After seeing & hearing what has happened in Todd Bentley’s Ministry in the last few weeks. God has spoken to me & said that it is time for me to expose a number of preachers secrets. That I am to let the world know what they have done…  I want to start with something that I experienced in 1987 right before I went to bed one evening. I was very young & had been called into Ministry but had not preached more than a few times. I did not have a lot of experience with Dreams/Visions & I am only revealing this now because I think the world deserves to know! As I went to bed one evening in 1987 God gave me a Spiritual Vision of Jimmy Swaggart. I clearly saw his face. He was looking up at something that I can only describe as extremely demonic & it was tempting him beyond his ability to handle. He was grimacing & had sweat pouring off of his face. I saw the pain, fear & agony on his face as he tried to resist this thing. I could see that he was in a loosing battle. This experience left me stunned. I will never forget what happened next. I openly said to myself out loud before I rolled over & went to bed. That’s Jimmy Swaggart. Why did God show that to me? That’s Jimmy Swaggart… he doesn’t need me… & I rolled over & went to bed without ever praying a single prayer! Within a year I was stunned into silence as I saw & heard on the TV the things That God had shown me that night had actually ended up happening to Mr. swaggart in real life. I felt like I was an inch high, Kind of lifeless. I knew God had shown me Jimmy Swaggarts heart & that he was fighting with everything he had but he was being overcome by these Demons (Fallen Angels).

have lived with that & thought about it a lot through the years. I have thought about all the lives that were effected including Karen Wheatons, John Starns & all the souls that were let down because of this man being overcome. I had thought about what a foolish statement I had made about him being Jimmy Swaggart & that he did not need me! I have often wondered what would have happened if I had have only fell on my knees & cried out for him instead of rolling over & thinking he was above such things as this kind of unimaginable temptation. I have often wondered if God had spoke to others? I have learned a few things through the years now as I have seen & heard with my own eyes the extent that Demons & Devils (Fallen Angels) will go to in order to take someone out who is on the front lines of the battle for humanities souls. I have found that it is not the people that are quiet & complacent that fight the heart of the battle but those rare people who give their all for others to come to know Christ. They sacrifice their lives, their health, their dreams, their goals their happiness & literally give their all until their very strength is gone from them. I want you to think about the cost of Ministry & being in the very heat of the Spiritual battle while I relate just a few of the experiences that I have been made aware of through the years. I knew two young ministers in their early twenties who had a pretty young girl move in upstairs in the apartment above them. Within a few days she began telling them how lonely she was & that her husband was out of town. They turned her off & then she began meeting them at the bottom of their stairs & inviting them upstairs to see her wild birds Etc.  When this did not work this really attractive, curvy girl got on their enclosed balcony & proceeded to take off all of her clothes & lay out in full view, while making sure they could see her! They both related that you could feel a very strong pull from Demonic influences working through this young lady. I have thought about that through the years. They were a safety for one another & related that they did not know how well they would have done on their own. I have known a number of ministers through the years who have related constantly facing such things as this, including one minister who several years ago went through an unbelievable attack that lasted for several months. He endured a constant barrage of the worst kinds of vile, hellish, thoughts/imaginations possible from Demonic Spirits that were trying to get him into pornography & sexual sin & out of the ministry at all cost. His battle lasted for several months both night & day & eventually completely exhausted him. He related that listening to praise & worship music, Quoting scriptures & praying all at the same time had little effect! He was eventually only able to short circuit the Demon Spirits (Fallen Angels) by humbling himself & calling 4 or 5 ladies that he knew who were intercessors & telling them what was going on & getting them to pray for him! That was a very wise thing to do as he related that before it was all over the demon Spirits were actually manifesting in his room in order to try & take him out.  I am exposing these hidden secrets today because I think you need to know what is behind the scenes of what Ministers face everyday trying to help you in this Spiritual battle and to win souls. The big picture is that demons & their leader (Satan the leader of the fallen Angels) are bent on taking you to hell with them & breaking Gods heart. They know how much God loves you, so this is a type of revenge for them to try & disillusion you by targeting & publicly taking out the most effective ministers of the world who are doing their best to try & reach you. If demon Spirits can take the front line guys out of the way eventually they will get you. The easiest way for them to affect you personally is to try & disillusion you! What a front line minister faces each & every day would startle the daylights out of the average person! I Just thought you should know these hidden secrets about some of these preachers. Ministers fight the good fight of faith…  they need our prayers like you can’t imagine. Never say that is ______ & he does not need my help. I assure you that he needs your help more than you can imagine. Please, please pray for front line Ministers & do not cut them to pieces. They could be doing anything, anywhere today, besides having to fight hell for you & me!

A proper perspective with tears in my eyes, about the hidden secrets of preachers!

Brother Brad