This is a list of the things that I saw going into 2009   –  December 28, 2008

(1) I saw people coming to wash their hands in water (they were washing with Ivory Soap). People will come clean about their lives. Truth will be at the forefront!

(2) I saw things that were dead and buried coming to the surface. God is going to revisit things that were covered over and covered up! God will deal with them once and for all to cleanse people.

(3) In another picture I saw people being thoroughly cleansed and being made clean. I saw people drying with brand new fresh towels. Old things passed away, all things made new!

(4) I saw a large child pulling his Hot Wheels off the Track so that the other kids could not play. God is going to deal with jealousy issues! If you can’t play with the other Kids (Churches) you can’t play at all (Your Church will disintegrate if you can’t cooperate with other Churches).

(5) I saw a great humbling coming! Many pastors holding hands with one another and one another’s congregation’s. It is one body, one people –  no one more noteworthy than another.

(6) I saw a Pastor with Innocent Child like faith. Child like faith will rise to the surface. Programs will not work in this environment – only believe!

(7) I saw a Pastor leaning down and turning his Ears to the Train Tracks. He was carefully listening to the Noises & Sounds to see what is coming. I sensed that he (Pastors) would be able to distinguish between the different Sounds (Ability to hear from God, Direction).

(8 I saw saw that provisions will come from unlikely sources, almost like a wink from above.

(9) I saw a mans eyes bulging out! I saw a second time another set of eyes being stretched wide open. This is going to be a time in which we see a lot. Sight is being given. Eyes to see and Ears to hear! Signs and Wonders.

(10) I saw a small but very powerful Tug Boat with a smile on its face (almost like the little Choo Choo that could) riding very large waves going up and down until it got where it was going. It connected to and began tugging on entire continents to move them out of the place that they had been.

(11) I saw the General Motors logo and then saw a Machine press that makes parts. It had a mans hand coming down as the final contact that finished making the actual parts. I don’t think there is going to be enough even if you make them yourself. I thought of finances – not enough.

(12) I saw a nice Ski Boat with people in it moving across the water. It ran out of water in the lake and ran aground. In a second picture I saw all the people get out of it and walk to shore. They climbed a re-vine and the driver looked back at it. He was not happy about leaving it. They had to walk down the Interstate and go home. A lot of the peripheral stuff is going to be lost! *It is back to the basics: walking home, going home. A much more simple way of life is coming – much more basic for a lot of people!

(13) I saw a Pastor banging on Indian Drums! He was seeing how they worked and was getting used to them. I saw people coming into camp to get help. There is going to be A Pow Wow taking place! You are going to have to depend on God in this next Season much like the Pilgrims had to depend on the Indians when they first began in America. It is a time of much trouble – you will not make it on your own!

(14) I asked God 3 times if I was seeing right on this next one. I got a fourth confirmation that I was. I saw a Japanese Aircraft Carrier in World War II with Japanese soldiers waving flags on the front of it to help Aircraft take off for a surprise attack. In this same Image there were Russian soldiers in the forefront overshadowing them. There is a surprise attack coming somewhere involving Russia. I don’t know where but somewhere! I specifically heard God say that it would be thwarted!

(15) I saw Queen Elizabeth crowning Jesus. She thought that she is supposed to because it is the right thing to do. Jesus head was down because He knew that it was only religion. He wants a relationship *only a relationship will do! He loves the British people. Come out from among them I heard him saying – come out!

(16) God is beginning to dispossess Nations. It is a time for Nations to take him very seriously! This is a beginning of separating two – for or against God and His Christ.

(17) Alaska is budding! She will blossom and bring forth her beauty! She will produce great wealth and will be a resource to all of America. She will give baby bottles, blankets and Train loads of provisions to her own. She will take the Sickle out of the hand of the foreigner – you will not reap where you have not sown! Strength is there. I saw that the people of Alaska could help America during this time just by America watching their strength and endurance. There is much strength there!

*This is a word that I received the day before God gave me this years  Shepherds Rod. I feel that it is connected to the Shepherds Rod for 2009. I felt that I was to include it here.

(18 As I woke up I saw The band AC/DC on a stage and then I saw the Insignia for the Group Van Halen. God showed me that Satan is attempting to re-use these groups music from the 70’s to desensitize young people to the realities of Hell!  There is an attempt to try and persuade them that Hell is not so bad and that there are actually going to be parties there etc. This is very displeasing to God and He is going to deal with this!

Brad Hocutt