I felt God speaking to me to re-post these 2 Shepherds Rods that could help people get through some of the things we are now facing as a Nation.

This is a list of the things that I saw while praying before Christmas, 2008

Sunday afternoon, December 30th, 2007

(1) I Saw Hilliary Clinton standing at a podium with disappointment on her face looking down. Is self appointed and not God appointed. I Saw many Ice castles (Bldgs. in N.Y.) crashing to the ground and falling over – things are going to crumble – this is not God’s Building (Structure). I Saw Hilliary wearing black, Something died (possibly Desires).

(2) I saw Cows (chickens) coming home to roost. I saw Black & White Cows taking the microphone and saying things politically that were going to disturb peoples political goals. There are things coming home to roost, there are upsets in the air. Durability is a word that I hear. Can they endure? I Saw a man who was a politician coming to the podium smiling with surprise on his face that he had won, happy, grateful, humble, he will do the job. Change is coming; he was rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. (I thought of health care Etc).

(3) I Saw political upheaval in Central and South American Countries. Politically, there was much pushing and shoving going on. I Saw longstanding Governments pushing back and taking a strong stand. I Saw a man (the people) standing in the street taking up for established Governments and fighting back. They will not be overthrown or moved by enemies.

(4) Canada is going to take the high road on a number of matters and leave the stench behind. I took this to be good morally based decisions on their Governments part. I also saw someone singing “Oh Canada” to the tune of “Oh Tannenbaum” with their hand over their heart. There is still a strong belief system in Canada and strong Moral leaders. God sees it and is going to bless them.

(5) There is going to be social unrest where people’s political futures are uncertain. People are going to take things into their own hands and put Governments that they can trust either in or back in power. This is very important, it is certain. I saw this twice.

(6) Earlier this year I was talking on the phone to a musician friend of mine when God gave me a prophetic word about secret codes and secret keys that God was hiding in music. We were both shocked to see the exact same words printed on the front page of “The Birmingham News”the very next morning (see Divinci article on music). God has shown me this same thing is going to continue to happen in 2008. I saw myself with my ear to the train track listening intently. New keys and new codes (revelation) are coming through certain types of music streams and or musicians that are listening to Gods heartbeat (soaking). There will be Special times and opportunities for those with their ears open and tuned to the sounds from heaven. Revelation will come in through an open window that you did not see. Many will miss this and think it foolish because of the business of life.

(7) I Saw Jesus contrasted together as a type of Barry Manilow (I write the Songs) and Dino. He had music in his hand & was giving it to orchestra (type) musicians. Music is being formed, tweaked and adjusted. I saw an angel playing drums and then getting down and looking under them, he began tightening and adjusting them. Specific sounds, vibrations etc. are coming, Words being given and written quickly Akeana style.

(8) Dreams, Idea’s and opportunities will literally appear over people’s heads this year almost like invisible balloons floating overhead. Those who quickly write them out in detail will be able to pray over them and see the real come to pass. The ones that are not quickly written down and eventually acted upon will be lost.

(9) There is a new open place between heaven and earth that is easily entered and you are welcome there. It is not imaginary. You can touch, taste, see and smell it. It is heaven on earth and it is now. The now time is here. Taste (touch) and see that The Lord is good.

(10) There is a defining moment that is coming to all those that have been tested and tried. I saw a (wide gate) huge wall on a old world arena (Rome – Gladiator, lions etc.) be opened by a very large smiling heavenly someone. All the people who had been preparing, warring and occupying the arena (until he comes) saw it open. Everyone in this arena realized something was different. There is a huge opening to go through and an elevator on the other side. Many will be surprised to see what God has prepared. Dreams, Visions and Futures will be found by all that step through. It is a new day and a new way. It is open, Step through, reach up and hold on to heavens hands (I saw a lot of smiles and activity on the other side.

(11) People that are holding tightly to the Kingdom of heaven will become less and less concerned with the worlds darkness and will become more and more Joyous over heavens reality operating in their lives in the here and now. Opportunities abound for the faithful and trusting heart – only believe. Contrast of light & darkness will continue. Those focused on the Kingdom at hand will begin to hardly even notice. Be busy about The Fathers work and him who sent you.

