In 1992 while living in Mobile, Alabama God showed me that one day a very large # of new Homes would be built Nationwide & that the day would come where the Government would have to pass laws that prevented people from being thrown out of their Homes in foreclosure. He showed me that there would be laws passed allowing the Homeowners & Landlords to pay a fraction of their Mortgages for a period of time & that no one would be allowed to take their Homes. I saw many empty houses as well as 2 & 3 families living together in other homes. I felt that during this time it would bring people closer together as they would have to spend a lot more time together & depend on each other. I recognized that it was grace that was allowing for their to be plenty of Homes for people to live in.

During this same time in 1992 God showed me that the Stock Market would have stability up to 12,000 but after that it would begin to struggle. He talked to me very calmly about Governments not actually being based on their money standard but that they were based on their Natural resources. He told me everything would be OK & I realized through this statement by him, that Governments could fail & that there could be some kind of renegotiation of debts among nations based on who had the Natural Resources. I strongly felt that this would be a time of America coming to God & coming back to God through this experience. I somehow knew that as God began focusing on Saving America the worlds focus would move to Europe & Israel.

During this same time of prayer God showed me a man who in the future I knew was the President of The United States. I saw this man sitting at his desk kind of depressed & not being able to financially go all over the world militarily & do some of the things that he wanted to do. I had a strong sense that God was going to seriously step in & take care of Israel & that it would be a very bad Idea to mess with her. America must stand with Israel in every way that we can. It is our only hope of successfully continuing as a Nation.

January, 2008,

A friend of mine from Pensacola sold his house early last year & has been living in an apartment in Tennessee waiting until he finds the right home. Recently I was shown the following vision I saw my friend standing in between his old house & An American Flag pole. There was a very strong wind blowing over him but it was not harming him. I saw A pressed white Dress Shirt flying through the air & it got caught on the flag pole. God revealed to me that a lot of white collar people in America are about to lose their Shirts over the housing crisis.  God saw this coming & wants to comfort us in letting us know that it will be a humbling experience but it will be OK. I felt God speaking to me that I needed to Re post this word as well as The Shepherds Rods 2007 & 2008.