Emotions, Love – Negative feeling: Hate

Positive feeling of: Gold/Amber = Holy, Purity, Glory – Negative feeling: Idolatry, Defilement, Licentiousness

Positive feeling of: Orange = Perseverance – Negative feeling: Stubbornness, Strong Willed

Positive feeling of: Silver = Redemption – Negative feeling:Legalism, Slavery, Domination

Positive feeling of: Brown =  Compassion, Humility – Negative feeling: Humanism

Positive feeling of: Purple = Authority, Royalty – Negative feeling: False Authority, Licentiousness

What the Prophetic Symbolism of Numbers represent:

1 is: God

2 is: Multiplication

3 is: Godhead (Trinity)

4 is: Gods creative works

5 is: Grace / Redemption / Anointing

6 is: Man (Humanity)

7 is: Perfection / Completion / Fullness

8 is: New Beginnings (Also=Teacher)

9 is: Judgment (Also=Evangelist)

10 is: Journey/Wilderness/Nurture (Also=Pastor)

11 is: Transition/Standing in Gap (Also=Prophet)

12 is: Government (Also=Apostle)

13 is: Rebellion

14 is: Double Anointing

15 is: Reprieve/Mercy

16 is: Established New Beginnings

17 is: Elect of God

25 is: Begin Ministry Training

30 is: Begin Ministry

37 is: First Born/Prime Number

40 is: Generational and Completed Rule

50 is: Jubilee

111 is: My Beloved Son

120 is: End of Flesh

153 is: Kingdom Multiplication

666 is: Full lawlessness

888 is: Resurrection

1500 is: Light/Power/Authority (Same Equivalent)

The Prophetic Symbolism of things in Dreams:

Knife: Negative = Tongue, Gossip or Positive = Skill, Discernment

Sword: Reaching further than a knife

Gun: Power to reach beyond yourself

Dart: Negative = Curses – Positive = Accuracy

River: Move of God

Snake: Long tale, Lies

Horse: Power, Authority

Teeth: Ability to understand, Comprehend

Rat: Disease, Deceit

Spider: Demonic. Occult, Witchcraft

Bee or Hornet: Higher demonic power

Cat: Independent thinking

Tunnel/Hall: Transition

Circle: Covenant

Bathroom: Cleansing of Toxins

Basement: Things not seen/Basic issues

Attic: History

Car: Ministry/Vocation

Door: Opportunity

Tree: Leader, Leadership

Bed: Intimacy, Rest

Train: Church denomination, Movement, Corporation

Money: Loss or Gain of Favor

Thigh: Faith

Nose: Discernment

Nakedness: Vulnerability, Transparency

Flying: Spiritual Giftedness, Rise above circumstances

For more information about Prophetic Symbolism there is a Full listing of High quality material on Prophetic Symbolism, Dream Symbolism and Dream Interpretation that is available  online from Streams Ministries. I do not know them on a personal basis as I have only been in one or two meetings where they were but they do a very good job of braking down hard to understand Spiritual matters that relate to the Prophetic into an easy to understand format. I would recommend getting their Prophetic Symbolism Cards and Charts. They are not very expensive and are really accurate. I hope this gives you a better understanding of your Dreams and visions, Brad