I watched the Lakeland Revival last night & felt Gods presence. I asked God what was going on. When I woke up this morning I felt a strong awareness of Gods Power & had a sense that something was new. As I sat there The Holy Spirit began downloading a whole lot of information about what is going on in Lakeland, Fl. Jesus said many have said that this is a new thing but the Lord said it is not. Rather it is a Re-Release of 50 1950’s era Anointing’s or Mantles if you will. I kept seeing Lou Engle as a type of Noah & saw this Glorious powerful light that was coming from all the spaces around the doors & windows of The Ark. Lou was allowing light to come back out of The Ark – the previous darkness had shut it up. I saw that the forty days of fasting & repentance & the marking of the Anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King during the Call was a direct response from God to the Re-Release of these 1950’s era Mantles. I saw that we were not to see this as something new but rather a Re-release.

God showed me that nothing that has come into our Spiritual DNA has been lost. God began to talk to me about The Latter Rain movement, The Charismatic Movement, Rex Humbard, Oral Roberts & what God called The Toronto Outpouring & The Pensacola Outpouring which he linked together. He said that nothing has been lost but that this Re-Release is being added to the old. He said that many young people would call this the new, but that it is actually the Re-release of the 1950’s era Healing Anointings or Mantles if you will.

I could see the Mantles lying on the ground ready to be picked up & that they could be started like a Chain saw or Buzz saw. God showed me that these Mantles are coming back directly as a result of the prayer, fasting & repentance. I saw several key leaders including John Paul Jackson, Rick Joiner, Bobby Conner & Pat Robertson that God is going to use in prayer & mentoring to help stabilize & maintain the Spiritual balance of all these Mantles that are coming back. God specifically pointed out that this perceived new thing would run concurrently with The Toronto & Pensacola outpourings DNA & that it is in fact a new day.

I did not notice at first but later saw the parallel of the 40 days of fasting & 40 days of rain being related to Noah’s Ark & that the Ark was representative of Gods Glory. I also noticed the words Chain Saw & Buzz Saw & realized the word Chain may be a Chain reaction & that there would be a buzz about this.

Brad Hocutt

1 Co 13:2 – and if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

Have you ever met a prophetic person that is mean, uncaring & unkind ? The Bible gives us guidelines to help Identify a Prophetic person that is properly balanced. The Bible states that without love a Prophetic person is nothing. The bible strictly says that Love is the first calling of any Minister or Ministry! When reading any prophetic word or teaching please keep this in mind: God is a good God! He is loving & kind! The Bible clearly states that Jesus came that you might have life & have it more abundantly. Think about it! God knows where you are! If He wanted to get you, you would be toast! The reality is; when we become stubborn, hard hearted & disobedient God begins to remove his blessings from us which allow hard times & trouble to come our way. God is love & wants us to repent of our Sins & turn back to him!