(12) I saw a huge wave of God Capable of covering New York’s tallest Sky Scrapers coming and Joni Ames (A type Prophet and Teacher) standing at the base smiling and teaching a classroom with a writing easel nearby. Many are just now being prepared for what God is doing and he will not leave any behind. There is going to be an amazing race to the finish and many people’s destinies and futures are going to begin to move at warp speed to get them into position for the big one. Those who have faithfully trudged through the mud will stand with tears in their eyes and hug one another as they see it all unfold. I heard the words Tsunami, Tsunami and saw people running to their doors smiling and laughing overcome with Joy.

(13) It is going to be very important to be a giver and a lifeline to the poor and underprivileged in this next season. I saw a man standing on a makeshift raft in about 2″ of water staying afloat and on top of the water by his giving. The impression is that being high and dry in this next season could be very devastating (To whom much is given much is required). I feel that this is a very serious warning.

(14) This is and will be a year of new beginnings; it is unlike any year in the past!

(15) I saw a wooden stick that had cut places on it where someone had been marking dates in time. The marks kept being erased and when someone would try & put them back God would erase them by giving the stick brand new bark.

Brad Hocutt

This is a list of the things that I saw while praying before Christmas, 2006 General:

(1) I see a contrasting of Egypt (all hell breaking loose) & the land of Goshen (peaceful & quiet).

God has shown me several times now a significant contrast of 2 different people reacting to the same tragic events. One is a man starring upward & is clearly stunned with a very terrified look of fear on his face. Standing on the right, behind the man is a woman looking downward, not sad, but totally aware of what has just happened. She is not happy about it, but has not been caught off guard because she somehow expected it. You can easily see she is a Christian because she is very calm & peaceful & not afraid of the future. God is providing for her. (She is the Church)

(2) I saw a man on a dark & stormy night, standing directly under a street lamp that’s light was somehow protecting him from a wind blown, driving rain. Mathew 5: 14 & 15. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill can not be hidden & Nor do they light a Lamp & put it under a basket, but on a Lamp stand, & it gives light to all who are in the house (world).


(1) (In 3 pictures) I Saw a rocket going into space. Saw another smaller rocket under it, cross its path. Saw debris falling. I felt impressed this was a missile defense system capable of working in space.

(2) I Saw ladies working & wearing pink in a medical environment. I took this to be a breakthrough in medical research helping couples to have children – (Pink being pregnant).

(3) I saw a Submarine top out & then begin to submerge. I felt this was economic & may have related to the Stock Market. If this is correct there would be a clear trend by the 3rd month (Not sure of long term).

(4) I Feel strongly that there will be some kind of a challenge about six months out & that it will be very important as to how we respond as a nation – our destiny as a nation will depend on our response.

(5) I saw a row of Battleships (Ministries) that had been moving away from the enemies fire begin to make a right turn (back towards the shoreline). I Saw the turrets on the Battleships turning & firing on the shoreline.  New ground will be taken – Forces are coming to confront the enemy.

(6) I Saw sharp forked like objects right under the really pretty water. I saw small rubber rafts swiftly moving towards the shoreline with people getting ready to land & go ashore. I saw the sharp objects (Peoples Togues) in the water withdraw into the sand beneath the water. There will be an easy landing, not like Normandy. Not a military Invasion, but a spiritual Invasion. I saw many women & children going ashore, smiling & stretching comfortably, laying down pic-nick blankets (Provisions, Resources).

The Church (U.S.):

The harvest is ready. I saw a very kind hearted motherly type sitting with a child at a table giving him (The Church) good nourishing food to strengthen him & he (The Church) was pushing it away mad, pouting, wanting more & not wanting to leave the table. This motherly type (I believe The Holy Spirit) smiled at him & was patiently waiting until he quit pouting so he would go outside & work. I then saw this same child (The Church) as a young man & this motherly type (The Holy Spirit) as that of a doting, caring wife waiting on him hand & foot hoping & expecting that he would go outside & take care of things but quietly wondering if he was going to support her or leave her without support. She was depending on him!

I saw a wooden door latch (from a time where bringing in the harvest was common) permanently open, but we have to push the door open to see what is outside. God has provided everything we need; now it is time to go to work! Spiritually it is Beautiful & Spring with Flowers outside, but getting cold inside.

America will not see True Revival until we leave our comfortable Churches & go to the Streets.
I am hearing this Scripture reference: Preach, saying the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand…

The biggest overall statement I hear is Go!

Brad Hocutt