As I woke up December 20th – a few days before Christmas, I realized that I was staring at a Vision of a large accompaniment of 4 wheel drive vehicles that were coming down the Exit Ramp of A Parking Deck in Downtown Birmingham. The vehicles looked kind of like Golf Carts. I recognized that they were the type of vehicles that Parking Authorities use. There were quite a few of them. I realized that there was a company of coordinated traveling workers (Angels) driving them. They traveled & stopped in a kind of group that reminded me of a traveling Patrol of Soldiers. The Company of workers (Angels) stopped at the bottom of the Parking deck. They had lots of gifts & presents in the back of their 4 wheel drive vehicles and they were getting ready to come out onto the streets!

Later that evening I went out with a good sized group of young people from The Birmingham Prayer Furnace! We went downtown to a local diner that is popular with the College Kids & sat outside at a table right next to the street. I was right in the middle of telling them about the Vision that I had earlier in the morning about the Traveling Workers that I saw coming down a Parking Ramp, when I suddenly realized that I was staring at a very large Parking Deck next to the Restaurant that we were eating at! That Night, a few days before Christmas I sat & talked to a number of young people (who are very hungry for God) about Revival & The gifts of The Holy Spirit! As I talked to them; I stared at the Parking Ramp that let out into the street and thought about The Traveling workers that were on the move & are no longer parked! This is no coincidence, Something is up! God is highlighting that he is releasing The Gifts of The Holy Spirit at this time! The Gifts of The Holy Spirit & revival are coming onto the Streets of America in a very powerful way!!!

Posted December 30, 2008 by seatedprophetic